Marcus Benard’s motorcycle accident gave him “a little bit of insight”

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Browns defensive end Marcus Benard had not been heard from in a long time when he met with reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

Benard didn’t speak to the media after his 2011 season ended in an October motorcycle crash that left him with a broken hand and other injuries, which made Wednesday the first chance anyone had to ask him about the accident. Benard wasn’t too forthcoming with details about what happened when his three-wheel motorcycle hit a guard rail and threw him a great distance, but he did offer some thoughts about the impact the ordeal had on him.

“You learn more about life,” Benard said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “You learn more about yourself. Sitting out and going through what I went through, rehab and everything, you always sit back and evaluate yourself and evaluate your position in life and definitely a little bit of insight.”

One piece of that insight is gratitude to the Browns for continuing to pay his salary last season and another is the realization that a motorcycle isn’t necessarily the best form of transportation for him to use. The Browns, who also lost Kellen Winslow for a season to a motorcycle accident, are likely happy to hear that.

Benard is currently working as a reserve on the defensive line in hopes of recovering the form that got him 7.5 sacks in 2010. The Browns could use that kind of pass rushing touch in the front seven this season, so any insight Benard gleaned on that front will be appreciated in Cleveland.

10 responses to “Marcus Benard’s motorcycle accident gave him “a little bit of insight”

  1. I ride a Harley alot.

    As long as you arent trying to do wheelies on the highway doing 100+ mph (crotch-rocket riders!), respect the road, and keep your eye open for people/vehicles- motorcycles are a very reliable and a great means of transportation.

  2. Being thrown 240 feet from a crash and only sustaining a broken hand SHOULD give anyone clarity. I hope he plays like a beast this year. We need some pass rush.

  3. I expect him to lead the league in sacks the way the browns paid him his money. He owes them big

  4. I would never ride a motorcycle, just completely insane.

    And those people that ride without helmets, even crazier.

    The problem isn’t your ability to drive one, the problem is dealing with idiots on the road. It’s dealing with that 16 year old texting on her phone, or that truck driver in a sleep-deprived meth bindge, or that tricked out racing import trying to impress his chick.

    Just look at Paul Williams this past weekend. One of the world’s greatest fighters, is now a paraplegic for life, because of idiots on the road.

  5. Riding a motorcycle while under contract should render said contract null and void.

    If you are a professional athlete, stay off motorcycles.

  6. @colinsnooks how do you wreck a 4 wheel vechicle? You don’t need to blance in them.

  7. You can get hurt walking down the sidewalk. Just about the only good comment in this thread is from mullman7675…

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