NFL Films producer says Dolphins were the only choice for Hard Knocks


The talk in the aftermath of the selection of the Dolphins as the 2012 subjects of HBO’s Hard Knocks series has begun to mirror in duration the chatter and speculation that emerged before the Dolphins got the gig.

And that’s good for the Dolphins, HBO, NFL Films, and the NFL generally, since the more that people are talking about the show now, the more likely those people — and more — will be to watch the show come August.

On Wednesday, at a joint Dolphins/HBO/NFL Films press conference, a producer from the league-owned camera-and-microphone shop made a somewhat surprising declaration.

“[D]espite what you read, we did not offer the show to any other team but the Dolphins,” NFL Films senior coordinating producer Ross Ketover said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Jim Harbaugh approves of this message.

But Ketover at least acknowledged that, even though an offer was made only to the Dolphins, other teams were approached.  “We cast a wide net,” Ketover said  “We talk to a lot of teams to gauge their interest.  Some are very interested.  Some are interested with caveats that are not acceptable with us.  Others say we’ll do it in future years.  Others are not interested.”

Though Harbaugh would say that those teams were “evaluated” and not “pursued,” it’s likely that many of the teams who said they turned down Hard Knocks had merely been contacted in an effort to determine whether they would be interested, that they said they aren’t, and that it wasn’t an offer, per se.

That said, it was widely reported that the Falcons had been offered the assignment, and that they turned it down.  It’s probably a matter of semantics, with HBO/NFL Films simply asking teams, “If we offer, would you accept?” before actually making the offer.  That would explain the Jets’ position that no offer was made this year.

Thus, regardless of whether the Dolphins were the only choice, they will continue to be perceived as something other than the first choice.

30 responses to “NFL Films producer says Dolphins were the only choice for Hard Knocks

  1. Yeah, the were the only choice for Hard Knocks AFTER the Saints, Colts, Patriots, Giants, and Packers said no (in that order).

    What a thrill it’ll be to watch another irrelevant team go throughout their “hard knocks.”

  2. I’m sure the Dolphins are crying themselves to sleep over that perception…

    I didn’t think the NFL has an offseason, but this “story” proves this is it.

  3. Semantics.

    They may have never made a formal offer to any other teams, but they darn sure would have if any of them had expressed interest.

    Is asking a team if they would do the show if it was it was offered to them really any different than offering it to them?

  4. New coach, top receiver gone,barely a 1,000 yard rusher and now this crap with HBO!! The last thing this team needed was this distraction. Good football move?!! For who? The fans are already pissed and won’t buy more seats because the team is on TV!! I’m a fan if the Phins for years, but this TV gig will come back and bite them right in the fin!!

  5. This Harbaugh statement of “evaluated” and not “pursued,” line is more than mildly entertaining. I find it hilarious for some reason.

    Anyways super-excited to see my Fins on Hard-Knocks. And its also great to get to know my coaches, management, and some players a little better.

    BY THE WAY: I cancelled my marriage proposal to Mila Kunis… thats right “I” cancelled it! Harbaugh-esc quote

  6. I don’t care if they offered this to 20 teams. All I know is that come AUgust I am going to sign up for hbo and watch my favorite team. I don’t even pay attention to the negative miami stories anymore because it wont change until they win…..With Sunday ticket down to 199 it is going to be an exciting season!

  7. I think it’s a brilliant move for the Fins and HBO. No team in the NFL has more rumor-based perceptions than the Dolphins. Maybe this will clear up some of these perceptions, good or bad.

  8. They should let the show go on all season. It can end with Goodell going onto the stage next April and saying “With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select….”

  9. i am still gonna watch it, and i am happy it was a team that has been under the radar lately.

    you all can still get round the clock coverage , on teams like, patri*ts, jets, steelers, dallas, broncos. on the crappy network ESPN

  10. “NFL Films producer says Dolphins were the only choice for Hard Knocks”


    Allow a Dolphin fan to correct the above statement:

    NFL Films producer says Dolphins were the only choice left for Hard Knocks after the other 31 declined.

  11. When it was the Chiefs or the Bengals recently I remember thinking to myself, “There’s NO WAY I’m going to watch this.” But 15 minutes into the first episode I was hooked, and I imagine the same will happen this year as well.

    While the Dolphins are not a sexy team (apologies to Mrs. Tannehill – WOW), I’m still expecting this to be a) a nice football heavy fix as we march through the preseason b) a peek behind the curtain at an NFL training camp and c) an opportunity to get to know and fall in love with a scrub player for a few weeks. John Connor anybody?

  12. Not interested! I don’t feel like watching those losers! Its hard enough to watch that bum of a football team during games when they show them up here in the north east!! #Guppies=Bums

  13. id like to thank johannaschimpo for putting us as the number 32 pick in the draft next year that means we winning the bowl baby. Who cares to be honest why would you even comment on who was first second or 22 choice they always spin it to make compelling TV HBO is plain the best stuff on i could list but its not necessary. Football fan Dolphin fan or fan of lifes drama who ever was on hard knocks. They will find some way to entertain us. Fins up Bio@#H

  14. Cut the crap… If your a Football NFL Fan you ARE going to watch. It does not matter if you like or Hate on this Team. You will watch. As a Fins Fan, I am not too happy about it because it is a distraction to a young team with almost entirely new Coaches and Systems. Go ahead and write and get up on your Soapboxes, the more you do the more publicity this Show gets. Hence the reason why HBO chose them. Chalk one up for the NFL and HBO Marketing Dept.’s. As for my Fins, not too sure about this, but I will guaratee they don’t finish 32nd in the Standings!

  15. It’ll be fun. Jeff Ireland will ask the wrong guy:
    “Is your mother a prostitute?”
    Guy will then pound Ireland flat.
    This will be must see tv.

  16. I need to start asking girls “If I were to offer to take you out on a date, would you accept”? If they say no then I’ll just say I never offered. I’ll never be shot down again!

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