On Nick Fairley, Corey Williams will defer to coaches

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Lions coaches can talk until they’re Honolulu Blue in the face, but anything other than action against misbehaving players will fail to send a message.  And so, with the Lions not presently inclined to fine or suspend (or cut) players like defensive tackle Nick Fairley, receiver Titus Young, running back Mikel Leshoure, and/or tackle Johnny Culbreath, it’s up to the other players to coerce some sense in to them.

The only problem?  The players don’t yet seem to be inclined to do it.

According to Justin Rogers of MLive.com, defensive tackle Corey Williams has no plan to take the situation up with Fairley, opting instead to defer to the coaches.

“All the stuff considering Nick, they had their talk, and that was that,” Williams said.  “I wasn’t worried about what they had to say, what they talked about.  I’m just worried about getting ready out here on the field. . . .  We talk, but we’re talking straight football right now.  We’re not worried about all that stuff.  He’s going to handle that, coaches are going to handle that, and we’re going to keep looking forward.”

But unless and until the coaches “handle that” by taking action, nothing is going to change.

What’s that, you say?  The CBA prevents the Lions from doing anything?  You apparently didn’t watch today’s PFT Live.  You can rectify that now, at least as to the stuff I said about teams disciplining players.

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29 responses to “On Nick Fairley, Corey Williams will defer to coaches

  1. I recognize it’s the off-season, but how many horses have to die a horrible death for you to stop talking about how the Lions aren’t doing the right thing?

    Just a question.

  2. All these detroit fans try and say they’re “the bad boys” like it’s a good thing. In reality they’re a bunch of babies who got paid too much and turned into hoodlems. Grow up, play some football, and worry about your job. Winning a championship

  3. pacificamjr says:
    May 31, 2012 5:07 PM
    12-4, then gonna run the table and win it all!

    Dream on. They have set a pattern and it will continue. If the coaches don’t do something, it will catch up with the team. You can have all the talent you want, but once the off-field issues start, it just spirals down.

  4. The premise of this post is ridiculous.
    How is it Corey Williams responsibility to take the situation up with Fairley? Is this not the coaching staffs job? Are they not possibly in a better position as authority figures in the organization to address the situation with him?
    This is nothing more than another in a long line of cheap shots PFT has taken at the Lions. This time it’s Corey Williams in particular.
    By the way you’ve made it very clear by now that it is your opinion that the team has not punished the players involved in these incidents when, in fact, they very clearly have. Young was banned from OTAs as one example. Plus, unless you are privy to information that I doubt you are, you have no idea what other actions the team has taken.

  5. It’s funny that they are asking Corey Williams what he thinks, since he is the guy Fairley would be taking snaps away from. I can imagine a few mixed emotions here.

  6. If the CBA prevents teams from disciplining their own players for getting into trouble with the law, then that is just asinine.

  7. Their are 90 players on that practice field right now. And how many coaches? That is 90 plus different personalities. Do you think that they all should step up and beat down the players that have been in recent trouble? Can I expect that you will ask everyone of them what they are doing about this? And when one says they are doing nothing can I then expect a post here bashing each one? What exactly do you need for everyone on the Lions team to do before you let it go? Get a life Florio.

  8. nineroutsider says: May 31, 2012 5:16 PM

    The 9ers will discipline the Lions on Sunday Night Football in front of the nation on 9/16 for little yappy, wannabe tough guy Schwartz.

    Yes we get it 49ers are full of classy players and coaches.

  9. I love that Fairly is dumb, I mean you can easily tell that by listening to him, plus his actions are well documented, by the Johny Law no less. Suh is clearly bipolar, Leshoure can’t stop getting high for one day, Schwartz is a jackass and unless Megatron can play both ways and still be unstoppable at wideout, the Lions had their moment last year. Enjoy it cause its not going to happen again for awhile.

  10. Looks like the Lions and becoming the Bengals of a few years ago. I know I worked real well for them!

  11. Corey is not Nicks father.

    Corey gets paid to play football.

    Corey is not paid to perform psychoanalysis, provide therapy, consul, reprimand or punish other players.

    The Detroit Lions are within NFL guidelines as it pertains to Fairley’s troubles.

    Nick isn’t the first player to get into trouble and he won’t be the last.

  12. Fellow Lions fans:

    You do realize that the more you comment on these ‘Lions not doing the right thing’ articles written on PFT, the more coverage they’ll keep giving it just because they know they’re guaranteed to get comments and views from fans like us.

    So do the rational thing: ignore them. Read the local stuff like I do and ignore the anti-Lions PFT slant. Eventually, I guarantee you, they will start to shut up and stop ripping articles from the Detroit affiliates.

    Can’t wait for the season to get here so this garbage would stop flooding the headlines.

  13. 1liondriven –

    Right. Corey’s contract clearly states he doesn’t have to help anybody.

  14. Who cares? Look for the Lions to disappoint this year. They have their fans hopes up, now they destroy them, just like they have for the past 50 + years. Bet on it!

  15. nineroutsider says:
    May 31, 2012 5:16 PM
    The 9ers will discipline the Lions on Sunday Night Football in front of the nation on 9/16 for little yappy, wannabe tough guy Schwartz.


    Oooooh. Sounds scary. Are the refs going to give them 5 extra yards on the last possession of the game again for no reason? 9ers won the 1st matchup by 2 inches as time expired off the clock. Get over yourselves.

  16. Obviously the veterans and teammates need to do something to try to help these younger guys keep their heads on straight and stay out of trouble.

    If they started cutting or suspending lions players that have legal issues there wouldn’t be enough players to take the field when the season starts.

  17. Nineroutsider,
    Maybe the Refs will give your team an extran 10 or 20 yards on a punt return again. Oh and Harbaugh saying the Niners never went after Manning…..did he keep a straight face when he said that? An Honorable guy. Did the NCAA put Harbaugh on suspension when he got his DUI a few years back? Just wondering. It’s not Williams place to talk about another players problems and you’re right Florio, the Lions can’t discipline him under the CBA unless they call it conduct detrimental to the team. Half the teams in the league would be suspending guys for that. The Lions and the coaches did address it with all the players involved and now it’s time to wait to see what the league does. If they want to add to the leagues punishment somehow then that would be the appropriate time to do it. They don’t need to do anything right now to satisfy the pitchfork carrying village idiots Florio. This post will self delete as soon as a PFT editor reads it. Freedom of speech on this comment section is only a reality when agree with the author.

  18. Just because Corey Williams isn’t lecturing them, doesn’t mean that Nate Burleson, KVB and the rest of the teams leaders aren’t. “The players don’t yet seem to be inclined to do it.” that’s too broad of a statement.

  19. Mike-I can’t agree or disagree with your analysis without knowing how “conduct detrimental to the team” is defined per league rules. Because these events occurred during the off season, the argument would have to be that the behavior brought bad press to the team or put the players’ availability to the team during the season at risk or potentially imperiled their health or conditioning. All of these arguments could be genuinely asserted given the nature of the infractions. As a Lion fan, I would’ve hope to have seen a more assertive response by the team and I fear that the failure to instill a true sense of discipline and commitment to team first mentality may be the flaw in Schwartz’s coaching skills that will prevent the team from reaching its real potential. He seems to want to pattern his approach to that of Bill Belichick but it is doubtful that Coach Belichick would be so reserved and tolerate repeated stupidity from his players. My hope is that the commissioner will wallop the transgressors with such severity that the ripple effect will make up for the deficits left by the Lion organization’s passivity.

  20. tweeter75 says: May 31, 2012 8:38 PM

    Obviously the veterans and teammates need to do something to try to help these younger guys keep their heads on straight and stay out of trouble.

    If they started cutting or suspending lions players that have legal issues there wouldn’t be enough players to take the field when the season starts.


    You’re right.. 3 players (who contributed little to nothing last year) out of 90 would definitely decimate the roster. Math is your friend

  21. This just in…Corey Williams from those low down, dirty, rotten Detroit Lions won’t tell his troubled team mate to “smarten up.”

    What will happen next? Maybe the Ford’s will be unhappy.

    Stayed tuned…

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