Philbin says quarterback competition is “very close”

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has said that Matt Moore probably will be the starting quarterback in 2012.  Joe Philbin has been much more equivocal.

Appearing Thursday with Joe Rose of WQAM, Philbin said that the three-headed competition has yielded no clear favorite.

“I think it’s very close,” Philbin told Rose.  “I think it’s very close.  I think they all bring different attributes to the table.  I will say that the room itself, the quality of the individuals in the room, I think is excellent.  I mean, as you know Matt came in here [and] was voted as the [team’s] Most Valuable Player, really played well down the stretch, and he’s picked up the [new] offense very well.  David Garrard, when you look at his last season that he was active, obviously he didn’t play last year, he played very well in 2010.  And he’s been working his tail off.  And then we’ve got a young guy that has some familiarity with the offense but not a lot of familiarity with the NFL game.  But he’s holding his own, very much so.  So it’s been a good competition so far.”

If it’s close, it’s hard not to think the job will go to the eighth overall pick in the draft.  But that will be one of the stories to watch during Hard Knocks.

We’ll ask more about the quarterback competition and other issues relevant to the 2012 Dolphins with Coach Philbin on Thursday’s edition of PFT Live.  Click the box on the right rail at 12:00 p.m. ET to watch.

20 responses to “Philbin says quarterback competition is “very close”

  1. For the fans’ sake, please start Tannehil. This way they can show his hot wife in the stands every time he gets sacked/hit.

  2. Well that’s not a good sign……Three guys all playing poorly I’m going to have to assume? In fairness to Tanehill…it’s got to be tough for him what with not being able to even hold an NFL sized football.

  3. If Tannehill doesn’t start week 1, then the Dolphins are sending the wrong message to him:
    “Ryan, we drafted you early in the first round because we believe you are a top end QB and we believe in you, but… Not enough to start you.”
    Confidence is key, without it this kid will end up just like Trent Edwards, who was drafted by Buffalo. Right now Edwards is a backup in Philly, not what was expected of him.

  4. As long as they field the guy with the best chance for winning, I don’t particularly care. I think Tannehill will be better than any we have had since Marino. Pennington had great leadership and took care of the ball but his physical ability was not as good as it needed to be. If Tannehill starts this year, fine. If not, then I hope he can develop and be ready to start when the time comes…and continue to start and play well for years. It is high time that Miami had a stud QB lead the team and take the field.

  5. Wasn’t Trent Edwards a 3rd round pick? Can’t really compare him to the 8th overall selection.

  6. It’s like the difference between “poor” and “medicore” – very close indeed!

  7. I’ll take a Moore-Garrard-Tannehill QB battle anyday over the likes of Skelton-Kolb or McCoy-Weeden or Ponder-whoever, and several other QB “competitions”. And ask Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Schaub, Drew Brees, or countless other successful NFL QB’s if they’re still upset about not starting right away. I doubt it bothers them today.

  8. Yeah – when did not starting a rookie, even a promising one, become taboo?!

    Seems to me the better he is, the more you’d want to protect him ’till the team is ready.

  9. First off, Garrard is better than people think. He actually was productive with the worst receiving core in the history of the universe and made Marcedes Lewis look like a pro-bowler. Secondly, I would rather have Miami’s QB situation than the one we have here in Jacksonville (Gabbert, Henne and the sucky Palmer). Oh yeah and we don’t even get a competition…the Organization has award Gabbert the start due to contract performance and draft position (not talent or ability). Go Jags!!

  10. “Philbin: “I think it’s very close.”

    *Walks into his office, closes window blinds, pulls out a framed photo of Matt Flynn and sheds tears*”

    Close, but more like:

    *Walks into his office, closes window blinds, puts old “Glory Days” 45 on the record player, grabs a cold beer from the fridge, slumps into chair, puts on footage from Aaron Rodgers’ MVP 2011 season and sighs*

  11. Trent Edwards will be a free agent again if the OTA media tweets have any truth to them.

  12. I am cautiously excited about this hard knocks deal. I’ll watch with one eye open..

    I hope Tannehill gets the nod. If not I’d be semi-satisfied with Moore.

  13. If the o-line blocks, any QB will look good. And you people still talking about Matt Flynn are morons. As much as I disagree Jeff Ireland’s moves, not signing Flynn was brilliant. Only a moron would pay that much for a backup. Stick to your fantasy-football because your football-knowledge is pure fantasy, morons.

  14. Why is it that every article about the phins brings a bunch of losers out of the woodwork to comment and prove there knowledge of football is marginal at best?

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