Philbin talks Hard Knocks

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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin joined PFT Live for the first time on Thursday, two days after his team became the next subject of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Philbin talked about the decision-making process, whether any limits have been placed on HBO’s access, whether the Dolphins have veto power over the final product, and all sorts of other things that I can’t remember without watching it.

He also talked about the team’s quarterback competition, whether Reggie Bush will get the kind of touches that would allow him to be the NFL’s leading rusher, and more other things I can’t remember without watching it.

To see what he said about the topics I remember and those I don’t, watch the video.

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5 responses to “Philbin talks Hard Knocks

  1. “steelernationareabunchofpantywearinglosers says:



    Impressive. That may be the longest, most complicated “word” I’ve ever seen a Steeler fan use.

    The next thing you know, Jet fans will be brushing their teeth. This progress…will it never cease to cause wonder?!

  2. I know many other Teams had worse records, but it always seems like the Dolphins are the “punching bag” for National Media and most Fans. I have to come to the decision about 42 years ago and moreover in the last few days… The reason for all the attention is plain and simple JEALOUSY! The Dolphins have the highest Winning Percentage of ANY Team, even in a decade slump, they are still ahead of Pats, Steelers and Packers. I am not overly optimistic about this rebuilding year, but they will beat some of “your” teams during the season. They are improving and moreover have a very healthy Cap for the coming years. Sins of the past, like overpaying for FA’s and Draft Bust kill a franchise for years. Thanks to all the previous Regimes and overrated Bill Parcells no one challenged the Pats consistently. Those days are over.. Brady still has some time, but the Jets, Bills and Fins are all capable of beating them and this trendvwill only continue for the young Bills and Fins. Football is cyclic and the Division will come down to where the Fins play in December like it has been for the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

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