Rex will try to convince Mangold to go to London to see his sister


We noted this week that Jets center Nick Mangold has decided not to travel to London this summer to see his sister, Olympic weightlifter Holley Mangold, because he doesn’t want to miss any time at training camp. But Jets coach Rex Ryan says Mangold should reconsider.

Ryan said today that he was “shocked” when he heard that Mangold had decided to refuse his offer of an excused absence from camp. When asked if he’s going to try to convince Mangold to go to the Olympics, Ryan said, “Yeah, I will.”

“I don’t think he realized this is an amazing thing, it really is,” Ryan said. “How many people are good enough to go to the Olympics and compete against the world’s best, and represent our country? I think it’s an incredible opportunity for her and him as well.”

Ryan also noted that Mangold is always very well prepared and wouldn’t suffer from missing a few days of practice if he went to London.

“I just think Nick is a smart guy,” Ryan said. “He would understand our offense, all of that kind of stuff. So it is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your sister do something that is absolutely incredible: Competing against the world’s best in a weightlifting competition I think would be incredible. I know that if I was in a similar situation, I would want to see my brother in a weightlifting contest. I think we’d all want to see that.”

Still, Ryan said he doesn’t think he’s going to be able to persuade Mangold to take a couple days off. Mangold wants to be there with his teammates, and so he’ll be sweating through training camp practices and watching his sister compete on TV.

96 responses to “Rex will try to convince Mangold to go to London to see his sister

  1. Maybe they don’t get along and the guy just wants to go to work. If it was all good between the two you would think he’d jump at the chance to watch his sister and get a few days off at the same time.

  2. That’s it!

    No more Calling Rex Jabba the Jet

    From now on he is

    BLOBBA the Hut

    Somebody please shut this guys pie hole

  3. Good for Ryan. “Being there” for his teammates is important. “Being there” for his sister is more important.

  4. the only reason Rex wants Nick to go to London is cause he wants to sign his sister to a contract in hope she can replace Wayne Hunter….

  5. If there was a 12 step group for New York Jetisism, PFT would be the charter member. You guys are hopelessly addicted to Rex. Kinda sad

  6. This headline was downright confusing and could be taken quite a few ways. Olympics are more important than part of training camp. Mangold will be fine missing a little time, its not like he’s a rookie.

  7. I saw her on an mtv show called “True Life: I’m The Big Girl”……basically, i thought Nick was a total dick to her, doesn’t look like he loves/likes his own sister and is embarrassed of her, sad sad sad.

  8. Mangold is a great center. No problem with going to see his sister in the Olympics. He should take Wayne Hunter with him and “accidentally” lose his passport or get him thrown in London jail. Either is fine with Jets fans.

  9. Rex is right. Mangold should go. No reason not to since permission has been given. Unless he just doesn’t want to go and support his sister.

  10. “You know what they say about fat bottomed girls..”

    You make the rocking’ would go round.

    Nick, go see your sister in London, not just for your sister, but for Freddie Mercury.

  11. The solution is simple. Neither one should go to the Olympics. The Jets have a hole at the right tackle spot. And an Olympic weight lifter, who’s the sibling of a great offensive lineman, should get a camp invite from the Jets. She can’t be any worse than Wayne Hunter.

  12. God

    The man who’s name is on the trophy everyone wants said that this is the proper way to prioritize your life.

  13. Rex should go also, maybe he can scout her to play along side her brother, that would be insane 1st woman in the NFL, playing alongside her brother, she probably could stand her ground vs a few guys in the league.

  14. I’d suspend him, fine him the cost of a round trip ticket and tell Mangold has has no choice because we’re sending you to London.

  15. Rex speaks from personal experience.

    His brother Rob took time off to see Rex compete in the 1994 Toronto “Cheeseburger Olympics”. Not many remember but Rex was leading Poland’s Wisla Tibac (26 Big Macs to 22 for Tibac) in his semi-final when he “lost it” with just under 4 minutes left.
    Heartbroken that his chance for the gold was gone, Rex indulged in the breakfast buffet the following morning and easily lost his afternoon match for the bronze.

  16. Probably one of The Smartest Comments Rexy has ever commented on. Or maybe Rex wants to come as well and check her feet out.

  17. More drama from the Jets.

    Take a day off and go support your sister for crying out loud!

  18. they do get along. espn has shown a story on them at least a couple of times. she played football in high school and her brother was her idol.
    hey nick! get a clue buddy!

  19. If it wasn’t for the beard, I could have sworn that is a photo of Nick.

  20. Good lord, she’s 5-8 and weighs 374 pounds…that is one large lady. Maybe they had a fight, and he fears for his life if he faces her?

  21. Hey Zimaman

    When was the last time you took an IQ test you nitwit? Rex is encouraging his player to go see his sister perform in the Olympics and you respond with more fat jokes? I realize you are probably a complete moron but even morons can once in a while have a rational thought.

    zimaman says:
    May 31, 2012 9:59 PM
    That’s it!

    No more Calling Rex Jabba the Jet

    From now on he is

    BLOBBA the Hut

    Somebody please shut this guys pie hole

  22. This is such a non-issue, only serving purpose to feed trolls. Mangold isn’t a baby last time I checked if he doesn’t want to see his sister live thats his choice and he has to live with it.

  23. Olympics….yawnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    I know, I know, thumbs down because watching people lift weights, throw cannon balls, and run around a track should be interesting to me.

  24. These are the type of football articles I truly miss nowadays. The astoundingly great stories about what sports and athletics in general are truly about. Free of whining, business, speculation and “soap opera-like” content. Simply GREAT, and glamorizing (in good spirits rather than detrimental, media-friendly ones). Power to Nick for being such a great team player, and power to his sister for being a dedicated, hard working, world class athlete. I AM NOT a jets fan, far from it….. Yet I sincerely thank you Michael David Smith for being “the guy” who finally writes a gripping, intriguing, worth-reading article involving those Jets which does not involve reputation smearing, non-factor dribble, and QB drama. I can not wait to cheer for her in London. USA!

  25. a face only a brother could love, go see her in london nick & congrats because by the looks of this picture i have seen ENOUGH of his sister!!!!

  26. i tend to hate listening to Rex talk, but i agree with him here. Obviously, i have no clue if there is an underlying issue between he and his sister but its nice to see family and country rise above all else.

    with or without Nick, lets hope she kicks ass and brings home some gold…..and some circa 1989 Samantha Fox nude pics….

  27. In an LA Times article recently on Holley Mangold, they said that Nick Mangold, “declined to be interviewed” about his sister. That spoke volumes, clearly indicating that their relationship was somewhat strained. That’s a shame, but it explains why he isn’t jumping at the chance to skip out on camp for a few days.

  28. Count me among those who would also want to see Rex’s brother in a weightlifting contest. I’d take him on in the 16oz curling competition myself. I’d probably lose, but I’d make him regret it.

    But to see a sibling compete in the Olympics? Jeez, Mangold, GO. It’s not like you have to play a football game over there like some other teams…

  29. Rex can say whatever he wants about the situation….

    As long as he doesn’t guarantee she is going to bring home the gold.

    If he does that, she may as well not go either.

  30. Rex said that while handing Mangold a camera to get some closeup pics of his sister’s feet. Not everyday do you get a chance to see size 18 shoes on a girl. Rex has his motives…

  31. Another thing….come on Nick, you’re about to win your….3rd? 4th? Super Bowl championship?

    The least you can do is watch your sister try and bring home a piddly medal. I know it won’t compare to your numerous Super Bowl trophies but sometimes you gotta humor those who aren’t as amazing as you.

  32. bearsrulepackdrool says: May 31, 2012 11:45 PM

    No she is not doing the Usain Bolt pose, smh.


    I believe that is the Hulk Hogan variation pose known as the Brooke.

  33. Props to Rex Ryan for being concerned about this. I give him credit for being concerned about the human being who plays for him instead of just being concerned about having a body on the field. Ryan runs his mouth a lot, but, in spite of the fact that it’s fun to make fun of him, I do like him and respect him.

  34. If anyone saw MTV’s “True Life: I’m the Big Girl,” they chronicled Holley’s relationship with her brother. Things went past the standard sibling rivalry and entered in the realm of uncomfortable and awkward.

    No? Nobody else saw that? /exits PFT comments forever

  35. Turn it around: Would she miss a few days of practice to see him in the super bowl?

  36. “They’ll never be a female physically capable of playing in the NFL.”

    I strongly disagree.

  37. I saw the interview with Nick on the NFL Network a couple days ago when they first made mention of his sister being an Olympic lifter. It sounded a lot like Nick just didn’t really take her sport seriously!! He never said “I’m proud of her” or even “I’ll be sorry to miss it”!! He was just all like “yeah, I never tried to clean & jerk before but I can definitely lift more than her”… She’s in the Olympics for clean & jerk and she averages like 385 I think they said…. Yeah, Nick, you might wanna perfect the lift with a bare bar before you step up to your sisters class buddy… It doesn’t matter if your sister is going to compete at mopping the floor!!! It’s sad he’s not more openly proud of her accomplishment!!

  38. Funny how Rex said this at 2 pm, but it took till 10 pm to write this story. Either someone has to brush up on a lil quicker ways of communication nowadays with social networking or they figured hey, nothing else to report so I’ll just throw some stuff up that Rex says to keep the people interested and get hits. I know its the offseason but come on.

  39. congrats to the mangold family, they should be truly proud for raising a NFL stud linemen & a olympic competitor win or lose, thats more then all of US!!! but to all you sentimental guys thumbing down about her looks, your such sweethearts, & i wonder if you would date her or wife it?? YEA EXACTLY, thats what i thought!!!

  40. This is the sister who sits in the stands to watch him every chance he gets NFL network did a story on her she is so proud of her brother u would think her dream coming true would mean something …. Guess not …

  41. If there is a female athlete in the world right now less attractive than Holley Mangold I have yet to see her…

  42. If anyone saw MTV’s “True Life: I’m the Big Girl,” they chronicled Holley’s relationship with her brother. Things went past the standard sibling rivalry and entered in the realm of uncomfortable and awkward.

    No? Nobody else saw that?


    You just admitted you watch MTV. Doofus.

  43. desmondbishoptutu says:
    Jun 1, 2012 12:11 AM

    Yes, I saw that True Life episode and I registered here just to post about it.

    After seeing that episode, I’m not surprised at all he doesn’t go see her. She probably doesn’t want him there. He was HORRIBLE to her in that episode. It’s one thing to tease your younger sibling, when you are teenagers, but Nick is not a teenager and her treated her like crap. Maybe he doesn’t like not being the only person in his family in the spotlight. I have no idea why he treats her so badly, but it was painful to watch.

    Good Luck Holley. You are a talented and wonderful person. Your brother is not.

  44. Very insulting to his sister that he would decline to go when given permission. Don’t know how you pull that off then face her at Christmas?

  45. Nick is just afraid of seeing his sister accomplish something he will never see as a member of the Jets, a Championship.

    1969 was a good year huh jets fans!

  46. tfbuckfutter says:
    May 31, 2012 11:51 PM
    bearsrulepackdrool says: May 31, 2012 11:45 PM

    No she is not doing the Usain Bolt pose, smh.


    I believe that is the Hulk Hogan variation pose known as the Brooke.

    Yea Hogan does the thing with one balled up fist and one flat hand.

    Bolt points.

  47. He shouldn’t need convincing. This is a once in a lifetime deal. It is rare even knowing someone who has qualified for the olympics, much less have one of them be a sibling. He should go, and if he doesn’t he is a bad brother. If he was a rookie 7th round pick or undrafted free agent it would be one thing. Miss a day and you miss a week of info. But as an established Pro Bowl center he can miss 3 days and it not be that big a deal.

  48. The problem is that manfold (sic on purpose) is not and never will be a champion. His sister is.

    I have 7 sisters. Some are ‘gorgeous/cute’. Some are not. But I will defend and support any of them. And cheer them in ANY of their endevours.

    If manfold, who is very over-rated, prefers to hide in the closet rather than support a sibling…that is his prerogative.

    But we all know where his angst is coming from.

  49. Anyone else remember when Nick Mangold was about to get drafted in the 1st Round and they did a 20 minute documentary on his fat sister playing offensive lineman in High School….. Nick didnt seem too thrilled about it and looked embarrassed.

    Obviously he doesnt want to waste his time to go watch his sister participate in the Olympics, unless they have a 20 min documentary about him. Right?

  50. Take away all of the fat jokes, the Rex Ryan jokes, all of the other jokes on here for a second. Not that I don’t apprecaite all of them, but think about it.

    I’m not a Jets or Rex Ryan fan, but to think that you can go see your sister compete in the Olympics with no issues from your employers and you have no interest in doing it….

    This says a lot about Nick Mangold, none of it good.

  51. Good lord, she’s 5-8 and weighs 374 pounds…….now thats my kind of woman…..i been lookin for a ssbbw for a minute!

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