Shawne Merriman resumes practicing

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It’s lights on for Lights Out.

Defensive end Shawne Merriman joined the Bills at practice on Thursday, his first time taking part in offseason work since undergoing surgery on his Achilles and shoulder last season. According to the Bills website, Merriman wasn’t limited at all during the session and he took part in both team and individual drills.

Merriman played just five games for the Bills last season before being shut down because of injuries. That made four straight seasons filled with more missed games than sacks for a player who was once one of the premier pass rushers in all of football. With Mario Williams and Mark Anderson in the fold, Merriman’s role will likely be that of a situational pass rusher.

A less demanding role could help Merriman remain healthy for a full season, although it is anyone’s guess how far he’ll be able to go after so much time lost to injuries. With $3 million in guaranteed money coming to Merriman this season, he’ll definitely be around the Bills long enough to find out.

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  1. Lifelong Charger fan and this guy deserves a break. Go back and watch the game tape from from the game he originally hurt his knee against Tennessee in 2007. Jeff Fisher put a bounty on Merriman for a questionable late hit Merriman had on Vince Young. Jeff Fisher learned under Buddy Ryan in Philadelphia and recently hired Greg Williams to be his defensive coordinator.

    Merriman hire a lawyer and sue Jeff Fisher for wrecking your career.

  2. Kevin Mawae is a legend when it comes to being dirty! Just like Joe T’s mama

  3. If everyone can stay healthy, the Bills d-line could be the best in football with their new 4-3 defensive scheme run by Dave Wannstedt… Mario Williams, Marcel Dareus, Kyle Williams and Mark Anderson across the line.. The depth appears to be their for once too with Kelsay and Merriman, and 3rd players Carrington and Troup in the mix… LB Arthur Moats is a pretty good pass rusher too… Lots of potential for this Buffalo D

  4. I would be ecstatic to see Merriman play out 16+ games, rack up 14 sacks and be resigned by Buffalo for a couple more years. He creates good competition when he is on the field. His teammates seem to want to try a little harder when he is near. What coach doesn’t want that?

  5. I agree with sd5547
    On a run play Vince Young handed off the ball then faked a bootleg pass in which he ran into Shawne Merriman injuring himself in the process, Fisher then put a bount on him when Kevin Mawae and Jake Scott hit him high and low injuring his knee in the process.
    It was also against Fisher’s Titans that Antonio Gates tore his plantar fascia. He caught a passed and fell on his knees but didnt have time to get up for extra yards so he stayed down, rather than simply touching him like other defenders do when a player falls and give himself up the safety drove his shoulder into Gates while he was om the ground which bent his foot backwards tearing the plantar fascia in the process.

  6. If merriman is healthy, the Bills will have the beat pass rush in the league. Studs at every position and great depth, a DC who wants to run an attacking defense, and a schedule full of mediocre and garbage QBs (except Brady of course)….this is a great year to be a bills fan.

  7. I watched that game with the titans when he ran into vince young(now his teamate). he never tried to hurt the guy. it was just his momentum carrying him. Jeff Fisher is the biggest loser in football and a dirty coach. thats why he hired that williams guy as soon as he went to the rams.
    Rams fans, you will never win with this guy at the helm.

  8. gobills716 says: May 31, 2012 5:03 PM

    If merriman is healthy, the Bills will have the beat pass rush in the league. Studs at every position and great depth, a DC who wants to run an attacking defense, and a schedule full of mediocre and garbage QBs (except Brady of course)….this is a great year to be a bills fan.

    This is a great time of the year to be a (insert team name here) fan. That said, I am pulling for the Bills to put some heat on the Pats this season.

  9. i wish the homers (which i am one of) here would cool the expectations about the bills. have you all forgotten the past 12 yrs? its great to be positive about our beloved bills but we will see come september and not any sooner. as far as merriman is concerned the only reason i think there may be a ghost of a chance that he will contribute in a big way is that buddy nix is not a fool. he must see SOMETHING in the guy that the rest of the league does not. personally i think he busted onto the scene with such aplom do to steriods and now his young body is feeling old because of the needle.

  10. Ahh…I remember my first Chargers-Raiders game. The Murph divided into two halves, one white, one black. Didn’t help. Unfortunately the Bolts were not very good that year and lost. On the upside, only three people got shot in the parking lot after the game. Got pol-luted. Good times.

    Buddy and Chan don’t mess around. If you can’t play, you’re gone. Remember Trent Edwards? Yeah neither do we. Merriman’s in, Lights Out.

    “56” is the license plate number of the truck that hit you, Mark.

  11. @polishkingski…speaking like a true pessimistic buffalonian…What’s the point of watching sports if you can’t be optimistic after the offseason we have had???? This might be the best offseason in team history and you’re still gonna try to look at the dark side. There must be something in the water out there in Cheektowaga.

  12. buffalomafia says: May 31, 2012 3:36 PM

    To much on injured reserve! Cut him & take your chances with a younger, healthy more hungry player.
    I couldn’t agree more, get a kid out there and cut your losses.

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