Vikings ink Harrison Smith

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The Vikings had two first-round draft picks in 2012.  One of them is under contract.

Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the Vikings have agreed to terms with former Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith.

The Vikings traded back into round one to land Smith with the 29th pick in the draft.  They sent the 35th overall pick (round two) and the 98th selection (round four) to the Ravens in exchange for the six-spot move.

The team’s coaching staff “fell in love” with Smith at the Senior Bowl, and he could start Week One with former Irish teammate Robert Blanton, a fifth-round pick in 2012.

Smith is the 12th first-round pick to sign.  Which means (abacus engaged) 20 of them aren’t signed.

8 responses to “Vikings ink Harrison Smith

  1. The Senior Bowl…that’s where the worst teams in the league get a chance to coach these kids. 9ers did that for years unfortunately and “fell in love” with many guys, the only one still on the team I think is Willis. They obviously hit on Willis, but missed on many more…Balmer is the one name that really sticks out.

    Somewhat random I know, just brought up bad Senior Bowl memories for me. It’s not always a good thing…

  2. As a Notre Dame fan, I’m thrilled for Smith. As a Packer fan, as much as I like Smith, I’m even happier. The kid got burned often at ND. I still have nightmares of Michigan putting up 21 or so points in the 4th quarter for a come from behind win.

  3. Somewhat random I know, just brought up bad Senior Bowl memories for me. It’s not always a good thing…


    And for a long time, the Heisman Trophy winner was a QB that was not drafted with expectations of starting immediately or leading a team. Yet Cam Newton has done a superstar job as a rookie with no offseason.

    Quit raining on Minny’s parade, dammit. It’s easy to be condescending from the perspective of a Conference Championship condender, isn’t it?
    I see that you say between your lines that you aren’t trying to be mean. Thanks. But Minnesota needs to keep all eyes on the positive this year, from start to finish. I expect Packers fans, at least the majority of the loud ones here, to be snarky at best and total asses at worst; but good God, man, let Minny sign a draftee, OK?

  4. Minnesota will be better, but unfortunately that so will the rest of the division … therefore I’m not too sure if they can expect to win more than 7 games at this point.

  5. jerlee7 says:May 31, 2012 6:55 PM

    Abacus is incorrect. There weren’t 32 first round picks.


    No? How many do you think there were? Before you answer sharpen your crayon.

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