Bart Scott doesn’t appreciate Goodell criticizing Pro Bowl play

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Although the NFL announced this week that the Pro Bowl will remain in place for at least another year, Commissioner Roger Goodell has said that the quality of play has grown so poor that he’s not sure it’s worth playing much longer. One player who’s been to a Pro Bowl doesn’t appreciate that assessment.

Jets linebacker Bart Scott told reporters on Thursday that he believes Goodell is wrong on the Pro Bowl front.

What is he talking about? Tell him to get out there and put a jersey on,” Scott said.

If Scott doesn’t know what Goodell is talking about, then Scott probably hasn’t watched the Pro Bowl recently. It’s grown increasingly clear in the last few years that many of the players on the field simply don’t care if they win, lose or even look like competent professional football players, let alone the cream of the crop. There are some issues on which Goodell’s thinking is out of step with the fans’ thinking, but criticizing the quality of the play in the Pro Bowl is not one of them.

Scott, however, believes the Pro Bowl is a tradition that should always be part of the NFL, and that Goodell shouldn’t attempt to change that.

The Pro Bowl was before his reign, it’ll be after his reign,” Scott said. “It’s not up to him, I believe, to cancel the Pro Bowl. It’s tradition. . . . It’s a part of the fabric of football,” Scott said. “It’s a day of celebration, for everybody to enjoy, for them to get their families out. They earned the right to be an All-Star.”

If players want to keep the right to be All-Stars, they shouldn’t turn the NFL’s version of the All-Star Game into a joke.

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  1. Bart Scott needs to shut his mouth. NFL fans deserve a quality Pro Bowl, not the trash the players have turned it into with their complete lack of effort and regard for the game.

  2. Oh please, the level of play ( or non play) in the pro dowl game is a disgrace. Last year the first few plays the defense was standing still like they were counting One One thousand, Two One thoudsand, Three,,,,,,,, It was a joke.

  3. Instead of a pro bowl why not make a game were its all full of no name players trying to make a name for themselves. They all will try there best to win a roster spot somewere, there’s alot of undrafted free agents and unsigned veterans that are good but they can’t prove nothing to anybody If a team dosnt pick em up. That’s just my opinion I haven’t watched the pro bowl in a couple of years because it’s full of players who don’t want to play most of em fake injuries to get out of playing in the pro bowl.

  4. I watched PART of the Pro Bowl, last year.

    I watched Jared Allen, who terrorizes the NFC North every year, come across the line, give the left tackle a half-hearted shove, and stop.

    I watched both sides’ quarterbacks throw to receivers so wide open it looked like a no-pads passing drill during training camp.

    I can’t comment on running backs, since while I was watching, I didn’t see any of them carry the ball.

    I watched about five minutes of the game, and turned it off. It wasn’t pro football…it looked like 22 friends playing two hand touch in the park.

    If I’d paid for a ticket to that game, I’d have sued to get back my money, and with a just a videotape as evidence, I’d have gotten back every cent of it.

    Bart Scott, Jared Allen and the other players who put on this travesty have no real defense. They can’t have it both ways. If they don’t want to play a pro football game in Hawaii, then fine, let them pay their own way there, and then they don’t have to play one. But they can’t have it both ways. If pro football is a business, then their job is to play pro football, not lollygag around for three hours on the field.

  5. “If players want to keep the right to be All-Stars, they shouldn’t turn the NFL’s version of the All-Star Game into a joke.”
    But Goodell shouldn’t act like he’s got nothing to do with the poor play. He can’t take credit for the NFL’s popularity on one hand and then disavow any accountability for the Pro Bowl and what it’s become.

  6. “What is he talking about? Tell him to get out there and put a jersey on,”

    Aaron Ro(d)gers was out there with a jersey on (with his last name presumably spelled correctly) and he criticized the Pro Bowl play.

  7. Another mindless oral eruption from Bart Scott. Rex Ryan and Bart Scott – two mouths made for each other.

  8. These players are sounding more dumb I swear. How about they shut their mouth and do the one thing they are paid to do…play. If this was the case we wouldn’t be having this problem with the pro bowl.

  9. . “It’s a day of celebration, for everybody to enjoy, for them to get their families out. They earned the right to be an All-Star.”


    So basically it’s for millionaires to get a free trip to hawaii with their families and be fawned over by the media. The game itself, not so much.

    If the NFLPA wants the NFL to send the players on a paid vacation they should write it into the next CBA. The probowl is embarrassing. Seriously, Bart Scott can’t afford to book a week in Hawaii when he is making millions of dollars?

  10. The players are making too much money to risk playing all out. If a player tore an ACL at that point of the year he’d likely be done the entire next season. I’d love to see a fully contested pro bowl but it’s not worth it to them.

    A better alternative in my opinion would be doing a skills competition. Have a bunch of events that players can compete with. 40 yard dash, or strongman type things for the linemen. You’d probably get more people willing to watch that on tv than the pro bowl, a lot less risk to the players. Seems like a win win to me.

  11. It should be irrelevant to Bart Scott what the commissioner says about the Pro Bowl. Its not like Bart Scott is going to qualify to play in one ever again….

    Maybe he should worry about playing to the level of an average NFL player first, as he is lucky to have a job today.

  12. Bart Scott has played in one Pro Bowl (2006) when Ray Lewis basically let him go in his place. Maybe he is an expert on how he thinks it’s played, but he’s not an expert in how it is played. It’s probably different for each player. Haloti Ngata once suffered an injury in the Pro Bowl.

    I don’t blame the players for not wanting to be injured. I do blame them for treating the game like a joke. I say put up a bunch of money and tell them the winning team gets it all. That would convince them to break a sweat.

  13. Bart Scott should be forced to sit and watch the tape of the game, then see if he can make the same statement with a straight face. The other games have been bad, but, last year’s game was a complete joke. Does Bart Scott actually think fans can’t tell when players are going half speed?

  14. The league can help make it a better game by allowing the players voted in to do what they do best. Clay Matthews gets voted in for his pass rushing, but because he’s a LB he’s dropping 5-15 yards into coverage every snap. What’s the point? Likewise, how much of today’s game is dominated by RBs? So why does one have to be in every snap? If there are 5 good WR available, let them all line up for a few snaps. Why no blitzing? Isn’t that a huge part of the way the game is played as well?

    It’s disingenuous for the league to neuter the game with “play it safe rules,” then turn around and complain that the game sucks.

  15. “If players want to keep the right to be All-Stars, they shouldn’t turn the NFL’s version of the All-Star Game into a joke.”

    If players want to keep the right to be All-Stars, then Roger Goodell shouldn’t turn NFL games into a joke.


  16. Given the number of players that bail on the Pro Bowl every year Goodell might have to put on a jersey and play someday.

  17. Ok Bart Scott, keep telling yourself you gave a good effort to play defense. When the scores are 50+ pts, it means you took about every defensive snap off possible.

  18. Whats the differance bart you will never make a probowl anyways your about to be cut in august anyways you big stiff your playing days are over no teams want you and your punky atitude just go away already your irelevent

  19. As always, Bart-mouthy-Scott doesn’t know what he is talking about. All the fans are tired of seeing the ‘stars’ lousing in Hawaii. If they can’t compete against each other, scrap this $hitty show that is used to pump their contract only.

  20. I would still like pro bowl rosters selected, but I can’t even bother to watch the games anymore, even ironically.

    Plus if they got rid of the game, there would only be the actual players selected who would get the pro bowl honor, as oppose to half the pro bowlers bailing out with exaggerated injuries.

  21. The problem with the Pro Bowl is that they aren’t playing for anything. At least with the MLB all star game they’re playing for home field in the world series. Granted picking the Super Bowl venue is done years in advance so that idea goes out the window. The NFL needs to give some sort of incentive for players to actually play a game

  22. Last paragraph was wonderfully put, mr. smith. Cc sabathia is bringing the 98 mph heat at mlb’s all star game. Pro bowl players are so disgustingly apathetic that the game is just unwatchable.

  23. I think Bart’s right that it shouldn’t be canceled, but they have played it like two hand touch in recent years. I guess I can’t blame them for it though, as I would hate to see some of my favorite players go down with any kind of injury for a game that doesn’t count

  24. The Pro Bowl game is not competitive and seems to be a love in as players only use their arms to hug the opposing player. It is not worth watching.

  25. There are times when the Commish can definitely be questioned. This here is simply disrespecting the Office of the Commissioner. The Jets need to fine this idiot.

  26. When was the last time Bart Scott said anything relevant? When someone has a career ending injury in this non-game the players will be shouting at Goodell to put an end to this farce of a game.

  27. OTA are more competitive than the sucking all star. Either players has to play like stars or shut it off(both the game & Bart’s mouth)

  28. Mr. Scott,
    If the level of play is so poor that nobody wants to watch the game on TV why would the NFL pay to host the game? Without advertisers the NFL wouldn’t be any better than that arena league that just banished T.O. .

  29. You want a competitive Pro Bowl?

    Here’s a simple solution that will motivate players to play the game at the highest level. Players on the winning team get $5 million dollars, while the players on the losing team get 500K.

    There you go! They’ll play it like it’s the Super Bowl.

  30. The problem with the game, Mr. Scott, is that it LOOKS like Roger Goodell could put a jersey on and join in the festivities.

    Most of the top players choose not to play. The Super Bowl contenders are eliminated from play, and then the rules water down the game to the point that we are watching NFL players play pitch, catch, and tackle.

    Its the NFL equivalent of watching a basketball game that is nothing more than 48 minutes of slam dunks. It is unwatchable.

  31. The NFL Champions playing the College All-Stars used to be tradition too. Where did that go?

    This is more about contract incentives and free trips for the family to Hawaii. Just make it a skills competition and be done with it.

  32. The players just like the free trip to Hawaii. The Pro Bowl has been nothing more than a joke for years…none of the players play hard, and I can understand why. But why should the NFL fork out that kind of coin when these guys barely make an effort once there?

  33. All of these people railing on and on about the fact that the players don’t play hard in the Pro Bowl and not one person giving a single good reason why they should.

    These guys have multi-million dollar, NON-GUARTANTEED contracts. Most of these guys stand to lose an awful big chunk of the money they were planning to use to secure their future if they get a serious injury in a game that means absolutely nothing.

    So I call the NFL’s bluff: You want a good game? Three simple steps and you’ve got it:

    1) Increase the amount paid to each member of the winning team so that it is actually worth their effort, and pay nothing to the losing team.

    2) Put a clause in the CBA that the contract of any player who suffers a legitimate career threatening or ending injury in the Pro Bowl automatically has the entire remainder of his contract fully guaranteed.

    3) In the case of impending free agents, agree to pay them the value of whatever other comparable free agents get in their new deals if they get injured to the point where no one will sign them.

    The NFL could easily cover this money with what they would get in an increased TV deal for the Pro Bowl if it was actually a good game.

    Of course, the NFL won’t do any of this. They will simply rely on pressure from selfish fans who think they are entitled to see grown men risk their professional careers for nothing.

  34. @nunpuncher says:Jun 1, 2012 7:34 AM

    “If players want to keep the right to be All-Stars, they shouldn’t turn the NFL’s version of the All-Star Game into a joke.”

    If players want to keep the right to be All-Stars, then nunpuncher must first spend a night with Sandra Bernhardt.

    Fixed……….you idiot

  35. put flags on the players, not only will it be a little more competitive, but we’ll also get an early glimpse of what the nfl will be in 5 years

  36. Like the rest of Pro sports, it’s not about what you want Bart; it’s about what I’m willing to pay for, and I haven’t “paid” to watch a pro-bowl in years, and will not, as long as it’s nothing more than a bunch of overpaid athletes having afternoon tea on my nickel. The fan pays for your Bentleys, not Goodell. You’ll do what your told by way of what the fans viewing choices dictate.

  37. The players scream about concussions and not going to 18 games, the commissioner hears and tries to remove the “lest I say pretty boring” pro bowl, and Bart Scott barks. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  38. Bart Scott, you sound like a 5th grader on the playground, at recess. And, (you) as an adult, that makes you sound like a fool. The Pro Bowl play was criticized by fans, players, management, and coaches. By the standards of pro football in America, it was bad football.

  39. The pro bowl is bad on many levels.

    First, its participants are decided by a popularity contest rather than an assessment of their play during the CURRENT year.

    Second, the incentive pay is no longer an incentive since most player contracts provide a bonus for merely being named to the pro bowl instead of actually playing in it.

    Third, since players have already earned their bonus, they make up excuses to not play…sniffles, nursing phantom injuries, rearranging sock drawers that week, etc. When a player bows out from the game, another player gets to play and also “earn” his contract bonus. This continues until the pro bowl is comprised of a few “stars” out for publicity and a bunch of average players that should be 3rd string in that game.

    Fourth, the players of the Super Bowl teams cannot participate any more (even if they somehow wanted to) due to the scheduling of the game.

    Fifth, the rule changes make this particular game unrecognizable.

    Kill it. Substitute an awards banquet and name the players who actually deserve the honor.

  40. I don’t understand how the NFL makes money off the pro bowl. I haven’t watched more than two plays each of the last three years and I have to imagine there are more people like me out there.

    The pro bowl is terrible when you have fifth and sixth options as backups being called pro bowlers. Any given year there can be like 100 players making it.

  41. Anyone surprised that a bunch of multi-millionaires would be upset about losing out on a free trip to Hawaii? Most of the guys that make it to the PB have no one but the fans to thank anyway, since it’s obvious that some fans sit there voting all day long for their players, regardless of whether or not the guys have done anything worthwhile in the season. If a team has a good record halfway through the season, the odds are very good that the bandwagon will get many of them a trip to the PB. It gets proven every single year, which is why the PB is an utter embarassment to the NFL. Take the fan vote out of it, make these guys try to look like they deserve to be there in the game, and it might gain a shred of legitimacy. Right now, the PB is nothing but a comedy routine.

  42. @realitypolice….. Absolutely right! I don’t know why that got so many “thumbs down”. Those players have no reason to put their well being and future earning potential on the line for what amounts to an end of the year exhibition game.

  43. realitypolice says:
    Jun 1, 2012 9:02 AM
    All of these people railing on and on about the fact that the players don’t play hard in the Pro Bowl and not one person giving a single good reason why they should.


    Because they want a free paid vacation to Hawaii. The players certainly earn enough money to book their own vacations to Hawaii.

    They are having a probowl this year because the players want it, not because it’s something the NFL can’t live without.

    Give me one good reason why the NFL should continue to have the probowl? Name the rosters and do away with the trip to Hawaii. Nobody has to worry about injuries, the NFL doesn’t have to endure an embarrassing game on the field and the players don’t have to worry about injuries. I don’t think anyone would miss it.

  44. Bart Scott is such a raging moron that it is hard to even value his comments. That *thing* that they put on display this year was an utter disgrace. It was like watching a walkthrough. I had to turn it off after maybe 5 minutes.

    Bart, if you guys play like that every year, Goodell COULD put a shirt on and play. It’s not like any of you would take the effort to hit him.

  45. realitypolice says: Jun 1, 2012 9:02 AM

    Most of these guys stand to lose an awful big chunk of the money they were planning to use to secure their future if they get a serious injury in a game that means absolutely nothing.

    The smart ones start that process from day 1, when the first check gets to them. The stupid ones make it rain in clubs, pay their homeboys 100k a year to hang out with them, and generally act like there is no end to the pot of gold. In other words, there are a LOT of truly stupid NFL players.

    There was an estimate that 78% of NFL players would be broke/bankrupt within 2 years of retiring. Call it what you want, but I’d be willing to wager that most of those guys in that 78% did that to themselves with stupid decision making, so forgive me for not feeling sorry for them. They should have been smarter, or at least hired someone smarter, to handle their money. If you dont want to get hurt in the Pro Bowl, decline the invite. Lots of guys do that every year.

  46. The best part of Bart Scott’s game is the interview. If he makes the Jets roster this year he will be looking at a third year of stealing a paycheck.

  47. shaunypoo says:
    Jun 1, 2012 7:54 AM
    When was the last time Bart Scott said anything relevant? When someone has a career ending injury in this non-game the players will be shouting at Goodell to put an end to this farce of a game.

    “I agree.”


    Robert Edwards

  48. Brandon Frickin Marshall was the MVP of the PB this year. He had 4 TD’s. He had 6 TD’s all of last season, 16 games. You tell me if anybody was playing defense.

  49. CAN’T WAIT til this loudmouth, OVERRATED stiff is out of the NFL (which isn’t too far away)

  50. They do need some kind of all star game.

    Maybe they can do something like the hunger games!
    Have the all stars select a player to play their position at the pro bowl. If that player is on the losing team then he is not allowed to play next season.

    Bet that would be the hardest played game ever! And, be way more valuable for players to make the pro bowl!

  51. Everyone that is in such an outrage over the horrible and disgraceful play of the probowl in “recent”years please point me to a probowl that was played with any intensity. It has always been like this and the sudden outrage is a tad bit ridiculous. The game will always be like that if you have it after the regular season with nothing at stake. Why would any of these players want to blow a knee out or risk any other serious injury a week before they are done working for the year in a game that is meaningless?

  52. Bart Scott hasnt been close to a pro bowl in 5 years and he only made it once because Ray Lewis couldnt go…. what a joke.

  53. Relevant Pro-Bowl? Can’t wait!

    I think the problem with the Pro-Bowl is that these days, players no longer feel privileged to be in the NFL. They feel entitled. Even players like Brees and Brady have a smug arrogance about them. No one appreciates just being there anymore. It’s all about the next mega-contract.

  54. Why not change a few things about the pro bowl?
    1) move it to the beginning of the training camp.
    this will give players an incentive to play, instead of the current “eh, super bowl is over, I can relax now” attitude. Fans will be more into it, because we won’t have had ANY football in 6 months.

    2) give the game meaning an consequence. ok great, the players get more money. That only entices them to show up, not play their best. why not tie the outcome of the game to who gets to call receive/possession at the super bowl?

  55. @realitypolice

    You can’t have the losing team get nothing. Then you have players taking a 50% risk (1 player never controls the outcome of a football game) that they get nothing and risked their multi-million dollar contracts for what? a trip to Hawaii?

    We’ve all seen over and over again, the cutthroat end of pro football business… (see Matt Forte). Getting paid is 10% what you’ve done for me and 90% what are you capable of doing for me. Putting your health on the line at the end of a 16 (possibly 18) game season for a player like Matt Forte would be astronomically stupid.

    The game is terrible. Fans need to accept the fact that the violent nature of the game of football combined with the fact that you can’t throw a real “team” together in a week doesn’t lend itself to having a legitimate all-star game.

  56. i want to see a skills comp, like player races, obstical courses, that game where players wear helmets and have the pads at the each end of a shaft and try to knock each other off the stand, arm wresteling, tractor tire flipping, long pass, fastest pass, silly but fun games to watch. on and cheerleader mudd wresteling….. ya know for the spank bank

  57. @bluefan204:

    I’ll forgive you for not feeling sorry for them, mostly because nothing in my post says anything about anyone feeling sorry for anything.

    There is a very straight forward cause and effect here. Playing hard in Pro Bowl = not worth the risk.

    And there is a very straight forward solution. Guarantee players won’t lose any contract money if they get hurt.

  58. realitypolice says: Jun 1, 2012 11:56 AM

    There is a very straight forward cause and effect here. Playing hard in Pro Bowl = not worth the risk.

    And there is a very straight forward solution. Guarantee players won’t lose any contract money if they get hurt.

    Ultimate conclusion: Don’t play in the Pro Bowl if you aren’t willing to take the chance of getting injured. They aren’t required to play, but its a free trip, and if they’re willing to accept it, they should have to accept whats at stake for getting that free trip.

    Guys blow out ACL’s and rupture Achilles’ just working out by themselves. You can walk outside of your house right now to pick up your mail, trip over something, and blow a knee out.

    Nothing in life is guaranteed, which is why you have to account for the possibility of something unfortunate happening. Throwing all of your money away as soon as you get it is a stupid thing to do.

    All these guys want is a free trip to Hawaii, but they don’t want to do what they’re being paid for, which is to play in a football game. If I went to work and half-@ssed it, I’d be fired, not paid, and there sure as hell wouldn’t be a trip to Hawaii in the bargain.

  59. I cannot believe that we went this whole post and not one person commented how Scott went all Warren “PUT A JERSEY ON!!” Sapp here. 😀

  60. The thing about this is the NFL is more responsible for the horrible play than the players are. Wasn’t it the NFL that moved the pro bowl to before the superbowl (thus making it so players in the superbowl won’t play their hardest if they show up at all because they’re kind of busy)?

    Wasn’t it the NFL that changed the rules that turned the game into what it is now which is the most famous game of two hand touch played?

    If you want the players to take the game seriously than give them a reason to take it seriously. Make it so the winning division gets something that effects the following years regular season (maybe home field advantage in all games against the loosing division).

    The pro bowl was never a good game but if you’re going to make a big deal about it now then actually do something about it other than threaten to take it away because of rules that the league put in place.

    Another thing is bring back the skills challenge and make it a bigger part of the event. Basketball, Baseball and Hockey all have their skills challenges as highlights of the weekend.

  61. I agree. Everyone is getting sick and tired of Goodell trying to re-invent a product that was already the most successful sport before he got here. Just do your job and let the players play, he acts like he’s the president.

  62. @blackheld

    Me and my friends play two hand touch in the park and even we bring more excitement than that. What we saw was a group of individuals who showed up for a free vacation and an extra couple of grand in their pocket.

    We can start fixing the Pro Bowl by making it harder to get into and thus more of have an honor and an elite group.

    Also making sure that your star players are actually playing in the game would help. He had a good excuse last year but when is the last time Tom Brady attended a Pro Bowl, even though he’s voted in almost every year? Yeah, players shouldn’t be able to do that. Every time a Brady bows out of the pro bowl, you get a Derek Anderson or Andy Dalton replacing him. Not bad players but certainly not the cream of the crop.

  63. I have one question.

    How does the NFL have “probowl” caliber players without a probowl??

    BTW, if there is anyone to blame, it’s the Redskins fans. pushing votes for their guys, even when they suck… That right there tells me all I need to know about how legitimate the votes are.

    The fans need to be taken out of the equation altogether, as some can’t be honest with their votes.

  64. The best suggestion I’ve seen was for a skills competition type event, watching Hester, D. Jax, and Chris Johnson race would be pretty cool, even a QB skills comp with like Brees, Newton, or Luck vs. Griffin.

  65. The only time Bart Scott was in a Pro Bowl was when Ray Lewis withdrew because of an injury and let him go, as his alternate… Maybe that’s why he’s unfamiliar with how lame the game was.

  66. Let’s compromise. Just buy all of the guys family vacation packages to Hawaii and be done with it. They’ll even save a few bucks by not having to pay bonuses to replacement players and cover the costs of sending referees and league officials out there with them. Just make them all go at the same time to the same digs, plus do a photo shoot and maybe play a little beach volleyball. Say, the NFC WAGS against the AFC WAGS. Better ratings that way, anyway.

  67. You know the Pro Bowl has turned into a joke when a defensive back laughs and jokes with a wide receiver who has just burned him for a touchdown.

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