Brian Dawkins thinks Andy Reid’s got something to prove

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Brian Dawkins finished up his career as a member of the Broncos, but he had some pointed words for the coach of his previous team this week.

Dawkins was a guest on Rich Eisen’s podcast and the subject of Eagles coach Andy Reid’s future came up. Eisen asked Dawkins if Reid should feel like he’s on the hot seat entering the 2012 season.

“Yes, here’s the thing,” Dawkins said. “When you go out and you get some of the pieces that they got. That’s telling the fan base something. Even coming into this year … some of the things they’re doing this offseason, that’s telling the fan base something. You then have to show … what are you as a coach.”

It’s hard to disagree with Dawkins’ assessment. The Eagles seemed to consider making a change after the 2011 season and expectations aren’t going to be any lower than they were heading into last year.

The Eagles veered away from the big ticket acquisitions that generated much hype last summer and much disappointment during the regular season. Their focus was on signing DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy and using the draft to shore up the front seven on defense. Those moves won’t lead to anyone calling the Eagles the “Dream Team” this time around, but they should lead to a more balanced and more successful team.

If it doesn’t, Reid’s seat will be very hot and the Eagles could well find themselves looking for a head coach for the first time since 1999.

12 responses to “Brian Dawkins thinks Andy Reid’s got something to prove

  1. Yeah… there is a lot of talent on that defense and a lot of talent on that offense. If it doesn’t come together, you have to consider changing the coaches, the quarterback, or both.

  2. He does. He needs to prove he can parent…his 2 kids are Class 1 A-Cornholios…

  3. It has been time for Andy to go since losing the Super Bowl in ’04.
    By staying with Vick as pseudo-quarterback,
    this should be the last year for both.
    I hope!!

  4. Of course he has something to prove…that his team can win the big game. Of course, the Eagles organization will spin any outcome short of a Super Bowl win to justify keeping him…

  5. Andy’s a solid coach, nothing more. Good enough to contend, and then to get you beat – not to win it all.

    Eagles still need safety help, and a go-to red zone guy. Yeremiah Bell and Plax would have helped there, but….

    So the team should return to the playoffs, but no SB this year. Will it be enough for an extension for AR? Depends how close they get.

  6. Andy Reid should’ve been fired after last year. He’s already had the best chance he can have and he FAILED!

    Eagles need a new coach, QB and LBs.

    Another year of heartache in Philly awaits…

  7. You Philly fans are something else. Your team is a yearly contender, your QB’s always play well. McCoy is a beast, the Eagles have been to what…5 NFC title games under Reid? Yet all you do is complain. There are quite a few fan bases that would LOVE to take Andy Reid off your hands. Including here in Cincy. We haven’t won a playoff game since 1990.

  8. Eagles need TO… Lol they just need to step it up they slacking.. Hopefully this year but i always here next year next year tired if that lets see tho…

  9. Could Andy:
    Be a better coach at time management? Yep.
    Run the ball a little more? Sure.
    Try a little less to show that he is smarter than everyone else? No argument.

    However, I remember what the team was like before Andy arrived. Instead of complaining about not winning a Super Bowl, Iggle fans were complaining about not being in the playoffs.

  10. The Eagles are the one team Giants fans get nervous about facing. They are by far when of the most talented teams in the NFL and have been for a while. That being said, the Eagles as a team are missing some elements that make great teams. Leadership, killer instinct and consistent Qb play. If Philly finds those its gonna be hoisting a Lombardi sooner than later. Lucky for us Giants fans, they’re the Eagles and will never put it all together. GO BIG BLUE!

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