DeMarco Murray thinks the Cowboys’ window is wide open

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There’s been a lot of talk about windows in Dallas this offseason.

Tony Romo, Jerry Jones and others have shared their opinions about whether the Cowboys are facing an open or closing window for winning a championship. During an interview on 103.3 ESPN Radio, via, Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray got the question and his answer places him firmly in the open window camp.

“I think we have a great group of guys but at the same time we definitely feel that this year is going to be a great year for us and we don’t see why we shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl this year,” Murray said.

Super Bowl predictions and prognostications in June are about as valuable as a $3 bill, but it’s not hard to see reasons for optimism in Dallas. They’ve added Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Tyron Smith, Murray and Morris Claiborne in the last three drafts, newly acquired cornerback Brandon Carr is 26 and there’s still gas left in the tank of players like Miles Austin and DeMarcus Ware. That won’t change if they fail to make Murray look clairvoyant.

That’s why all the window talk feels misplaced when you talk about the Cowboys as a whole. It really seems like Jones and others in the closing camp are really talking about Romo. If the team fails to improve this season, it will be three straight years without a playoff berth for a quarterback who has already sowed doubt about his ability to lead the team where they want to go.

Basically, the window for the Cowboys as a franchise seems a lot more open than the window for the “Tony Romo” Cowboys.

23 responses to “DeMarco Murray thinks the Cowboys’ window is wide open

  1. can someone throw a brick through that window, so that we can stop hearing about it?

  2. According to this article the only thing that DeMarco Murray said was that the window was not closed this year.

  3. File this in the 2012 section under “Annual Hype Surrounding the Cowboys.” I think we all can agree that the Cowboys look good on paper, but games are played on the field. Dallas has high expectations year after year and they always seem to find a way to fail to live up to them.

  4. Previously, Martellus Bennett had been in front of it and Murray could not tell if it was open or closed.

  5. put romo on the sideline in every 4th quarter and let the back up QB manage the lead.

  6. Window! What Window? What has this team done in the last 5 years (which i think is the usual “window” time frame for teams not named the Patriots).
    2011 – 3rd place – no playoffs -.500 record
    2010 – 3rd place – no playoffs – losing record
    2009 – 1st place – playoffs – lost in 2nd round
    2008 – 3rd place – no playoffs – 1 gm over 500
    2007 – 1st place – #1seed – did not win a playoff game

    5 years, 3 3rd place finishes, 1 playoff win…. Again I ask What window?

  7. Maybe, just maybe, they should MAKE THE PLAYOFFS before they start talking about “windows” for winning the Super Bowl. They haven’t even made the postseason since 2007 and they’re talking about winning the whole thing???

  8. “It really seems like Jones and other in the closing camp are really talking about Romo.”

    Absolutely. The guy is 32 years old – how much longer do you give him?

  9. No matter who else the Cowboys have on the roster if Jerry Jones decides at the end of the season that Romo is not the man for the job at QB……well, that decision is huge. If he decides to draft a new QB it really does close the window for a while for the entire team. So, Jerry does really decide if and when the current teams window of opportunity will close.

  10. Demarco Murray’s ankles getting crushed knocked me out of my fantasy football league. That looked like an extremely painful injury, so I hope he’s gotten better. I like him a lot.

  11. OOOhhh I like this window close window open, no window what window is their a window I say ask the GM he know everything.

  12. As a Boys fan I’m getting awfully tired Hearing about the window. Just go out and play football and beat the piss out of the Giants opening night.

  13. People don’t understand the concept of the window. They say superbowl window they just said window. What does that mean…..means a window to win games to possibly do
    Something else and move on.

    If they said this under the 3 straight 5-11 campo-lead years that had no talent to build a team because of the salary cap he-ll, then you morons can continue with your flabbergasted “what window?!?” comments. However, as long as there is a remote possibility and there is talent at the key positions…then the window is there.

    Just like philly has a window with Reid and Vick, and balimore with that defense, or chargers with phillips. None have been able to capitalize, but there is a window.

    So quit your hatin and deal with it!

  14. If the window is closing in on Romo then what does it say for the other 22 plus QB’s that aren’t as good? They must be in some serious trouble…

  15. I’m a Viking’s fan so noone should interpret this as Romo love, yeah he makes an occasional bone-headed play at the wrong time, but then so did Brett Favre in his prime. Not saying that Romo is Favre by any stretch of the imagination, but let’s not all act like it’s his fault that the Cowboys are a mediocre team.

    Not his fault their safeties are rather mediocre, that Mike Jenkins forgot how to cover and that Terrance Newman is like 77 years old with multiple leg/knee injuries, or that Dez Bryant can’t catch. Guy completes over 65% of his passes for 4200 yards 31 td’s and only 10 interceptions and everyone acts like he’s Kevin Kolb.

  16. Krose91 – Yeah benching him in the 4th Qtr doesn’t seem like such a good idea…

    Instead, Romo’s critics tend to focus on the fact that he hasn’t come through in the clutch. But as Jonathan Bales as points out, the stats seem to say otherwise.

    Bales points out that Romo’s QB rating, 97.1 since the 2008 season, actually goes up as games go on.

    “In the fourth quarter … Romo’s passer rating actually soars to 102.9,” Bales wrote. “Since 2008, the year after “The Drop,” Romo has thrown an astounding 30 touchdowns to only eight interceptions in the fourth quarter. … Romo finished the 2011 season with 10 touchdowns and two picks in the final 15 minutes of games. What a choke artist.”

    Bales also notes that Romo’s game doesn’t fall off at the end of halves much, either. Since 2008, Romo owns a 91.7 passer rating in the final two minutes of a half. He trails only Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady in that category.

    Even if Romo can never shake the “unclutch” label that’s followed him for much of his career, it’s one common conception that the stats don’t seem to back up.

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