Despite the risks, Schiano wants his boys to play football


Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano made his first visit ever to PFT Live on Friday, which also happened to be the 46th anniversary of his birth. (Go ahead and wish him a happy birthday in the comments.)

The 20-minute segment includes the question of whether Schiano, who witnessed Eric LeGrand suffer a severe spinal-cord injury, wants Schiano’s three sons to play football.

Schiano provided a candid, thorough, and thoughtful response that likely won’t generate much attention because it don’t fit with the plastic-bubble hysteria that currently yields far more page views.

Go ahead and click the link.  It’s a fairly short back-and-forth.  And if you like what you hear from Coach Schiano on that point, check out the full show by clicking the box in the right rail.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “Despite the risks, Schiano wants his boys to play football

  1. With 1,696 active players each season, 96 HCs, OCs and DCs each season and thousands of former players and coaches still kickin’ around, you’re set for life on stories about whether or not each wants his kid to play football.

  2. I never thought that I would be proud of a coach of my beloved Bucs, but without even coaching his first game, he has managed to say and do all the right things this offseason. In this time of trolls and fame seekers, it is an enjoyable respite to see a guy that cares for his former players, is a stand up family man, and has values that you could easily tell your child to look up to. Great job so far Greg…I am looking forward to the season and helping keep Ray Jay Rockin on game day!

  3. Impressive interview. Coach Sciano sounds like a winner. I hope he is able to make it happen this year . Happy birthday Coach. Good pitch! GO BUCS! GO RAYS!

  4. Schiano makes Chip Kelly look like the devil.

    Or at least a old (nike) pair of shoes…

    Thank god Tampa didn’t get their first choice.

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