Dolphins ink fourth-round pick Lamar Miller

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The Dolphins have high hopes for rookie running back Lamar Miller, but they needed to sign him to a contract before they could see them come true.

That’s done. A league source tells PFT that the team has agreed to terms on a contract with their fourth-round pick. Miller, who is making the short trip across town from the University of Miami, signed the standard four-year deal for players drafted after the first round.

The Dolphins traded up to the 97th overall pick to select Miller and they intend to use him as more than just a running back. He could be an option on punt returns and the team also envisions using him as a receiver out of the slot. Miller ran a 4.4 40 at the Combine and there have been reports that he’s been using his speed well during OTAs in Miami. If he keeps it up, he could knock Daniel Thomas down a peg on the depth chart behind Reggie Bush.

With Miller in the fold, the Dolphins have signed six of their nine draft picks.

16 responses to “Dolphins ink fourth-round pick Lamar Miller

  1. I still can’t believe this kid lasted to the 4th round. Lamar could very possibly be the steal of the draft. I can’t wait to see him on Sunday’s……it’s Miller Time!!!!!!

  2. This articles has to set a record for 4’s/fours in it. Even his jersey number is 44 in the picture.

  3. I really don’t think the Dolphins had a bad offseason.

    They avoided disaster by complete and total chance (not signing Flynn, Fisher etc.). Their unanswered prayers for Flynn/Fisher/Manning may end building them a nice long term future.

  4. Why has it taken so long to sign these guys? I thought the new CBA had a rookie wage scale that essentially meant that the contracts could be written out ahead of time and fill in the name based on draft slot. Seems like they could have all been signed the week after the draft.

  5. Kudos to Jeff Ireland for trading UP last year to draft Daniel Thomas, while Ryan Mallett was still on the board. It may not be today, tomorrow, or this year, but that chicken will come home to roost.

  6. keep him away from Lauren Tannehill….heard he hits the hole very hard and fast

  7. This guy is going to break some ankles and something tells me he might be the steal of the draft. That something is the first three posters.

  8. @devinwmr71

    I couldn’t agree more. They almost have identical size, weight, speed, etc. Portis benefitted from an athletic zone/trap blocking OLine in Denver and the Fins are going in this direction. Moreover, Miller has great hands. Most uneducated and Dolphins Haters dont realize the master plan in Miami. Every skill player has got reliable hands and above average speed. Who needs a #1 when you have up to 5 players on the field lining up all over the place and creating absolute mismatches. Bess, Gates, Miller, Bush, Egnew are all much faster than Gronkowski and Welker and they ripped the league apart. Keep under-estimating the Fins!

  9. I was so mad when the Bengals passed on Miller with their late 3rd rounder. Congrats Phins fans. You got a steal.

  10. @laxcoach37

    Do you honestly think that the fins have a better offense thatn the Pats. A wr who has led the league in catches, or has been in the top, for the last how many years, and a te that broke NFL records last year, and you think the group of average talent that you have is better than that? And Im a Steelers fan by the way, and hate the Pats. You not only dont have a number 1 reciever, you have no qb. Your best wr is a number 3 wideout on most teams. Thanks for good laugh.

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