Eli Manning: Giants went 9-7, have to get better


Don’t expect Eli Manning to rest on his laurels after winning his second Super Bowl ring.

Manning said on today’s Dan Patrick Show that the Giants’ mindset this offseason isn’t that they’re the defending champions who enter the season as the top team in the league. It’s that they’re coming off a season in which they needed to win their last game to make the playoffs, and a season in which most of their wins were by four points or fewer.

“The attitude is, Hey, we went 9-7 last year and hardly made the playoffs,” Manning said. “It could have easily gone a very different route. We had to make a lot of fourth-quarter wins, and those are fun, but we’ve got to be better. We’ve got to be a better team all around. On offense, there are a lot of areas where we can improve.”

Manning is absolutely right: It’s entirely possible that 9-7 won’t be good enough to win the NFC East this season, and that if the Giants are just as good in 2012 as they were in 2011, that won’t be good enough to make the playoffs. The Giants were the best team in the NFL during the postseason, but they may need to be better in the regular season if they want to return to the postseason.

60 responses to “Eli Manning: Giants went 9-7, have to get better

  1. 9-7 wont cut it this year no, but we’re defending champs and have to go out there and show teams that we’re the ones they have to get through to be the best.

  2. The dude makes a solid point. They were lucky to make the playoffs last year and had they not made it, we most likely would be hearing about a possible Coughlin firing. Instead, we’re referring to Coughlin as a premier coach. But they gotta do better in the regular season this year…

  3. Last time the Giants won a Super Bowl with similar record the next season they finished 12-4 and were one and done in the post-season. So Eli might not want to see that play out again.

  4. They were great down the stretch, and were able to edge out the Patritos in a close game. They will have their hands full making the playoffs again…..but that is what it is all about. It’s why we watch.

  5. I’ll give Eli a dollar if he can say, “Giants” without sounding like a 4 year old with speech problems.

  6. It still blows my mind that Eli and the Giants got the best of Brady and the Pats, TWICE.

    Now the whole league is scrambling to copy the D-line heavy template that the Giants have displayed for years. It’s a passing league, so it’s a must in today’s NFL to be able to create enormous pressure on opposing QBs.

  7. The big “IF” is always health. The 9-7 team was one of the most injured in the league. Once they all got healthy in late December, we saw the real team. Bottom line….if the Giants stay healthy, they will win 11 games by just showing up.

  8. They got pretty Lucky in the playoffs. Green bay played horrible against them. Kyle Williams gave away the game against them and Welker dropped a crucial pass that would of pretty much sealed the game. Not taking anything away from them but they do have to get better.

  9. @jobotjones, are you serious? Grow up and man up, dude. There is nothing wrong with the way Eli Manning talks. Love Eli Manning’s attitude, btw. He’s the MAN.

  10. Exactly what you want to hear from your elite qb heading into his prime. Last year was the first year in the last 20 that the east was won with less then 10 wins. Anything less then 10 wins will not get it done this year and Eli knows it. Anyone calling luck or b.s needs to get there head checked. Will the 3rd ring convince you? It’s coming Giants fans so let the haters hate all the way to Canton.

  11. .

    A fact that may be unknown to some is that the Patriots and Giants play each other in preseason every year. The teams are almost like division rivals.


  12. Much respect to the Giants for doing what they did…one of the few teams in the eastern time zone I really respect.

    That said…you better get better b/c the 49ers ain’t gonna let yall get off that easy again.

  13. mike bonserio says:Jun 1, 2012 12:06 PM

    9-7 wont cut it this year no, but we’re defending champs and have to go out there and show teams that we’re the ones they have to get through to be the best.

    Apparently last year somebody “got through” the Giants 7 times.

  14. even as a skins fan, can’t help but like Eli. Dude is a gamer and speaks the truth. I’d take him over Peyton any day of the week.

  15. jdandcoke says:
    Jun 1, 2012 12:21 PM
    if they dont have the injuries they did last year theyll be better than 9-7.

    All teams deal with injuries. The Eagles, Skins and Boys had their share. It’s all about depth and how people step up.

  16. “They got pretty Lucky in the playoffs. Green bay played horrible against them. Kyle Williams gave away the game against them and Welker dropped a crucial pass that would of pretty much sealed the game. Not taking anything away from them but they do have to get better.”

    Get a clue clown
    1. We dominated Green Bay
    2. 49ers cry babies blaming Kylie Williams but reality is that “big bad 49er defense” couldn’t stop Giants on 3rd and 15 when they need to and we ran it down ther throat to the 5 for a chip shot FG to win in OT…….Niner D was soft when it counted most- FACT

    3. Giants dominated Pats- if it wasn’t for the horrendous holding call in 2nd quarter to stall Giant drive, game would have been over the half.

    Injuries and injuries only are why we were only 9-7. Last 6 games of year our D shut down EVERYBODY

    WORLD CHAMPS…………again and only going to better this year we are loaded with even more talent and speed this year

  17. @mike8016 –

    As a Giants’ fan, I go to sleep every night watching NYG-SF replay on my DVR. After seeing that game at least 50 times now, I can tell you that without Kyle Williams, the Giants would have won that game by 14 without breaking a sweat. He had several decent returns that flipped the field, recovered a fumble on an ill-advised toss-reverse and made a big 3rd down conversion (that didn’t show up in the stats because he also drew a defensive hold that was accepted). Aside from V. Davis, Kyle Williams was the only SF player who gained yardage for that team.

    As for the SB. Welker’s drop came with 4 minutes left and the Giants had one TO. NE needed another first down to ice the game. If the Giants’ held them to a FG, Eli would have had the ball with just under 2 mins down 6. Bottom line, Welker’s drop wasn’t the game.

  18. Umm let’s see last two times they won SB they were WC. Does it really matter? The important thing is to qualify for the tournament it seems

  19. Just like last year, they weren’t a great team in 2007 but they got hot at the right time. The fact that they were hungry enough following the SB win to be as good as they were in 2008 (at least in the regular season) might be Coughlin’s greatest achievement.

    They didn’t rest on their laurels after a Super Bowl win. As a Cowboys fan, I hope they’re more complacent after #2.

  20. Memo to cry baby fans of Dallas, Philly, Wash, San Francisco, Green Bay, New Orleans and even the Patsies

    What your team does in the regular season means NOTHING, ZERO!! The WORLD CHAMPION NY FOOTBALL GIANTS don’t care how great you were in September/October-haha LMFAO!!

    So stop crying and get a clue that the only games that mean anything are the ones played in January and if you’re not playing games in January then your team SUCKS and understand the NY Giants are the best team in football……….again!!

  21. Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe aptly summarized who the Giants are. “They might not be the prettiest regular season team. However, when they make it, they are the playoff fox that slipped into the playoff henhouse”.

  22. The attitude is, Hey, we went 9-7 last year and hardly made the playoffs,” Manning said

    a few things to say.

    1. they were 1 victor cruz slip from being 10 and 6.

    2. giants starters missed 68 games this year, most in nfl.

    3. giants were 13 and 7

  23. xxwhodatxx says:
    Jun 1, 2012 12:31 PM
    All I’m saying is the best team did NOT win the SB last year

    I take it you’re still bitter over that loss to the Seahawks.

  24. Last time the Giants won a Super Bowl with similar record the next season they finished 12-4 and were one and done in the post-season. So Eli might not want to see that play out again.

    there were also 11-1 before plaxico blew a hole in his leg and tuck started to get banged up and we had no pash rush since Osi was lost in the preseason.

    The Giants were systematically beating down the best teams in the NFL including Arizona and Pittsburgh that year.

    they ran out of gas at the end.

  25. In both super bowl runs, the Giants D line got healthy at the end of the season and with all the players there the opposition didn’t have the personnel to stand up to them.
    And Eli, what ever else you want to say about him will not quit. The most flustered he gets is Awe Shucks…
    Well staffed and coached offenses and defenses that do not quit can do great things. That front office builds deep deep teams at D line, Running back and Reciever/Tightend. With Carr there they are deep at QB too.
    Very impressive wins.

  26. The giants just never showed up for the games against the weakest teams like seattle and Washington Philly with young cuz Vick was banged up.

    They beat NE at home and they also swept the cowboys but nobody likes talking about that.

    There going to get there minds right and then watch out. Like it or not there no fluke and this year they are going to be the most dominating team with the most big play guys on both sides of the ball in the NFL.

  27. Elis nick name should be “ice cold” manning.. because he is ice cold under pressure.

  28. Yeah eli is stupid the giants are lucky.

    But the bottom line is My NY Giants are once again the champions.

    And your team is not.

    But on opening night you can all share the joy with the 85,000 of us who will be in the stands as the banner is raised once again.

    Will they have another great year who knows but if they dont I can watch one of 4 videos of Championship games

  29. I’m so sick of people saying the giants were “lucky” in the playoffs. No one ever mentions the crazy breaks new England got in the conference game against Baltimore to get to the super bowl. The best teams in the nfl play the best in January and limit mistakes and take adavantage of the mistakes the opposing team makes. That’s a part of the game every single year during the nfl postseason. And it’s not going to change either. Giants won the super bowl. All you haters who claim “luck”, deal with it and watch us get another one with Eli.

  30. A league full of jealousy going around as lots of people just can’t seem to deal with the fact the Giants are right now the elite franchise (along with Pittsburgh) in the NFL. 2 super bowls in 5 years plus 4 overall makes you an elite franchise and the Giants are not only healthy right now but loaded with new, young talent and also have the best big game QB in football……..get used to the Giants playing big games in January

    For the rest of you (eagles, 49er ,cowboy, skin , Pats fans), keep saying “if we would of done this, could of did that and should of did this”

    Us Giant fans, we’ll keep watching Eli hoist Lombardi trophies!! World Champs baby!

  31. “Giants are right now the elite franchise”


    10-6 and 9-7 super bowl teams cannot be considered “elite.” The only ones who think the Giants are elite are delusional Giant fans.

    Worst Super Bowl Team of all time! and that’s actually a fact

  32. I bet any real fan would rather have a 9-7 SUPER BOWL CHAMPION team than 16-0, 15-1, or 13-3 division or conference winning team. Some of these hater extraordinares need to get over it. Like Pat MyHog!

  33. bigblue5611 you’re exactly why people can’t stand New York fans. The Giants won the SB and they deserved to win, but that game could have gone either way. You know damn well you caught a break with Gronk effectively playing on one leg, and if you’re going to use injuries as an excuse for going 9-7 then you need to acknowledge the good fortune playing the Pats without him. We’ll never know if the result would have been different, but how about winning with some grace? And by the way, you’re a full fledged moron if you don’t consider the Pats among othe elite teams in the NFL.

  34. “10-6 and 9-7 super bowl teams cannot be considered “elite.” The only ones who think the Giants are elite are delusional Giant fans.

    Here’s another moron putting “emphasis” on regular season wins…….get a clue

    Super Bowl rings are all that matters: FACT

    Giants 2 of the last 5 baby! And repeat coming

  35. lombardisshineinfoxborough

    we beat Pats with a healthy Gronk in regular season and 3 straight times. I’m so sick of hearing about how great Brady is. Bottom line in 2 Super Bowls he only put up 14 and 17……we own Brady and the Pats plain and simple.

  36. Super Bowl rings are all that matters but it doesn’t change the fact that the Giants will go down as the worst Super Bowl team of all time.

    1) 9-7 record
    2) got OUTSCORED during the regular season
    3) lost to the 5-11 Redskins TWICE
    4) Got absolutely crushed on Monday Night Football against the Saints 49-24

    They got hot at the right time and as Eli says himself “hardly made the playoffs”

    So it was a great run, but when you say the Giants are the “elite” franchise of the league, please excuse the rest of us from laughing at you.

  37. “You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you.”

    -Yogi Berra, and jealous Cowboys fans

  38. bigblue5611, you better be ready for long-term nausea if you’re sick of hearing how great Brady is or stop watching football because you’re going to be hearing it for the rest of your life. He’ll always be in the discussion of the greatest of all-time regardless of a couple of close SB losses to the giants. But keep pounding your chest. You represent New York fans well.

  39. Pat MyHog- keep bringing up those meaningless regular season stats…….they mean ZERO and you have no comeback and it burns you up that we dominated a 15-1, and two 13-3 teams in the playoffs on the road en route to our 2nd Lombardi in 5 years. We were 12-4 after our last super bowl win then choked but Im not crying that we should of won again in 08′

    4 Super bowl rings in last 25 years is most in NFL modern era so get a clue and deal with it………Giants are the model franchise in NFL

  40. lombardisshineinfoxborough

    Yeah Pat fans, Belichick and Patriots like Rodney Harrison, Seymour, Bruschi are real classy……..please stop crying. Don’t you remember how classy they were when they were inviting the Giants to there 19-0 party during the game…………yeah now you remember

    Keep telling yourself Pat fans are classy when you’re winning

  41. Don’t get mad BigBlue….

    but if you can’t beat the Redskins, you can’t be elite. I believe that’s in the NFL bylaws.

    but then again your right…here’s a list of the elite superbowl teams…

    1) 72 Dolphins
    2) 85 Bears
    3) 84 49ers
    4) 11 Giants

    haha Giants fans are delusional. Model franchise. haha

  42. Packers went 9-7 and were lucky to make the playoffs and then went on to win the Superbowl. We improved nicely to 15-1 last season and then…

    I know what season I enjoyed the most.

  43. Injuries made a large contribution to that record. They got healthy at the right time just as much as they got hot.

  44. notice how in 2009, 2010 and most of 2011 there were barely any Giants fans on here…compared to late 2007, early 2008 and late 2011… freaking fair weather spoiled new yorkers smh.

  45. So the definition of Elite changed since The Pats beat the Rams. History had The Rams playing the Titans and stopped the Titans on 1yd line….They were called greatest show on turf after 1 SB win ((barely to the max)). They came back and was heavy favorites against the luckiest SB run ever (( Tuck rule anyone?)) And Tom Brady leads a last minute Vinateri FG to win. Brady then comes back against a Carolina Panther team that the Head coached Botched 2 2pt conversions calls and Brady marched down last minute and a Vinateri FG. Then against Philly Mcnabb throwin up in last minute, and T.O’s torn ligament in leg and Brady has 3rd chip. Brady is great? But then after going undefeated in regular season and losing to Eli Manning via a last sec TD and Eli is in question? Then Eli comes back for a 2nd ring he was not suppose to get ((overrated, only in league bcuz Peyton is his brother)) and that was a Fluke bcuz Welker dropped a pass? The Pats are paying him 9.5 million to make that play in that game and Eli gets criticized bcuz the opposing team’s player dropped a wide open pass? Bcuz David Tyree’s catch 4yrs earlier was validated by Welkers drop Eli is Penalized? No!!! Belichik wanted him to throw to Manningham on last drive and Eli threw it to Manningham on last drive and won his 2nd SB. Making the Giants an Elite organization and I feel Eli can get 2 more SB’s before he is done!!!!!! 4 SB’s in 5 appearances, we beat Elway, Kelly, and Brady twice, sounds Elite to me.

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