Jerry Jones suspects Dez Bryant has conditioning issues

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is continuing to weigh in on how the team will use its 2010 first-round draft pick, Dez Bryant. When we last checked in on the subject, Jones was saying it’s OK for the coaches to use Bryant on punt returns. And now Jones has some thoughts about what Bryant has to do to be more effective late in games.

Jones said he thinks that Bryant needs to be in better shape this season than he was last season for the Cowboys to be able to count on him in the second half.

“When he would lose concentration in the last part of the game, I don’t know if that was because of conditioning. I suspect it could’ve been,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “That’s not to be critical, but I suspect that, rather the injury had anything to do with that or not, those are the things that we’re working on so he can be more impactful in the latter part of the game.”

The stats seem to back Jones up: Bryant was much more productive before halftime last year (37 catches for 558 yards and seven touchdowns) than he was in the third and fourth quarters (25 catches for 344 yards and two touchdowns). When Jones says that there are things “we need to work on as a coaching staff to get him the ball,” some may view that as an owner meddling too much in the coaches’ decisions. But in the case of Bryant needing to get into better shape, he may be right.

24 responses to “Jerry Jones suspects Dez Bryant has conditioning issues

  1. That is nothing more than work ethic and motivation. This kid could be great if he wanted to put forth the effort. It seems as if he is content with getting paid without working as hard as he should.

  2. Never been a Jerry Jones fan, but given his comments the past few months, i think he is starting to see what everyone else has seen for years – he has the most overrated roster in the NFL. I’m not trying to hate on Cowboy fans and i hope they do well this season – but another playoff miss and i think Jera may blow this thing up.

  3. I don’t think its conditioning issues. I think its because they have him in on almost every play of the game on offense. He’s already ran a gazillion yards by the time the second half rolls around whether he was targeted or not. They want him on the field nearly all the time because he is very dangerous and can take it to the house on any play. But, maybe they need to reduce his touches especially in the first half then cut him loose in the second half. The Saints handled Reggie bush that way and it worked out. Geaux Saints!

  4. not hard to tell have run a mile and see how he is doing after. Dez is a lazy talent and never will be the pro he should be until he learns to work like one.

  5. Hey boss, conditioning is an inside team issue to be dealt with in-house by the coaching staff. I know you’re the owner, but some things are team matters and not for public consumption.

  6. Attention Deficit Disorder, obviously.

    Not so many sugary treats, and he’ll be fine.

  7. I’m far from a Cowboys fan and JJ has 100% right to do what he wants with his team…but man I feel for those fans. Even as the GM, JJ really shouldn’t be talking like this to the media. I am so glad Mr Kraft changed his semi meddling ways (back in the Bledsoe/Parcells days when he first took over).

  8. Keep in mind that he had a broken ankle that he wasn’t cleared to run until late July. He should have been able to play himself into shape by seasons end, but the thigh injuries didn’t help in that aspect either.

  9. So he has “conditioning issues” and you want to use him on punt returns? How does that logic work?

  10. Yeah, 900 yds. and 9 TD’s is pretty terrible. Cowboys haters come out all the time, but this is the year that you will start to see the Jason Garrett era start to take shape. Cowboys will win at least 4 division titles in the next 6 years. Count on it.

  11. Did it ever dawn on you that the Cowboys simply didn’t throw enough to Bryant in the 2nd half?

    When you are going to rely on statistics, it would be nice if you actually checked ALL the statistics before putting fingers on the keyboard.

  12. Jerry jones is absolutely correct for once, Dez looked gassed in the second half of every game. He had great burst in 1st half but not the same in the second.

  13. Qdog hit the nail on the head….this is an in-house issue.

    Thanks Coach Jerrah…..

    As this guy gets older, it’ll be interesting to see if he gets more crazy in his decision making. Old Al Davis repeat….cant get out of his own way….continually undermining his staff and success.

  14. A serious GM would KNOW if there were conditioning issues for any team member. Jerry is so out of it… it’s sad. If he’d been able to keep his mouth shut and his mitts off decisions and had kept Jimmy Johnson all these years think how many SuperBowl trophies would be lining the walls of his billion dollar stadium.

  15. I don’t see any value in publically humiliating your employees. I get that football is a public sport and evey move is in the public eye, but this should have been dealt with behind closed doors. Nothing good happens after 2AM, and nothing good happens through the media.

  16. The problem with Dez is that he’s a bird brain. He’s unproductive in the second half because he’s out of shape. He can’t stay healthy because he’s out of shape. He’s out of shape because he doesn’t have the brains to realize he needs to have mental toughness and discipline. It’s all a self-perpetuating circle of failure directly attributable to the indisputable fact the Dez is a complete bird brain.

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