League revises its ledger leak

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There can be little doubt that the NFL, which has refused to provide to the NFLPA or to the media evidence of the alleged bounty system in New Orleans, leaked to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports information regarding a ledger supposedly maintained by the Saints during the 2009 season.

There can now be little doubt that the NFL got its first leak wrong, requiring another leak to fix the first leak.

Cole initially reported that the ledger reveals that three $1,000 payments were made as a result of the Saints’ September 2009 game against the Bills.  After PFT pointed out that four Bills were injured during the game and that three play defense, Cole’s report was revised to replace the game against the Bills with the November 8, 2009 game against Panthers.

“A source initially said the three $1,000 awards were given in Buffalo on Sept. 27, 2009, but that source and another source later corrected that report,” Cole writes.

Is it a big deal?  Who knows.  Cole’s source(s) may have simply misread the ledger.

Regardless, the Associated Press game story mentions only one Panthers player leaving the game due to injury:  linebacker Thomas Davis.

Maybe the leak will once again be revised to reflect a game in which there were actually three offensive players who left with injuries.

11 responses to “League revises its ledger leak

  1. Warren Sapp is the only one who knows if Jeremy Shockey is behind these leaks. Now that corporate has muzzled Sapp, we’ll never get to the bottom of anything, ever again.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that the league (and Goodell) is making all this up as they go along?

    Worst. Commissioner. Ever.

  3. jwayne111 says:
    Jun 2, 2012 9:16 AM
    Can we revise that most all involved; coaches, players admitted to the existence of the “alleged” bounty program.
    It has been established NO ONE has admitted to bounties. Now everyone knows you don’t read any of these stories.

    As far as the NFL is concerned, I can only picture the front office while playing the Benny Hill Theme Song in my head.

  4. Even if they manage to find a game where three offensive players left due to injury, chances are that someone will have the game tape and one or more of them will have got injured by stepping on a cone or something.

  5. It sure looks like someone “leaked” false information to make the NFL look bad, and the NFL stepped in it by not having someone spend a few minutes checking the timeline of events before putting this out. That this leak was not thoroughly vetted by an origination as big and powerful as the NFL before being published is incredible incompetence beyond belief.

  6. This case that goddell has is getting weaker & weaker. Go ahead and leak somthing else. It shows the public what you really don’t have, a pay for injury case. Only a pay for performance, which most all the teams have allready said they have done it. I gaurentee you if the Saints had been painted the ” pay for performance ” bad guys instead of smearing their name with bounty, the other teams wouldn’t have been so free with their admittance. The players will win this case.

  7. So now we’re MUCH closer to the TRUTH. And the truth is that Herr Kommissar has ZERO evidence of a pay-for-injure bounty program…at least none that hasn’t been completely debunked.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA… comical. Seriously when does Roger admit he made it all up about the pay to injure thing, give everyone their jobs back asap, resign and let a real commisioner who really cares about player safety come in and get the ball rolling on better helmets and padding for our athletes. It is pretty much the only option the NFL has left to try to save any face. This entire Goodell-Gate was brought on by 2000+ ex NFL employees going through later life brain trama with the NFL only covering their asses for 5 years after they retire.

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