Osi’s contract quest prompts an agent change

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With no progress being made toward a new deal with the New York Giants or a trade to a new team that will give him want he wants financially, defensive end Osi Umenyiora has parted ways with his agent, Tony Agnone.

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal spotted the fact that Osi has no listed agent on the NFLPA website, and Osi confirmed the move in an email to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

But Osi claims he didn’t follow the lead of a famously-coiffed New Yorker when breaking the news to Agnone.  “Fired is too harsh a word,” Umenyiora told Garafolo.  “I just came to the conclusion that this situation I don’t think he can help me with.”

As Garafolo explains, it’s actually the second time Osi has fired-without-firing Agnone this offseason.  The first time, Osi had a change of heart.

Some may wonder why it took Osi so long to make a move, given that he possibly has never been happy with the six-year extension signed way back in December 2005.  But Agnone didn’t negotiate the deal.  (Which also means that Agnone has never been paid; under NFLPA rules, the fees flow to the agents who did the deal, with the new agent getting paid only when a new deal is negotiated.)  Agnone was hired after Osi fired-without-firing his former agents.)

At this point, with only one year left on the seven-year deal, the move smacks of desperation.  With Osi having zero control over the situation as it relates to the Giants, he exercised the only control that he has, by firing the person who represents him.

So what’s next?

“I have no agent currently,” Osi told Garafolo, “and I’m not really looking for one.”

That’s good.  Because no agent will be able to get for Umenyiora that which the Giants consistently have refused to do since Osi first griped about his deal.

12 responses to “Osi’s contract quest prompts an agent change

  1. Shocked, perplexed, flabergasted, wants an apology, wants explanation… That should cover it for u trolls!

  2. Osi will not be getting a new contract with the Giants . As much as I hate to say it , NY is very deep with their D-Line & there’s no way Umenyiora will get the guaranteed $ that he’s hoping for . The Giants should just trade him for a good draft pick or trade him to shore up one of their weaknesses . Although my team (Eagles) don’t need no D-Line help , this guy can still be a force on the field , and would be an immediate upgrade for most teams .

  3. If Osi didn’t like his contract, he should’ve never signed it. He got the most guaranteed money of any 3 year vet back when he signed. Instead of playing out his rookie deal and forcing the Giants to franchise him, he took the early money and still made out like a bandit.

    After all, we can’t be like Lance Briggs

  4. As a Giants fan I would love to see Osi retire as a Giants but he has to realize he isn’t worth starter money anymore. When healthy he played approx. 35 snaps per game. He isn’t even an every down DE anymore. He is situational at best.

    With JPP and Tuck as the starters he is no more then a rotation guy with a bum knee. He should have taken the two year extention played approx. 35 snaps per game over the next two years and retired. Any team that pays him starter money is over paying. The Giants realize that and are sticking to the contract he signed.

  5. Craig Marshall DE out of USF. This guy is on the Giants roster and really opened some eyes last season but they never had room for him. Bye Bye Osi. Look him up folks, the kid plays like JPP. Will do really well on the front line this year while Osi cries on the sidelines

  6. The Giants will keep Osi, compete for another Super Bowl, let him go as a free agent next year, and get a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick.

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