Otah’s knee is bothering him, again


A knee problem has limited Panthers tackle Jeff Otah to four games over the past two seasons.  His ability to reverse that trend may be in jeopardy.

According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, Otah injured the knee during practice on Thursday, requiring an MRI.  Otah was not present for Friday’s OTA session.

Jeff tweaked his knee a little bit,” coach Ron Rivera said Friday.  “It swelled up a little bit, so we’re just checking on that.  We sent him for an MRI [Thursday] so we’re going to have that read.  We’ll see.”

Rivera said he’s not concerned.  “[W]e just wanted to make sure everything’s OK,” Rivera said.

Bryon Bell replaced Otah in 2011, starting 12 games.  Bruce Campbell also is available, if Otah can’t stay healthy.

The 19th overall pick in the 2008 draft, Otah is entering the final year of his rookie contract.  The magnitude of his next deal will hinge on his ability to show that he can suit up and play on a regular basis.

9 responses to “Otah’s knee is bothering him, again

  1. I don’t think THIS Bruce Campbell can lead his Panthers against the Army Of Darkness next season those Atlanta Falcons. Obligatory horror movie references sound better when on cloud 9.

  2. If I recall correctly the guy is on the “Heavy” side. Lose some LB’s brother or your career is toast.

  3. His knee is bothering me, and all other Panther fans as well. Seriously, can we please get some compensatory picks in the next draft for what we wasted on this man? I’m glad we got Campbell, I think it’s time Otah either calls it a career or we send him packing.

  4. This sucks because Otah is a premier player when healthy. Problem is he is never healthy. 31 out of the 35 games is pitiful. He was shut down last year so that he could “get right.” Oh well. He is only on the books for a little over a million, so play him until his fat a$$ gets hurt and then let him go. Let someone else pick his lazy but up.

    I have to wonder though – is this a failure of him to get in shape, a failure of the organization to make him get in shape, or is he just busted beyond repair?

  5. The man has a massive frame. The muscle and fat are his worst enemy. I really had high hope for Jeff “Mammoth” Otah. I’m not optimistic about him anymore.

  6. I’m a Panthers fan and said they needed to start looking for his replacement at the beginning of ‘last’ season. Here we go again – dump him.

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