Philip Blake signs with Broncos


The man who snapped the ball to Robert Griffin III in 2011 has signed a contract that gives him a chance to snap the ball to Peyton Manning in 2012.

The Broncos announced Friday that they have signed center Philip Blake. Blake, a fourth-round pick, signed a four-year deal and the Broncos are now down to two unsigned members of their draft class.

Blake also started at right tackle during his Baylor career, which started a bit later than the typical college career. Blake grew up in Ontario and finished the Canadian equivalent of high school in 2005. He spent two years at Champlain Regional College in Quebec before coming to junior college in the U.S. and then, finally, to Baylor. He will turn 27 during the 2012 season, giving his career a similar arc to fellow Baylor product/Eagles guard Danny Watkins.

With J.D. Walton, who also played at Baylor, set at center, Blake projects as a reserve all over the interior of the offensive line as a rookie. As long as Walton continues to play well, Blake’s best chance at a starting spot could come at guard as long as he remains with the Broncos.