Rex Ryan regrets his Super Bowl guarantee

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Jets coach Rex Ryan has sworn off guaranteeing anything after last year’s Super Bowl guarantee went bust. And he now says that not only did his guarantee not rally his troops like he thought it would, but it may have actually hurt his own team while simultaneously motivating the Jets’ opponents.

Ryan told Michael Kay on ESPN Radio that in hindsight, he never should have gotten into the business of predicting anything that his team would do.

“I don’t know what I accomplished out of it,” Ryan said, via “I think if it gave an opponent fuel to the fire then obviously that was a mistake. If it put undue pressure on our team then that was a mistake. Certainly I didn’t want to do it, I wanted to put — coming off back-to-back championship games all that’s left is the Super Bowl. And I thought by guaranteeing that, it would put the arrows on me. Now granted it did, but it also put arrows on our players and I didn’t want that. If it was gonna come down, it would come down on me only. That was what I thought would happen, and that didn’t happen. It was shot on some of our players and obviously shot at me as well, where it should have been.”

Ryan will always be verbose and enthusiastic, but we may see less bravado from the Jets’ head coach going forward.

“I think that was my mistake,” Ryan now acknowledges, “saying what I said.”

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  1. Look at the winningest coaches over the last 15 years or so in sports – Belichick, Gregg Popavich, Tom Coughlin even, etc. These dudes are all low-key, don’t talk crap, just shut up and win. Rex is finally learning to not be like Ozzie Guillen. Or so he says…I don’t believe it.

  2. talk has to stop… let your record and play speak for itself. Just like the real team in NY, the GIANTS! yeah 9-7 was only a game better then the jets but we when 6-0 when we had to win… We dont need to talk, we show up!

  3. We’ll see.
    To this point, when Rex gets up on the podium there’s little apparent connection between his brain and his tongue.

  4. Talking has nothing to do with the outcome of games. You are a moron if you think it does. Rex is obviously just retracting to appease the media and get them off his back for a few months.

  5. “That was my mistake”, Yeah that and telling all your players that they are the best in the NFL, in turn, making them believe they deserve huge contracts, therefore diluting the rest of your team. This is a coach with zero vision, prime example, when the thought crossed his mind,”Hey, let’s put out a foot fetish video, nobody will ever know its me!”

    Oh, and Bart Scott is the biggest joke in the NFL. 60 tackles for an ILB is shameful.

  6. Top 5 Over-hyped Jets Stories:
    5) Firemen Ed
    4) Revis at the best corner
    3) What Rex Ryan says
    2) Tebow
    1) The Jets as a whole

  7. Oops. As I mentioned last year, this wisdom is several thousand years old.

    Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall.
    Proverbs 16:18

    Of course, the suggestion was ridiculed then… oh well, nothing new in this world.

  8. Absolutely loving this humble Rex. The whole team has something to prove next season.

  9. mike bonserio says:Jun 1, 2012 3:48 PM

    talk has to stop… let your record and play speak for itself. Just like the real team in NY, the GIANTS! yeah 9-7 was only a game better then the jets but we when 6-0 when we had to win… We dont need to talk, we show up!

    So, are you guaranteeing another Giants Super Bowl victory?? Huh? Huh? Huh?

  10. @baltimoresohard – I am assuming by your name you are a Ravens fan. With that said, did you think it was a problem when he was doing the exact same thing in BMore? Ya, I didnt think so…..Constantly in BMore he would talk highly of certain players which wasnt a problem for you then.

    There is nothing wrong with Rex saying his players are the best…would you rather him say they are terrible? I mean the ones he has said are the best, actually are the best in the league….Mangold and Revis are the prime examples. Harris – underrated MLB – that is correct as well.

    Rex just loves the game of football. He is a football “brat” really. Above all, he puts everything he has into the team he loves which is the NY Jets….as a fan, Id take a coach like that any day of the week.

  11. I don’t think he has learned his lesson yet, bet he sticks his foot in his mouth again by week 3, or at least someone else’s foot…

  12. Rex Ryan wouldn’t be such a bad guy if he’d just quit talking about doing stuff and start getting it done. He likes to be the popular coach instead of the tough, winning coach. His father Buddy may have talked too, but he always backed it up. His brother used to be more like his pops, but lately has mirrored Rex, The Talking Brothers Ramble and Rumble.

  13. I agree and I like his thinking, you can hear it in his words.

    I still like the old Rex best.

  14. Does Rex finally get it??? If he does, he may want to share his newfound “wisdom” with his brother Rob.

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