Titans plan to name quarterback before third preseason game

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Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker have been splitting reps right down the middle during Titans practices and they will probably keep doing that a while longer.

Coach Mike Munchak outlined the team’s plans for their quarterback competition on Thursday and said that the players will continue doing that through offseason workouts and into training camp. They will also be playing with a mixture of first and second-team players while the coaching staff evaluates their work. In a perfect world, Munchak said that the decision about a starter will be made before the team’s third preseason game.

“Sure we would. We would like that for all positions. Going into that third game you would like to have an idea of what your plan is,” Munchak said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I feel so good about both of them I am not necessarily leaning either way on it. I feel like either way it is going to be a good situation for the team.”

Handicapping the race isn’t easy. Unless Hasselbeck is clearly better, there will be pressure to go with Locker so that the Titans can start getting a return on the investment of the eighth overall pick of the 2011 Draft. But the schedule to start the year isn’t easy — Patriots, at Chargers, Lions, at Texans — and that might help Hasselbeck since Tennessee will surely want to get off to the best possible start this season.

Munchak called it a “good problem to have,” but that’s only true if the Titans wind up making the right choice when the games start counting.

7 responses to “Titans plan to name quarterback before third preseason game

  1. It’s a tough call, but I’d probably go with Hasselbeck. Not only are you not rushing Locker onto the field, but it’s much easier from both a football and a fan’s standpoint to go with Locker off of the bench if Hasselbeck struggles than to go with Hasselbeck off of the bench if Locker struggles.

  2. Are the Titans going to the Super Bowl this year? The only reason not to play Locker is if he is much worse than Hasselbeck, who has been mediocre his entire career. In that case, he’s a bust and you might as well cut him. I don’t think he’s a bust, so play him and get him the experience he’ll need. He’s starting in 2013 for sure, so why not now?

  3. Watching Jake Locker try to throw an accurate football, is like watching michael J Fox try to accurately guide a fork full of food to his mouth without spilling it all over… ain’t gonna happen!

  4. If you have a running, athletic QB, you have to make sure that you break him of his old scrambling habits before you let him take the reigns permanently. When this organization took Steve McNair with the third pick of the draft, they let him sit his entire rookie year, played him the last 1/3 of his second year, and turned it over to him 100% his third year. McNair became a perennial pro bowler. When they took Young, they gave him the reigns right awayt, and he never broke some of those college habits he had. I think Munchak should follow the McNair model, and give him a little more time to perfect his footwork and decision making, and then throw him in the fire later when the opportunity arises. You have to give Locker every opportunity to succeed if you plan on him being the QB for the next 8+ years. Learn from your mistakes Tennessee…

  5. It doesn’t matter who starts at QB for this team. It will be impossible for the Titans to break into the AFC playoff party this year. In that case, the Titans should start Locker, what do they have to lose?

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