Chiefs’ Baldwin battling a migraine

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Florio mentioned in Saturday’s one-liners that Chiefs wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin was absent from Friday’s OTA practice due to an “illness.”

Coach Romeo Crennel told the Kansas City Star that Baldwin is dealing with a migraine headache, which Baldwin himself has independently confirmed on his Twitter account.

“He had a migraine [Thursday] and he’s going to see the doctor today,” Crennel said. “So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

There have been no indications that Baldwin’s migraine is particularly severe, or something that could cause him problems during the regular season. It is worth noting, however, that Baldwin missed a practice with an “illness” in mid-December last year. Details of that illness were never revealed.

When Baldwin has been migraine free during OTAs, he’s been tearing up practices.

8 responses to “Chiefs’ Baldwin battling a migraine

  1. I think whatever his problem is, Thomas Jones could beat it out of him.

  2. Migraine headaches, to people who don’t suffer from them, cannot be described. They vary so much with onset signs, what triggers them and how long they will last that. They can really be a major issue.

    Remember a few years back, Zach Thomas was involved in a heavy car accident then started suffering “migraine” type of headaches? After awhile the team did an x-ray and discovered that the accident offset his nose which led to sinus pressure and then to migraines. I would recommend that the K.C. staff keep this in mind.

    As for me, I got them from my family and always carry two ibuprofen with me to take as soon as the “aura/vision upset” starts. Works like a champ most of the time.

    Good luck with this!

  3. True that. I really don’t know what a guy like Jones is doing out of work for the moment, there isn’t a team in the league that couldn’t use him in the locker room right now beating the tar out of some entitled, egotistic, wannabe diva. Though that was largely a joke, every team needs a guy like Thomas Jones or London Fletcher: a guy who was never given a thing in his life, who made himself into a dominant player and continued to exceed expectations for long after his body should have quit on him; to teach entitled, self-absorbed pricks like Baldwin what a privilege it is to play in the NFL.

    Though I hate when people bring up personal experiences on PFT, I actually met Baldwin several years ago at a party at Pitt, and he is easily one of the least likeable people I have ever met in my entire life. According to my buddy who played for Pitt, as well as several other guys on the team, Baldwin’s been like that since he was a little kid. And while it sounds difficult to simultaneously be the only bright spot on a football team and the most disliked player on that same team, apparently Baldwin was able to accomplish that feat in his freshman year, and carry it straight through to the end of his college career. GM’s should take note when the most talented player on a team is not a captain, it says a lot. So when I heard about the locker room scuffle between Jones and Baldwin, I was completely unsurprised, they are polar opposites. There could not be too more completely different players in the NFL. The real shame about the fight is that Jones is a nice guy, and clearly didn’t stick Baldwin hard enough to knock some sense into him.

    So this time it’s a migraine, next time it’ll be a flu, then more migraines, and, soon after, a training camp holdout for a contract extension.

    Sorry KC fans, this was not a shot against your team, or even against Baldwin’s talents, as he clearly has the potential to be a star, it’s just every fan’s right to know when they have a the beginnings of a locker room cancer on their team.

  4. I also heard the Bowe has an upset stomach because he didn’t get a long term deal. Heard he just took a prilosec.

  5. @jwreck

    Your opinion is certainly valid, and I respect it, but the consensus lately is that he’s become a better teammate and is starting to master the mental aspect of the game.

    A wide receiver drafted in the first round will always have an ego, and that’s fine. I think the Chiefs locker room has a good combination of leaders and savvy veterans that can keep him in check if he gets out of hand. Cassel has always seemed like a good leader, Bowe has gotten a lot more mature, and guys like Breaston and Charles have always seemed to have their heads on straight.

    Anyway, I think all Baldwin has to do to live up to my expectations is be a 700-900 yard guy with a handful of touchdowns, like Alvin Harper was in Dallas. Bowe is always the #1 guy that defenses key in on in the Chiefs passing game, and Baldwin can make it harder for them to shut the offense down.

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