Jets rookie receiver Jordan White breaks bone in his foot

Getty Images

Broken fifth metatarsals are all the rage among New York wide receivers these days.

Giants wideout Hakeem Nicks is out for around 12 weeks after suffering the injury during Giants OTAs last week and now comes word that Jets rookie Jordan White is out with the same injury. Actually, White got hurt during the Jets’ first OTA on May 21st, just before Nicks, but the Jets waited a bit before updating his condition. White had surgery and is expected to be out until some time around training camp.

White, a seventh-round pick, dealt with knee problems while at Western Michigan, but recovered in time to catch a NCAA-best 140 passes in 2011. Prolific as he was in college, the foot injury isn’t going to help White make the Jets if it keeps him out of any significant portion of training camp.

The Jets have signed all of their draft picks other than White. It’s not known if his injury has anything to do with the delay in what has become a streamlined process under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.