Jonathan Stewart wants to stay in Carolina long term

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Though running back Jonathan Stewart is now the third highest paid running back on Carolina’s roster — yet the best one on the football field — he’s been a diligent participant in offseason workouts. Theoretically, Stewart could be griping about his committee back role and $1.3 million salary entering a contract year. He’s taken a more honorable approach.

Stewart has watched while DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert signed lucrative, long-term deals to share the backfield. But he still wants to spend the rest of his career with the Panthers.

“I definitely hope things work out,” Stewart told Steve Reed of the Associated Press. “I want to be back. I think we have a lot of weapons on offense and we can be a dangerous team.”

Stewart was the subject of early-offseason trade rumors, but they didn’t amount to anything. The Panthers instead traded Mike Goodson, and Stewart will return as the better half of a one-two punch with Williams. Tolbert is expected to focus on fullback and special teams.

If Stewart doesn’t get the extension he desires in Carolina, he’ll be a hot commodity in 2013 unrestricted free agency. Per Reed, the Panthers “wanted to extend Stewart’s contract earlier this offseason,” and the organization “hasn’t given up hope.”

20 responses to “Jonathan Stewart wants to stay in Carolina long term

  1. This guy is a stud if ever given the opportunity to be a featured back like Rice, AP, or Chris Johnson are……he might not be as good as them but definitely wouldn’t be far behind

  2. SET HIM FREE!!! We all seen the kind of mediocrity the Panthers can achieve when they load their roster up with RB’s and have one good WR and gaping holes up the middle of their defensive line.

  3. Hell yeah! Solid player and great guy! Just the kind of guy the fans want playing for the club!

  4. I really hope we can extend him, the guy’s good enough to start in most NFL teams and he also has a great attitude. And he’s only 25!
    But I’m not convinced he’ll stay in Carolina after this season, as we can’t afford another DeAngelo-like RB contract. Stewart shouldn’t agree to be paid less than Williams to stay in Carolina since he now gets as many carries ans has been far more consistent this past year.
    Anyway I’d rather have Williams traded than to lose Stewart to free-agency

  5. Tolbert is a FB in Carolina & a leader on ST lets get that straight if given a chance Stewart could be a better starter than DeAngelo Williams

  6. kingcarlbanks says:
    Jun 2, 2012 3:11 PM
    “Id love to see him in New York, He’d be a great compliment to Bradshaw.”

    Compliment? He’d start over Bradshaw from day 1.

  7. kingcarlbanks says:Jun 2, 2012 3:11 PM

    Id love to see him in New York, He’d be a great compliment to Bradshaw.

    Yeah… Didn’t NY draft a back in the first round this year?

  8. kepickle is right, Tolbert is a FB and STer, so to compare him to Stewart is a mistake. I hope they are able to resign Stewart. I love having him as a Panther. Both RBs bring different skill sets something to the table. The more the NFL goes to tandem RBs, the more likely we are to be able to keep him I think.

  9. Great RB, of course he’d want to stay in Carolina after Charles Johnson and DeAngelo Williams both got those phat contracts last year. oh year bringing back the PH

  10. He needs to “stay healthy”??? The dude has missed TWO games in FOUR years. By most standards, that’s downright durable.

  11. Stewart is a stud player and stand-up guy. I hope we can keep him in CAR for a while. He and Williams compliment each other very well.

  12. All you misinformed people that keep saying Stewart needs to stay healthy – Stewart never misses games (as previously stated, only 2 in 4 years). You think he’s injury-prone because for the first 3 years he was battling a bad foot that made it rare that he ever practiced. But he always played in the games. This past year, he was pain-free in the foot and practiced every day and played in the games. There is no injury issue.

    The issue is that we paid the wrong RB.

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