Marcus Trufant adjusts to covering the slot

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The Seattle Seahawks released cornerback Marcus Trufant on March 7, then re-signed him just over a month later. Now 31 years old, Trufant is adjusting to life as a reserve defensive back.

He’s also learning a new position.

A left or right outside cornerback his entire career, the ten-year veteran is learning to cover the slot. Trufant is playing “inside,” between right corner Brandon Browner and promising second-year left cornerback Richard Sherman.

It’s a little bit of an adjustment,” Trufant told the Tacoma News Tribune. “You’ve got to see a little bit more. You’re not as focused on the wide receiver — you have to see the quarterback, you have to see the running back, and you have to see the receiver. So you have a little bigger window.”

The Seahawks reportedly played nickel defense on about 40 percent of their 2011 snaps, so it’s not as if Trufant will be a bench warmer. Coach Pete Carroll believes Trufant can excel at the new position, as Charles Woodson has in Green Bay.

“He’s picking it up,” Carroll said. “He’s really working hard at it. There are a lot of nuances about this thing that he may have never had to pay attention to before, so he’s learning kind of like a first-timer.

“But he has so much savvy and ability, we think it could be a great spot for him.”

7 responses to “Marcus Trufant adjusts to covering the slot

  1. Glad to see Pete not keep a veteran on just for moral support. So many teams keep veteran players on who maybe see one or two downs per game. Happy that Marcus still has some steam left in him and a coach whose willing to let him adjust to a new position so he can play.
    Go Hawks.

  2. The one thing I like about Trufant is he is as solid a tackler as you will find at CB. Great guy to have at nickel if the other team calls a draw.

    If Browner and/or Sherman hadn’t stepped up so well last year, Tru would still be a starter. Great guy to have coming on the field in nickel, and as a reserve if one of the starters goes down.

    I just hope Irvin is all that when it comes to rushing the passer. QBs hurrying throws into that secondary will mean great things for Seattle.

  3. The Seahawks are in their way up, people like to slam Slippery Pete, but he has changed this team into a defensive powerhouse. They’re nasty too, Brandon Browner giving the reverse suplex to AJ Green was sweet. The Seahawks’ defense is not to be trifled with.

  4. Tru will be a coach for the Seahawks the minute he hangs up the cleats. Kudos to him and Pete Carrol for finding a productive spot. This D finished 9th last year and they appear to be slightly better this year if injuries don’t get crazy.

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