Mike Goodson likes his chances in Oakland


When Michael Bush left the Raiders for the Bears via free agency, it was assumed that second-year running back Taiwan Jones would become the primary understudy for starting tailback Darren McFadden.

But then the Raiders shipped tackle Bruce Campbell to Carolina for running back Mike Goodson.  And as Paul Gutierrez of CSNBayArea.com recently explained it, Goodson could end up being a better fit as McFadden’s No. 2 than Bush.

“In this offense you’re definitely going to need more than one guy,” Goodson said.  “Darren’s a great back.  I’ve been watching film on him since I’ve been here.  The things that he does with the ball are amazing, but definitely, to have another guy that can run the ball will be good.”

Especially if McFadden, who missed nine games in 2011, can’t stay healthy.

Then again, Goodson missed 12 games last year with a hamstring injury.

“I came in with a lot of high expectations for myself,” Goodson said of what was his third NFL season.  “We got in [after the lockout] and I didn’t play as much as I wanted to and then I got hurt.  So that really crushed my whole season.  But I’m back now and ready to go, feeling great.”

And he could be playing great in the Raiders’ zone-blocking scheme, which offensive coordinator Greg Knapp imported from Houston.

“It’s different,” Goodson said.  “You really see the holes and how they open up and really the room you’re going to get to run in this offense.

“I love it.  I love it.  It’s fast, it’s open, we’ve got the zone working.  It’s kind of like a one cut-and-go deal.  I think it plays to my advantages.  Get in there and make one move and get up field, use your speed.”

Imagine that.  A Raiders player with speed.

So keep an eye on Goodson.  Forgotten in Carolina, he could become a key component of the Oakland offense in 2012.

25 responses to “Mike Goodson likes his chances in Oakland

  1. Mike,

    What till you get a whiff of the stench from that dump that you will play your home games in! Welcome to the home of 35,000 losers!! You are going to miss Charlotte, bro! You go from Cam to Mr.Gag!

  2. I think Big Reg still may work another veteran RB into the mix before it’s all said and done.

    Taiwan Jones still looks to be a better option as backup this season. The dude is fast.

    Hey Florio- he’s AL DAVIS RAIDERS fast. That’s a good thing.

  3. Panther “pro”!!Wow, you live in ma’s basement and you’re obviously a 40-year old virgin…Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be stalking some 12 year old instead?Shouldn’t you be doggin’ the Niner blog?The putrid thing you smell is your breath. What a punk you are, your team is much better than YOU.Shut up about being butt-hurt about a backup rb.

  4. Goodson seems like a pretty good back, assuming he can hold onto the ball. But I’m more excited about Taiwan Jones’ potential myself. Guy runs at another level than even the fastest guys in the league.

  5. Goodson is a very under rated RB. He was behind two talented RBs in Carolina, he’s going to have a good year backing up McFadden. Taiwan Jones is a young talent, but missing that many games last year, this is basically his rookie year.
    I don’t think Oakland need Benson. Short yardage and Goal Line situations should have Pryor at QB running a Wild Cat, option offense with all those offensive weapons at his disposal.

  6. Goodson was a steal of Oakland. Reggie McKenzie traded a body builder in Bruce Campbell for an actual NFL football. Goodson is a great fit in Oakland.

  7. Wow, the Carolina Panthers have fans? That’s a new one on me. What has the franchise been around for a whole five years or so and they are talking smack about Raider fans? Somebody commenting on message boards about another franchise’s fans defines LOSER.

  8. Pantherpro! Did you get your little feelings hurt by a raider fan, are you suffering from little dick syndrome, did you get beat up by a cholo growing up aww I’m sorry!

  9. Is it just me, or does ‘pantherpro’ need a hug?

    Or maybe a kick to the teeth.

    Call us when you actually win something, idiot.

  10. As a Raider fan I can only be honest. As much of a weapon as he is, McFadden will not last a whole season. If he does last a whole ten or twelve games he will be on the field long enough to remind all of us about how well he fumbles the ball. Sorry but true.

    Taiwan Jones is a game changer. He see’s the hole, he hits it, and he goes. He just did everything too fast for everyone last year. Taiwan was at the hole ready for daylight before the O-line had it created.

    Goodson was the trade of the off season this year. Mcfadden has now become the bonus player that The Raiders rely but do not depend on. This trade is a fine example of how The Raiders are moving forward even if this is a year of hard knocks.

  11. jdcush31:

    FYI, “pantherpro” is a demented Niners fan, not a Panthers fan.

    I’m excited to see Taiwan Jones finally get some touches, and he will, but I really think Goodson is needed because Jones is too small to handle the load, should McFadden go down again.

    There’s room for Goodson, that’s for sure.

  12. Goodson was good here in Carolina when he was able to play. He certainly fast. I just wish he didn’t fumble so much or he could have been a weapon in this offense. Good Luck Goody.

    @jdcush31 – Stay classy. Go Panthers!

  13. Goodson is a good insurance policy, McFadden is verging on being elite, but given time (and probably some weight training) Taiwan Jones is going to be really special.

    He is probably the fastest guy in pads in football. Whenever he touches the ball, he makes everybody else look like they are in slow motion.

  14. A Panthers fan here as well. Goodson, well he has special talent, but like someone else mentioned, he had the tendency to fumble at the most inopportune times of the game (4th quarter, kickoff return, etc). If he can fix that, he’ll be a steal. I wish you the best in Oakland, Goody!

  15. @someidiotfromouthereintheprojects: Your last comment lives up to your handle perfectly. Yeah, my RAIDERS are better than your panthers. Maybe in another 50 years or so the panthers will have some tradition and championships stockpiled.

    However, kudos for getting to the SB so soon after inception, that is to be commended. Other than that, nothing.

  16. pantherpro says:
    Jun 2, 2012 10:19 PM

    What till you get a whiff of the stench from that dump that you will play your home games in! Welcome to the home of 35,000 losers!! You are going to miss Charlotte, bro! You go from Cam to Mr.Gag!

    panther probe….i heard you are considering dating women again…….i suggest you don’t….i think you like probing something else

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