Redskins cut Leigh Torrence

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Adam Caplan reports that the Washington Redskins have released cornerback Leigh Torrence.

Torrence signed with the Skins in April, but was cut to make room for waivers pickup Morgan Trent. Trent is a younger cornerback prospect who will battle for a roster spot.

Torrence was a longtime favorite of former Saints and Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. With Williams out of the league — possibly for good — Torrence’s NFL future may be bleak.

6 responses to “Redskins cut Leigh Torrence

  1. Williams once said, “He really knows how to go for an opponents ACL and that’s exactly the type of player I need in my defense.”

  2. Who’s this Morgan Trent? Never heard of him…..but Torrence wasn’t cutting it anyways….point is, the Redskins are getting younger, and sifting through lots of faces to find the best ones they can…this ship is finally looking seaworthy again after many years.

  3. No big loss Leigh Torrence wasn’t hat good when he was here the 1st time. I do hope Chase Minnifield makes the team he has a great upside if he stays healthy.

  4. Leigh Torrence?!! We’re talking about Torrence??!!

    I just found out a cheese sandwich with the image of Leigh is on eBay, and the winning bid (so far) is the collected souls of every mormon in the entire world.

    Torrence once caught a kid pouring salt on a slug…suffice it to say, to this day, that young boy can’t taste a thing he eats.

    Leigh Torrence is actually the founder of communism. Look it up.

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