Revis admits Sanchez-Tebow situation “could cause a problem”


Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis may cause problems for the team by taking a stand over his two-year-old deal.  Revis realizes that he may not be the only source of possible consternation in 2012.  The presence of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow on the roster may create issues, too.

It could cause a problem,” Revis recently told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News.  “We’re not going to sit here and say it can’t.  I think our focus is just being positive about the situation and making sure these guys actually get along, which they do, and work together.  That’s the only thing you can do. We win games, everybody is getting a pat on the back. We lose games, that’s where it might cause controversy. All in all, we’re just excited.”

If it becomes a problem, Revis should place some of the blame on himself, for sending mixed signals to the locker room.  Last month, Revis raved about Tim Tebow’s leadership abilities.

He’s a born leader, he really is,” Revis said.  “Very few athletes have the gift he has.  He tries to lead by example all the time.  He tries to be positive, which is awesome, and that [has resulted] in his success on the field. . . .  Some people have it, some guys don’t.  It’s the passion within, wanting to be a leader, wanting to win. You see it all the time, eating lunch, walking down the hallway.  You see it.”

As Revis sees it, however, Sanchez should keep his job.

“That’s what we know as a team,” Revis said.  “Mark is the leader of the offense and the starting quarterback. . . .  He’s improved a lot and he’s going to keep on improving.  Mark works very hard.  This guy is here all the time.  Usually here with me.  He does what he does.  Don’t write him off.”

It’s not a direct conflict in the cornerback’s comments, but it definitely creates an atmosphere of uncertainty that could quickly become a firestorm if/when Sanchez struggles to start the regular season.

Even though there may not be a “problem” just yet, Revis admits a quarterback controversy indeed exists, despite the team’s repeated proclamations that Sanchez is the starter.

“It already started,” Revis said.  “This is something we are going to have to deal with probably for a couple of years.  We’ll see how it pans out.”

Perhaps realizing the potential impact of his words, Revis eventually tried to joke his way out of the minefield, claiming that neither guy should be starting.

“I’m the best quarterback,” Revis declared. “I’ve been talking to coach [Tony] Sparano and he’s talking about giving me a couple of plays.  He’s going to let me throw a couple of balls.  I’m the best quarterback on this team.”

The sad part is that some may actually agree with Revis.

37 responses to “Revis admits Sanchez-Tebow situation “could cause a problem”

  1. of course it could, and will cause a problem, no 2 ways about it , it will be a disaster

  2. what can cause a problem is my boy brandon lloyd running by revis on a fly route and then revis pointing to his hamstring

  3. Between the Revis hold out, and the QB controversy, I don’t know how this team does not self destruct. It’s not like the GM and coach have a clue how to manage “personalities”, shall we say.

  4. Tebow is a complete joke.

    WTHF were the Jets thinking when they signed this guy?

    Clowns signing clowns.

  5. @tombradyallday

    In the one game Brandon Lloyd has played against the Ryan era Jets, he didn’t even face Revis. He was covered by Cromartie and only caught two passes for 26 yards on him. Revis will be busy with Welker.

    Revis only gets burned a few times a year, mostly on zone coverage, and if you understand zone coverage you know getting burnt is pretty inevitable. The only guy who even compares is in Philly, but Revis has a whole career ahead of him.

  6. Revis is entitled to his opinion just like you are entitled to yours. Just because he is a football player doesn’t mean he stops being an American citizen!

  7. There will be pressure on Sanchez to win games, for certain, but this is his 4th year in the league, so he should know the drill.

    If the Jets win their first few games, breathing room.

    If the Jets lose their first few games, is it really a QB controversy to propose a change?

  8. It’s the passion within, wanting to be a leader, wanting to win. You see it all the time, eating lunch, walking down the hallway. You see it.”


    How does a leader eat lunch exactly?

  9. And the beat goes on! More controversy for the Yets!! I love it..being a leader does NOT translate to being a good NFL QB!! you also need to be an accurate passer and know how to read an NFL defense.

  10. I’m not a fan of college Wildcat-type offenses. However, that Miami/Colts matchup a couple of years ago when Sparano ran the Wildcat almost the entire game was riveting. Chad Henning played his heart out and stayed neck and neck with Indy. But Peyton still won in the end.

    It probably seems like a good idea in theory to try and confuse defenses by meshing a traditional offense run by Sanchez with some Wildcat hybrid run by Tebow. It may be riveting to watch … but I expect more often than not it will mean chaos in the locker room and their opponents will still win in the end.

  11. This egotistical jerk undermines his team with every syllable blurted from his big mouth. But, then again, I guess that just confirms he’s the right team for him….. The NY Jerks.

  12. The problem isn’t that there may be a qb controversy. The problem is that there is a qb controversy that only includes Tebow and Sanchez. In the end, when it all shakes out there will be a sub-standard qb on the field.

  13. Revis continues to be the only one on the roster worth a damn. He deserves so much better than that clown show.

  14. I still don’t understand when a player signs a contract, then expects the team to give him a new one after only 2 years??? I just don’t get it.
    As for the Sanchez- Tebow thing, the Jets deserve every bit of controversy they’ll get when Sanchez doesn’t play well or they lose a few games in a row. So Rex Ryan finally decides to stop being such a blow-hard & predicting Super Bowl wins, yet they add Tebow?

  15. @nyjalleffingday no he wont revis takes the number outside receiver this year its b lloyd for patriots. and stevie johnson from buffalo tore up ya boy revis so he got no reason to be talkin

  16. If you could genetically engineer a Quarterback with both of Sanchez’ and Tebow’s physical gifts, decision making, and football acumen you would have…. Vince Young. See the problem Jets fans?

  17. @tombradyallday revis covers the biggest threat on the field to the defense. the weakness is in the middle so revis will still be on welker n llyod will be covered by cromartie. and stevie Johnson had a gd couple of catches ONE game out of how many yrs he been there goin against revis ummmm yea. facts beats hating any day

  18. @jetmace yeah last year revis covered welker because patriots had no deep threat when lloyd establishes himself with brady revis will be on him jus like revis had moss ha trust me homie nobody hatin, jets not goin nowhere anyway long as brady and belichick are around

  19. @tombradyallday

    When Revis left the game with the hammy injury, Cromartie stepped in and shut down Moss. He has experience successfully defending against a then-hot Lloyd and his skill set suits that matchup well, and Revis will be on Welker, the most dangerous wideout the Patriots have (maybe).

    As far as Stevie Johnson and the Patriots go, Stevie had 1 decent game out of 4 and didn’t catch the most important pass of the game and we’re talking about him like he’s a serious Revis beater, and when the Patriots had the chance to end the Jets season, they failed miserably, so I suggest you put down the kool aid. The 2011 Jets were mediocre and still were a semi-dangerous team to face. The Pats were clearly the better team but you didn’t sweep us easily.

  20. What does Revis know about leadership? Revis only cares about Revis. Mevis could care less who starts or how many wins as long as he gets paid.

  21. Anybody with any sense knows Sanchez is the better QB. Yes, Ms Sanchez we know, we know. Thats why sexy Rexy signed Tebow to cause more problems then he already has.

  22. Tebow is a fine athlete and a good guy. He is not a starting quarterback for any team that harbors championship dreams. Wildcat, H-Bank, punt team, etc., are all interesting and creative ways to change up an offense and force rivals to prepare for different looks. But at the end of the day, champions have pro set quarterbacks who can pass and run a diverse offense. Sanchez is a work in progress, but he performed in his first two years when he had some horses in the backfield and was used to manage a game. He is going to be the guy if the Jets go anywhere.

    John Pileggi

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