Ricky Stanzi could be rising up the ranks


In March, the Chiefs pursued flirted played tonsil hockey with evaluated quarterback Peyton Manning.  Eventually, the Chiefs added former Browns and Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn.

Quinn’s knowledge of new coordinator Brian Daboll’s offense prompted speculation that the former first-rounder may have a chance to unseat Matt Cassel.  As it turns out, Cassel should perhaps be more concerned about Ricky Stanzi.

According to Nick Toney of KCChiefs.com, Stanzi supplanted Quinn this week as the second-team quarterback during Organized Team Activities.

Coach Romeo Crennel wasn’t asked about the backup-quarterback battle during a post-practice media availability on Friday.  But it’s no secret that the Chiefs like Stanzi.  A fifth-round pick in 2011, Stanzi played at Iowa for Kirk Ferentz, who has a strong relationship with Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli.

Last month, Pioli defended the decision not to draft a signal-called in 2012 by explaining that the team has “three good quarterbacks.”

Quinn and Stanzi presumably will battle it out during training camp for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart.  At least Quinn won’t have to worry about billboards or other fan-driven efforts that would make Stanzi the first man off the bench even if Quinn wins the fight, fairly and squarely.

17 responses to “Ricky Stanzi could be rising up the ranks

  1. If Stanzi does become a good player he will just play out his contract and leave in free agency for a big market team. So nothin really matters in the long run

  2. @ottawabrave91

    Yeah, okay, because market share matters more to a QB than winning.

    Anyway, it’s never been a secret that the Chiefs are slightly enamored with Stanzi. Everybody knew they were going to draft him. He’s a heck of a QB who was very good under pressure in big games in college. He also apparently has an incredible work ethic.

    We’ll see in the preseason if he’s any good.

  3. ottawabrave91 June 2, 2012, 9:29 AM CDT

    If Stanzi does become a good player he will just play out his contract and leave in free agency for a big market team. So nothin really matters in the long run


    This isn’t the NBA. Chances are he’d want to stay in the system that made him a good quarterback or a quarterback needy team. Like Flynn going to Seattle. Markets mean almost nothing in the NFL.

  4. Please let this be true! Hopefully pioli will attach himself to stanzi the way he has backed cassel and it will set the franchise back another 5 years.

  5. With little pressure on him it will be up to him whether he can stay in the hunt for a starting job. I think it will be an injury that gets him the QB job.

  6. Stanzi won’t win the job until mid-season… When Cassel doesn’t get the Cheifs the wins they need, he’ll be thrown in to help revive their playoff hopes.

  7. I hate the Chiefs but I knew for a few years now that STANZI is a starting qb in the NFL. I got a chance to see him at IOWA play and he reminds me of BREES.
    He would be a big up grade for CASSELL. Cassell is horrible

  8. As a Iowa fan, I hope Stanzi gets a shot. He works hard and made much better decisions during his senior year. He did have problems throwing to his left though. Hopefuly, the Chiefs have worked that flaw out of his game.

  9. I was never overly impressed with Stanzi at Iowa. He was a tough player and won a lot of games, but he reminded me a lot more of Drew Tate than Drew Brees. I thought the backup quarterback there, Vandenberg, was better than Stanzi from his first start against Ohio State.

  10. Stanzi reminds me of Brian Greise. He’s a smart QB who makes good decisions and goes through his progressions well. However, like Greise, I don’t think he has the arm strength or size t0 be anything but a backup/ocassional starter in the NFL. If the Chiefs or any other team wound up with him as a starter they would be in the market for a replacement in the next draft.

    He could have decent career as a #2 though. I can see sending him in when your top guy is hurt and expecting him to not loose the game or to start and beat an inferior team.

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