Texans agree to terms with Justin Forsett

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Florio reported last week that the Houston Texans would be trying out free agent running back Justin Forsett on Wednesday. That tryout, indeed, took place, and on Saturday Forsett revealed on Twitter that he’s agreed to terms with the Texans.

The Texans have an opening at the third tailback spot behind Arian Foster and Ben Tate. Forsett should be able to win that position, assuming he stays healthy in training camp.

26 years old, Forsett has averaged 4.6 yards per carry in his career with 97 catches. He is familiar with the Texans’ zone-blocking scheme dating back to his days at Cal. If Foster goes down during the season, Tate could be the early-down workhorse with Forsett playing in passing situations. He excels as a receiver.

Forsett was the No. 72 overall player on the PFT Hot 100. No. 71, Cedric Benson, remains unsigned.

11 responses to “Texans agree to terms with Justin Forsett

  1. This RB is very similar to the last RB the Texans had. (Steve Slaton) I hope he does well, and I hope to see him come in and do some good things.

  2. This is a pretty quiet little pickup (only one comment thus far), but it’s a solid one for the Texans.

    Forsett isn’t a #1 back by any stretch, but given playing time, he will produce. In Seattle last year, he was the #1 option behind Lynch, which really wasn’t the best place for him. With Tate around to be the #2 guy, Forsett becomes a situational/third down player, where he will excel. He didn’t get a lot of third-down looks last year because Leon Washington was getting them.

    I think Seattle seriously upgraded the number 2 by getting Turbin, who seems to be more built to carry the full load if anything happens to Lynch. But this isn’t a knock on Forsett in any way. He’s small and shifty, a surprisingly good blocker for being “undersized”, and no one on the team will out-work or out-hustle him. He lacks that breakaway speed, but then, if he had that, he’d be getting mentioned in the same sentence as Sproles and Bush more often, and probably still wouldn’t be available on June 2nd.

    Nice pickup, Houston.

  3. Seahawks fan message to Texans fans:
    You got yourself a solid change of pace rb with good hands. He’s not injury prone and is zero trouble off the field. You got yourselves a good person and football player, you will love his dazzling 15 yard bursts. He will be missed by Seattle fans.

  4. Nice pick up for the Texans. He’s a great change of pace back and extremely underrated. Him not re-signing with Seattle has nothing to do with his talent. He just doesn’t fit our scheme anymore. I think all Seahawk fans wish nothing but the best for him.

  5. Houston got a good UDFA in Davin Meggett so Forsett is far from 100% to make the team. I’d be surprised if Forsett actually beats him out of the number 3 spot.

  6. Houston, you picked up a fast little scatback that should be used in a way to maximize his talents. That means throwing to him out of the backfield and short screen passes to take advantage of his speed.

    You will be missed in Seattle Justin, thanks for the good memories!

  7. As a Texans fan, I appreciate all of the positive support for Justin Forsett. I like David Meggett but Gary Kubiak discriminates against UDRFA as he only allows them to play special teams if they make the roster but most are practice squad bound. Gary will say the UDRFA is inexperienced and the Houston media all agrees. No one is smart enough to question his thinking and reply, how can a UDRFA get experience if he does not play in any games and you put him on the practice squad. So Justin is the 3rd RB by default and David Meggett is bound for the practice squad beside Case Keenum since Gary had to have John Beck with Beck’s 0-9 NFL record but Beck has experience in the Shanahan offense. That experience got the Redskins six losses. Keep up the good work Kubes.

  8. As you can see from the previous comments, we thought very highly of “J Force” as a player and person here in Seattle. Wish him nothing but the best!

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