Vick thinks critics of his game are taking “personal shots”


Much has been said and written and contemplated (and ignored) about the ongoing development of quarterback Mike Vick.  After a surprisingly strong performance in 2010, Vick regressed last season, with injuries and turnovers and bad decisions, at times.

Vick hears the criticism, and on Friday he responded to it.

He specifically seems to be perturbed by the notion that he gets injured by holding the ball for too long.  “[A]t some point I probably feel like it’s personal shots being directed towards me for holding the ball too long and certain things when that’s not the case,” Vick said, via Steve Patton of the Reading Eagle.

Still, he’s content to shoulder the criticism.

“I accept the responsibility for everything,” Vick said.  “I feel like my sole responsibility is this team. We’re going to go as I go.  If I’m not on the field, then I’m not helping this team in any shape, form or fashion.

“The turnovers, that’s my responsibility.  That’s my responsibility to orchestrate the offense and make sure the team is well put together and suited and ready to play on Sundays.  I understand the responsibility and the role that comes along with being a quarterback, and I accept it.  Sometimes I just don’t accept people saying things and really not knowing what they’re talking about.”

Regardless of the specific reasons, Vick slid from 8-3 in 2010 to 7-6 as a starter in 2011.  His turnovers doubled, from nine to 18, and his passer rating plunged by more than 15 points.

He has millions of reasons to turn that around.  The much-hyped $100 million contract Vick signed in 2011, apart from having a phony final year that pushes the package to nine figures, operates in reality as a two-year deal with a year-by-year team option for the rest.

Thus, Vick needs to do enough in 2012 to persuade the Eagles to opt to keep him around for 2013, when he’s due to earn a base salary of $15.5 million.

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  1. I wish Jim Brown would weigh in on this. Pretty sure he’d have something positive to say.

  2. Is it personal? Or is he a high profile, multimillionaire that had a bad season? Why can’t athletes understand that reporters are paid to do this. Talking about his football play is not personal. He is sounding like a whiny kid! …wait, that might have actually been personal at the end.

  3. Let me see if i can understand what he’s saying. He accepts responsibility for everything but his critics don’t know what they are talking about.

    Am i the only one who sees a disconnect there?

  4. A personal shot would be to suggest that you should have a steak tied around your neck and be locked in a room with a couple of pit bulls.

    If you’re going to be a scumbag, you should develop thicker skin.

  5. Vick is a low quality, low character individual at his core…. that also happens to have tremendous athletic talent. He needs to keep his mouth shut and stop reminding us of who he actually is beyond the athletic abilities.

  6. He is right. Personally, I can’t stand quarterbacks who turn the ball over and are always hurt. I tend to be prejudicial towards those kind of quarterbacks.

  7. The guy gives you a shot to win year in, year out. The Eagles could be alot worse at the QB spot.

  8. You sir Mr Vick are a gimmick, you are fast yes but your style of play is a joke, it took D coordinators a while to catch back up after a long lay off but you are what we though you were. An athletic runner with poor decision making abilities and sub par accuracy. Period point blank.

  9. Vick would be the most dangerous qb in the league. Period. If it weren’t for those doggone broken ribs and bruised thighs and concussions at every turn. But, I’ll take him every time when he’s 100%.

  10. People are taking personal shots? How about this Mike Vick.

    56%.. that is your career completion percentage.

    107… That is how many times you have turned the ball over in as many games.

    1, yes one…. That is how many touchdowns passes you average per game.

    162 (rounded up).. That is how many yards passing per game you have averaged.

    33.. that is how many games you have missed, not counting the 2 seasons which you spent in prison. Count those, and it is 65

    Not to mention you are a moron who thinks one decent season should make you eligible for a gold jacket.

    So, personal shots? Your career stands for you. No one would have ever heard of you if you didnt play football. That is what you are judged on, because that is why people know you. Your stats speak for themselves.

  11. Vick has never had back to back winning seasons in his career.

    Vick has never performed when the money has been on the line, he always comes up short.

    Vick always acts like he is taking responsibility for his actions & performance, then says things that contradict him taking that responsibility.

    Vick always feels someone is taking shots at him, either he is crying about late hits or he is crying about others criticizing his performance.

    The dude is a major disappointment on many levels. Philly will never see another NFC championship game with him under center, never mind any super bowls. What a colossus waste of talent, million dollar arm & legs & 10 cents worth of software running it upstairs.

  12. Why is everybody so upset about Michael Vick? Leave the man alone. Everybody is all up in arms over the interview with Gargano the other day and I don’t get it. He was irritated about being asked the SAME question all the time. The man knows what he has to do. If he is incapable of doing it thats one thing but he knows what needs to be done. I’m pretty sure the quotes above imply that he is taking responsibility for all the things he should be taking responsibility for. And @nomoreseasontix and backindasaddle: Stop it. Stop taking shots at the mans character because you don’t like what he does on the field. He’s paid his debt, and he’s trying to be humble and turn his life around, and personally, as the white, dog loving male that I am, I think he’s doing the best he can. Get off his back about it. You wanna take shots at the way he plays his position, I’ll debate you all day on that. But if you’re so insecure about your own personallities and insuffencies that you have to take shots at this man who you don’t even know, then you have bigger problems then Michael Vick and his turnovers and injuries. Grow up.

  13. @Shlort:

    Where do you stats come from, please? I would debate the accuracy of a few of them. Thanks.

  14. It is personal shots. Half the turnovers attributes to him are passes that hit receivers in the hands and they dropped. All injuries happened in pocket from unblocked rushers. 14 int is by far not the highest. Eli had 17. Also, I wish people would stop giving qb’s records, like they’re playing tennis or boxing. It’s a team sport. The team went 7-6, not Vick.

  15. proplayer3220 says: Jun 2, 2012 1:39 PM


    Where do you stats come from, please? I would debate the accuracy of a few of them. Thanks.
    There’s a new site called

    I believe it stands for “Nancy’s Football Log”

    She watches all the games and compiles all the stats.

  16. Honestly, if it didn’t bother him then he would’ve mentioned it. Relax! Some of it’s personal and some professional…it’s called being in the spotlight! If you don’t like it, you could always go back to your old lucrative hobby!

  17. In the dead of winter, a young girl (Andy Reid)was walking in the woods when she comes across a rattlesnake (Mike Vick) frozen to a tree. Feeling a sense that she should do the right thing the girl takes the snake and puts it under her coat. When the snake came back to life (got out of prison) she was very happy. The snake looked up at the girl, and with a vicious sneer bit her in the neck. As she was helpless and near death, the girl looked at the snake and asked
    “I saved your life. Why did you bite me? Now I will die”. As the snake crawled away, he looked back and responded “Because, I couldn’t help it. It’s my nature.”
    Sorry Eagle fans, he will bite you too. He can’t help it.

  18. crying about it doesnt change what people think
    not everybody cares for vick
    get over yourself vicky

  19. Dogfighting is one of those underground sports where your older family members might bring you in. In a way, I understand the situation.

    He was a well-paid player that chose to take that risk. He knew it might end like it did. However, he kept going anyway and became the spectical he is today.

    However, the guy has paid his dues, so really, this shouldn’t be brought up a whole lot. Understandibly though, he will always be remembered for it.

    I don’t think he’s THAT bad of a guy. Mostly a kid that didn’t know any better and got caught up with too much family hanging on his coatails after his gigantic windfall. And basically, doing what he probably always did before it.

    Regarding his talent, there is no question about it in my mind. Elite. However, he gets banged up way too often for my liking.

  20. How’s this Vick,

    Before your arrest I had never heard of you, after your release you were ripping it up on the field and did a damn good job not to mention being probably the best overall qb that year in sheer performance, it was a sight to see. Last year you sucked it up all over the field, it was bad, real bad.

    On a personal note, I dont care to entertain the idea of not thinking ill of you for what you did outside of football. I dont know you so I am not faced with having to choose between forgiving you or hating you, I just dont like you, period. Go somewhere else and play football. When I hear your name on TV I remember that attitude you had about it, told me you didnt give a damn. So I dont like you, I never bought your ‘apology’ so, yeah.

    There was a year you played at the highest level of all players in football, it truly was amazimg to watch. The rest, well, Vick, history speaks for itself.

  21. I don’t understand the convicted felon would think that people WOULDN’T dislike him personally. HE tortured animals for pleasure and sport. And for monetary gain. No matter what he does on the field, a majority of people are going to hate him. Me included. Nothing he can do on the field will make that go away.

  22. It’s all been said before. World class talent and the intelligence of pond scum. With the same moral compass as said scum. If you were the Giants Qb I’d root for the Bills and suffers with pride.

  23. As a Team Cowboys fan, its amusing to see Vick speak on it, He claims responsibility, yet he’s complaining about being asked the same question, Yet Tony Romo has been since 2006, has have to deal with everything negative from December curse’s, to playoff wins or lack thereof, having to deal with questions regarding his leadership, yet he doesn’t complain about anything, all the more reason why when he wins his superbowl, it’s gonna be all the more rewarding

  24. HA!! Romo and super bowl in the same sentence. Awesome. Philly has a better shot than your boys. It’s science.

  25. Critics say Vick gets injured so often because he holds onto the ball too long. There’s been much debate about Vick getting hurt more/less often based upon him staying in the pocket or running. Here’s my take…Throughout his career, Vick has taken ALOT of punishment due to his style of play. At this point any hard hit (or dirt in his eye), in or out of the pocket has the potential to knock him out of the game. The Eagles KNOW this, so if Vick is THE guy they need to plan on having to play at least one (if not several) game per season without him.

  26. “Second chances; Paid his debt to society; Everybody makes mistakes; It’s a cultural thing so you white folks don’t understand; He was hanging with the wrong crowd; They were just dogs- not like he was killing people.”
    I’ve heard these (and many other) comments about Vick and feel like i’m in the freakin’ twilight zone. He went to prison, so all is forgiven? Sure thing! THAT makes it all okay. Vick deserves a second chance? Hard to sell me on this one since Vick and his “associates” tortured and killed dogs that didn’t win enough fights.
    Vick made a mistake? A mistake is something that happens once or maybe even twice. A mistake is: oops, I ran over my neighbor’s dog because I was texting while driving. A “mistake” is NOT illegal and cruel behavior that you participate in for a 2 year period. Is there much doubt Vick would still be making these “mistakes” if he hadn’t been caught?
    Yes, these were “just dogs.” Even if you aren’t a dog lover…heck, even if you hate dogs- how does that make it acceptable? Vick wasn’t just financing and participating in an illegal dog fighting ring. They were TORTURING dogs…beating, drowning, electrocution.
    For those of you blinded by the fact Vick is a famous athlete, let me repeat: he was TORTURING these dogs. That is sick, twisted, cruel, and sadistic behavior. Period.
    I’m not sure which makes me more angry….Vick crying about how some people don’t like him simply because of what he did, or fans making excuses for what he did.
    I thank God my team didn’t give this sadist a second chance.

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