Adrian Peterson remains determined to play Week One


The physical therapist working with Adrian Peterson in Houston says that the Vikings running back has a “different protoplasm than the rest of the world.”

Perhaps that’s why Peterson is convinced that he will be on the field September 9th when the Vikings open their season against the Jaguars. Ever since Peterson tore his left ACL and MCL on Christmas Eve, he has been determined to be on the field for the season opener. Reports of Peterson’s progress have been uniformly positive and Peterson remains locked in on that date.

“What I envision is to be suited up and ready to roll. Full strength,” Peterson said, via Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Anything else? I would be cheating myself.”

Those working with Peterson are trying to balance that goal with making sure Peterson doesn’t push himself too far too fast. Russ Paine, Peterson’s physical therapist, says that he still needs to strengthen his left quadriceps and get his knee back into balance with the rest of his body. Neither Paine nor the Vikings medical staff is doubting that Peterson will be able to pull it off, but they are more open to the possibility than Peterson himself.

“I don’t know how to answer that question,” Peterson said. “And I struggle to even entertain it. Because that’s not the way my mind is tuned in. I can’t let that negativity seep in. My mindset is that I will be there. I want to be playing. Forget what everyone else says.”

No list of training camp storylines to watch will be complete without including Peterson’s attempt at a rapid comeback right at the top of the list.

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  1. There’s a difference between tuning out the critics, and tuning out your doctors. Hopefully AP can make that distinction when Week 1 rolls around.

    Great player; here’s to a speedy recovery!

  2. the man’s got tremendous heart and his body is built differently than alot of guys but that knee injury was brutal. Here’s a Bears fan that would like to see him not rush back and possibly end his career by trying to go week one.

    If he let’s that thing heal and he sits out at least half the year he will at least have a chance to keep playing at a high level for the next couple of years. Come back too soon and the last tear will be his swan song.

  3. Only time will tell if he will end his career with a ring or the all time rushing title. But when he is done, his name will be right up there with Brown, Sayers & Payton as the best there ever was.

  4. Penny wise, pound foolish. While I admire him and Suggs for wanting to be out there at the start of the season, the teams should be smart about this. Both are heavily invested in them and if they come back to early, they could never be the same again. Neither of them are immune from the limits of the human body, albeit their limits are much higher than 99% of the population. The teams should do the smart thing and support them through the injury but if there is any doubt, don’t let them out there.

  5. @slayer1224 what makes u come to that conclusion? the dude is a beast neither u or I have ever seen a running back like this with so much power and speed this guy is a freak!! it might take him a little longer than just this year to back to form but FOR SURE he’ll get there. in the mean time keep your negative comments to your self you $&%#head!

  6. You gotta love this guy even if your not a ” Vikings ” fan. He truly loves the game of football, not just playing for the money type individual, but someone who really wants to get out there and perform and be the best at his position.

  7. If AP is ready to play week 1, and the doctors clear him to play, then go ahead- only very reduced playing time. Toby Gerhardt is a good back-up to AP, and could be a #1 with a lot of teams. AP could start with say, 40% playing time and work up from there the first part of the season.

  8. AP and SJax are the most unselfish RB’s in the NFL. They let their play on the field take care of the financial side of business….unlike guys like CJ, Lynch, DJax etc. who think one year of good stats earns them the monster contract. SJax would’ve been one of the greatest RB’s had he the chance to play on a winning team and AP already is one of the greatest RB’s to ever suit up. The NFL needs more unselfish players like these two.

  9. Hope he doesn’t push himself to hard. History shows more have gone down trying to come back to fast then those that came back when it was right. He doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone, hes the best back in the NFL and has been for since he got here in the nfl.

    Knee ligaments aren’t usually something you can will along to heal faster

    I hope he comes back healthy when ready.Sept 9th i think is pushing it. Anyone thats ever sprained or tore anything will tell you what its like to mentally feel fine only to feel extreme pain as it “doesn’t feel the same”.

    Hes ap though, so kick butt man!

  10. “Bad part is that once one goes, 70% chance the other goes due to overcompensating.”

    Yeah, tendinitis sets in in the other knee a lot. Its like using your weak arm to do everything suddenly your strong arm used to do, only with no break really to get stronger and handle the new workload

  11. I think Peterson will be bothered in the future by this injury. He will not be as dominant as he usually is, the injury will always sit in the back of his mind as he is making his way up the field. He would not be the first RB to be plagued by the good old ACL/MCL.

  12. Jerry Rice came back from his ACL injury too soon and look what happened. Still week 1 is possble, Rice returned after 3.5 months I think, this would be more than double that.

  13. Instead of testing Peterson for steroids, they need to test him for motor oil.

    Dude is not human.

  14. i love this guy’s determination and after he showed everyone wrong after his pre-draft concerns, i’m not going to doubt him. he is such an animal. i wish him a speedy recovery so i can watch him rip through that lions defense twice a year.

  15. I’d like to see him come in after the 3 game Jerome Simpson suspension is over. Deep threat may take a little of the 8 in the box out of the picture if Ponder can connect. Possibly, AD is back in form with confidence without the weight on his back. I really think this pivots on Ponder and the O line/ D backs improvement. A lot of missing parts last year that may have been replaced but I’m jacked up, as always, but probably will be disappointed, as usual, to see the results!!! NFL!! Can’t wait…

  16. He’ll be fine he prolly will only get 10-15 snaps for the first couple weeks till he get back to full strength

  17. Adrian knows full well the doctors and coaching staff will decide when he plays. His mindset has always been focused on being the best. He envisions 2,000 yards a year, lead the NFL in TD’s, be the MPV, break his own record of yards in a game. Basically he’s focused on 100% greatness and nothing less.

  18. That’s right Jason49er….Rice broke the kneecap 1st game back where the graph was taken from for the ACL. Ended his season his first game back.

  19. We are witnessing greatness. Gifted athlete with the attitude and work ethic. He’ll be back and he’ll have his best year as a pro.

  20. textexington says:Jun 3, 2012 4:18 PM

    So much wasted talent spending his career with the perennial losing Lavender Larry’s.LOLZ.


    Look at that time stamp…beautiful Sunday afternoon and you are trolling an internet site. You know if you would move from that computer from time to time you would not sweat when you eat.

  21. kevinwi says:Jun 3, 2012 12:48 PM

    Bad part is that once one goes, 70% chance the other goes due to overcompensating. (Think Cedric Griffin among many others)

    Wow, I had no idea that 70% of people who tear an ACL in one knee tear it in the other too. Seems like a stat like that would be more well publicized. Who are some of those many others we should all know about?

  22. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Jun 4, 2012 1:19 PM

    Wow, I had no idea that 70% of people who tear an ACL in one knee tear it in the other too. Seems like a stat like that would be more well publicized. Who are some of those many others we should all know about?


    Well, I agree that stat seems about as dubious as the ones vike pro-stadium folks threw around to sway the public that they’re getting a good deal on the stadium, the fact remains that it is highly unlikely that AD will ever be the same again. Minny should have shown some decency and traded AD to a contender so he could at least have a shot at winning a championship. You know, like the twolves did with Garnett. Why torture the players by keeping them in minny where they know they will never have a shot at a Super Bowl? Much less a Super Bowl victory…

  23. I can understand if some Packer fans hope AP never will be the same again. No wonder they are some of the most classless fans in pro sports.

  24. I believe that Peterson could play in week 1. The man is part cyborg. But I really hope they hold him out of games until at least October. There’s no reason to rush him back, which increases the chances of another injury. He should not have been playing when he suffered the ACL injury, it was a meaningless game and he was still not 100% from a previous injury.

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