Fair-weather Colts fans could regret not keeping season tickets

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The post-Peyton Colts have 3,000 season tickets available, even after going through their waiting list.  Which gives the term “waiting” a far different meaning.

After a 2-14 season in 2011 and in recognition of the reality that the Colts were 3-13 in Peyton Manning’s rookie season, Colts fans aren’t waiting for the ability to buy tickets.  They’re waiting for a team that gives them a reason to.

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star is “shocked” (and possibly perplexed) by the availability of season tickets, and he thinks those who are choosing to wait for a winner will regret their decision, in time.

“We’re not a football town or a basketball town; we’re a winners town,” Kravitz writes.  “More specifically, a Peyton Manning town.  You win, people show.  You lose, people go to the movies instead.”

Or maybe watch the Broncos game.

“My guess is that the people who gave up their Colts tickets are going to rue the day they made that decision, one I’m guessing was more emotional than economic,” Kravitz concludes.

He could be right, but the dynamics in Indy aren’t uncommon.  Other than Green Bay, where fans gladly will invest thousands per year to participate in an open-air religious experience at Lambeau Field even if the team is 0-16 every season, fans want to believe that there’s a chance they’ll experience the thrill of victory, more often than not.  If the odds point more heavily toward defeat, it makes more sense to watch the home team from the man cave, while also keeping an eye on the Red Zone channel and whatever games come before and/or after the game that otherwise would be witnessed in person.

Those who are choosing to take a respite from renewal notices are also taking a calculated risk.  If Andrew Luck becomes Peyton Manning, the only part of Lucas Oil Stadium they’ll see is the brick façade.

Until the next time the team is transitioning from one franchise quarterback to another.

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  1. “We’re not a football town or a basketball town; we’re a winners town,” Kravitz writes.

    Tell that to the Pacers, 29th in attendance this year.

  2. I am a Seahawks fan living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2010, I drove six hours each way to get to Denver for the game against the Broncos. I will drive six hours each way this September to make it to the opening day game against the Cardinals. I have flown up to Seattle for several games over the years, including the first-ever game at the then-new stadium, and the Cowboy playoff game with the Tony Romo fumble. I’d do it more often, but the budget doesn’t allow for it.

    If I still lived anywhere within a 3-4 hour drive of the stadium, I’d have season tickets, good team or bad. Fairweather bandwagoners suck, big time. This is a disgrace to the Indy sports scene.

  3. Alert the media! Arguably the best QB in nfl history is replaced by a rookie and it reflects in season ticket sales.

    This is not a story.

  4. If people don’t want to but them, then quit trying to determine why they are not buying them then trying to make it sound like there obligated to buy.your just mad cause your getting less money. Well boo hoo. Maybe if u could buy just season tickets and not have to pay for whatever u put in small print plus season tickets maybe a few other people might buy them

  5. Well, I regretted getting tickets to the panthers game against atlanta in charlotte in 2010 even before kick off. It does suck going to a game knowing your team is probably going to be blown out. I still went, but it wasn’t really all that fun watching Atlanta have their way.

  6. A couple of years ago Sam Bradford was the “elite quarterback” in the draft and then last year it was Blaine Gabbert. Point being Luck is NOT Manning and will have his own growing pains.

  7. If NFL teams didn’t insist on requiring season ticket holders to also buy tickets to preseason games….the Colts probably wouldn’t have any available season tickets. It can be hard enough for people to justify the expense of going to 8 games when you know the team will suck for a couple of years…..it is even harder to justify when you get stuck with buying expensive tickets to a couple of practices.

  8. I think Colt’s fans are not fair-weather, I think they are upset with how everything was handled by the owner. Manning should have been given his fair opportunity to lead the team with the rookie waiting in the wings. Calling out fans for showing their disdain towards how a team treats their legends is low-brow.

  9. Living in central IN for my entire life I can tell you unequivocally that before Manning Colts fans were few and far between. Blacked out games every home game, no Colts stuff to be seen. Then the winning started and the bandwagon Colts fans came out of the woodwork. Sold out games every week, couldn’t go 5 feet without seeing someone wearing Colts stuff, thousands deep waiting list for season tickets. Now it’s back to losing, back to not selling out games, I’m sure blackouts are right around the corner, and no one is sporting Colts gear anymore. NFL ticket here I come!

  10. Why should the Colts be worry about fans not buying tickets, ask the fans in Baltimore if the Irsay family care about them before they sneak away in the middle of the night as the snow fell, its a two way street, screw the Colts and there fans. Bill

  11. Those who are choosing to take a respite from renewal notices are also taking a calculated risk.

    Wrong !……….Anyone who makes a conscience decision to save thousands of dollars…just made a prudent economic decision that has a budget clearly in mind !…….Why purchase expensive items[ like pre- season game tickets] that you have no interest in ?……some day the owners and NFL are going to realize the truth of this statement.

  12. Colts fans should be ashamed of themselves (only the band wagon ones) . There will only ever be one Peyton Manning , but Andrew Luck is a potential future All-Pro QB whose legs and athletic ability should add another dimension to Indy’s offense . Im not a Colts fan but all Colts fans should be in that stadium . Rep your city Indianapolis , or the NFL could wind up in LA or (save us all) London . Do you want those silly accents being where Luck & the rest of the Colts players grow ? Die hard fans should be pissed at this post !

  13. Honestly how awful is it to be a Colt fan right now! The team parted ways with one of the greatest to ever play the game and yet the team gets another franchise quarter back. if i was a fan of the Colts i would honestly be trilled that our team is in such a great position considering at how many teams in the NFL have below average quarter backs.

  14. Troll hammer – I also am a hawks fan in Albuquerque, Nm and I must say it’s refreshing to see there’s more than 3 fans in this city.

    But I was listening to cowherd and he made a valid point. After all those years of 12 and 13 win seasons With one of the greatest qbs ever,the fans simply got spoiled. It might be the case of not appreciating what you have till it’s gone. bit on the other hand, the way the team collapsed when #18 was sidelined wouldn’t make me feel so excited to dish out a boatload of cash on tickets…

    I say this much though, I’ve sat through the Dave kreig era. The rick mirer era , super bowl xl, holmgrens last season and the Jim moral era, not to mention the recent two consecutive 7-9 seasons. I cheered proudly for my team, watched and attended games and was a true fan the whole time. Being a loyal fan thick and thin makes seeing ur team win feel 100x better than just hopping on the bandwagon. Indy fans, support your team and your new qb…so what pm is gone and u had one losing season? u could be in a city like mine with no pro teams to watch at all.

  15. from Baltimore to Indy…..an Irrsay is an Irrsay….father or son…..you’d better pray Luck is another Manning….short of that you will be buying less and less tickets……

  16. The thing that most owners don’t understand is build a winner and the fans will come. It’s not about the stadium or luxury boxes (that’s just icing).

  17. There should be nothing but smiles in Colt town. Last year was horrible, but the previous 10 were great. You had a HOF QB doing his thing, winning 10+ games EVERY YEAR and winning a SB. Thwn they get lucky and draft Luck, almost ensuring another streak of winning seasons soon to come.

    You spoiled brats. You bandwagon fans.

    That being said, I always watch the games in the man cave. 🙂

  18. Hey moron. Take your $8.00 beer, $5.00 hot dog and water and shove it. Have you fools ever heard of DIRECTV.
    Here in Tampa, only idiots sit out in 90 degree heat, life sapping humidity to watch a bunch of stumble bums. Shove the Bucs and its TV, baby.

  19. How many more Seahawks fans living in Albuquerque can we get to grandstand and talk down to Colts fans on this article?

  20. Hey Florio,
    Are you going write that the Colt Fans are horrible and they should move to Los Angeles like you do Jaguar Fans?

  21. Ill never be a fairweathered fan, i support Luck just as i did Peyton when he got here, ill always renew my season tickets in losing or winning seasons, Irsay did what was right, it was time for change

  22. they’re still probably reeling from that Curtis Painter/Drew Orlosky season… just give ’em time and they’ll be back.

  23. In the end this will work out better for Indy’s fanbase because they dumped all the manningfans and only Colts fans will be left.

  24. Los Angeles Colts has a nice ring to it… isn’t that the typical post when they mention slow/no ticket sales? but in reality if you’ve ever been to a colts game in Indy you’d know 90% of the fans there are fair weather fans even with a dome… not the most intelligent fan base…
    just sayin’

  25. Sorry to stick a fork in your theory but the pre Farve Packers struggled to get 50-52K in per game and were still playing games in Millwauke. I don’t blame colts fans for being lukewarm. The Irsays were lampooned as bad owners before Peyton fell in to their laps.

  26. If you want to go to games, you can always -repeat always- get tickets on the secondhand market. And you don’t get forced into buying two worthless games at full price.
    The only real benefit of being a season ticket holder now is easier access to playoff tickets, which I would guess isn’t a real factor for fans in several markets.

  27. In order to make this a story the question needs to be answer. Who gave up their tickets? How many were 100 level tickets or between the 30’s?

    If I had 300 level tickets or other below averages tickets I’d give them up knowing my team was going to suck face for a few years. As long as you dont wait too long you can get those seats back in a few years.

    So how many people bailed on their lousy seats and how many people bailed on their good seats?
    You know the people on the waiting list who turned down tickets when their name came up, were offered 300 level seats.

    There are 3000 empty seats. There is nothing to regret until you fail to get one of those. Obviously there is not a stampede.

  28. Indy you are a straight up hick town with nothing going on. You dont even have a NHL team so you must a minor league town. What a dump!

  29. @pantherproswallower ….who cares about a lame sport like NHL? Where u frm? Norh Carolina? Redneck , confederate flag flying state, get back into bed with yr sister, clown!!!

  30. CKL says: “In the end this will work out better for Indy’s fanbase because they dumped all the manningfans and only Colts fans will be left.”

    I’ll opine with some degree of confidence that there are significantly more “manningfans” than there are “Colts” fans.

    Not sure how this works out better in the end, unless Luck becomes Manning. He might, but that kind of lightning is pretty hard to catch in your bottle more than once.

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