Like Donald Driver, Aaron Rodgers aims to be a “Packer for life”


Receiver Donald Driver recently has dubbed himself a “Packer for life.”  His quarterback has that same aspiration.

“I want to be a Packer for life and I don’t see myself going anywhere else,” Rodgers said in an interview with the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  (MDS previously noted Rodgers’ candid — but spot-on — comments on the Pro Bowl, from that same interview.)

Of course, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning likely would have said the same thing after seven NFL seasons.  Tom Brady likely would say the same thing now.

While it’s impossible to rule out the potential impact of an injury on the team’s desire to keep Rodgers around until he’s ready to retire, it’s clear that the Packers and their fans won’t have to deal (again) with the wishy-washiness that comes from a guy who is addicted to the spotlight, but who has lost his desire to do what he needs to do when no one is paying attention.

“[W]hen I’m not committed to being a 100 percent offseason guy, then that’s probably when I should step away from the game because these guys deserve 100 percent of my effort and time,” Rodgers said.

It’s the right attitude, and it flows from a Michael Jordan-style competitiveness that has Rodgers obsessed with winning, no matter the setting.
“You ask my friends, I’m not a lot of fun to be around when I’m not doing well at golf, or we played wiffle ball the other day and I was ticked we lost at that,” Rodgers said.  “I don’t like losing at video games.  I don’t like losing at card games.  That’s a strong driver.”
And that’s good news for Packers fans.  And bad news for the other teams in the NFC North.  And in the NFC.  And in the AFC.
At some point, the front office will need to ensure that Rodgers will be a Packer for life by giving him a lifetime deal.  Rodgers remains under contract for three more seasons, at base salaries of $8 million in 2012, $9.25 million in 2013, and $10.5 million in 2014.
With quarterbacks who weren’t the Super Bowl MVP in 2010 or the NFL MVP in 2011 making a lot more than that, it could be wise for the Packers to get Rodgers taken care of, sooner rather than later.

24 responses to “Like Donald Driver, Aaron Rodgers aims to be a “Packer for life”

  1. QUICK. Who deserves more. P. Manning or Rodgers?
    Not that has been in Denver, that’s for sure.

  2. Why is it that a lot of players love to play for Green Bay? Is it because they have a winning tradition, no owner, great front office and loyal fans. not to mention one of the great game day experiences. i live in California, and been to games in Denver, San diego, Arizona, Chicago, Dallas and L.A. when they had a team. Nothing comes close to the game day experience in GB.

  3. He’ll be a packer forever alright, for what he packs in his quolo.

    Come out, come out, Erin.

  4. Please excuse joetoronto folks. He’s just trying to get a ruse out of everyone. Just ignore him like everyone else his whole life has done. He’s the guy no one even bothers to pick on because they pity him so much. Not worth our time, and furthermore, not even worth acknowledging.

  5. He’s also said many times that he doesnt want to be the highest paid player in the nfl so the team can put good players around him. He knows what hes doin and how to win, lets get him locked in for life TT

  6. I’m a Pats fan and I think AR is the best QB in the game. He really doesn’t have any big flaws at all. I absolutely love to watch him play and I’m more of a defense fan. TT won’t let him go until he’s not worth the money, and that’s a long time down the road.

  7. Bull! When it’s his time to get jettisoned, he’ll do what’s in his best interest. Just as he should.

    I hate Packers fans. As an observant poster pointed out, they think the game is about them.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  8. Packer fans are just like any other die hard football fan out there. They expect to win every game, and then get upset when they lose. I have friends that are just as loyal and die hard to there team as I am. So to say that the packer fans think it all about them, is totally your fabrication. Maybe you shouldn’t be such a bandwagon fan and support your team win or lose….. ya jackwagons

  9. Ironic that Brett Favre said the same thing up until they decided Rogers will take his place…

    I remember Packer fans being mighty mad when Favre was traded to the Jets and Rogers adjusted into his new role. It wasn’t like Brett was washed up either after 16 years or they would have never used a poison pill making sure he wouldn’t go to the Vikings.

    So if Rogers wants to retire a Packer he needs 10 more years of great play. With the cast of WR surrounding him it’s very possible. Green Bay has always had great WR’s through the years.

  10. I can honestly say he’d look amazing in a Dolphins, Jets, Browns, Cheifs or Jags jersey.

    Any AFC jersey for that matter.

  11. how lucky are packer fans? rodgers is going to be a loooooooong time stud following the career of farve. G.B must be christ`s home team. unbelievable.

  12. Why do Viking fans A. assume that good players on rival teams prefer the company of men, B. obsess over the detail repeating it on as many articles as possible, C. assume that if it were true, that there is something wrong with it in this day and age, and D. using their backwards redneck views of the world, think that they can look down on other fan bases for being hicks?

  13. Someone ( Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, etc. etc.) better tell Mr. Rodgers that the NFL is a business. He may want to be a Packer for life but it takes two to tangle. All he did was send a message to Packer mgmt. that he will take lower paying contract than he deserve while he is still at the top of his game; something I highly doubt the Packers will reciporcate on when they draft his replacement. It’s not too hard to envision Rodgers eventually getting the same treatment the Packes gave Favre.

  14. It’s not too hard to envision Rodgers eventually getting the same treatment the Packes gave Favre.


    You’ve got that backwards – it was how Favre treated the Packers. And if Rodgers decides to operate from the Dark Side of the Force, he will, and should, get the same treatment. Green Bay has too much history and too many great players, coaches, GM’s, and even Bob Harlan (as the guy who started the whole turnaround) as President, for one guy to think he is above the team and treat it like a semi-retirement hobby shop for years. I could go on at length about Favre’s endless complaining, ultimatums, quitting, and revenge seeking, but you either paid attention and know it, or you didn’t and you don’t care to learn.

    All Rodgers needs to do is be the best QB for the Packers he can be and leave the GM’ing to the GM. If he doesn’t like that arrangement, buses leave Green Bay every hour.

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