Nick Fairley’s agent says Fairley’s learned from arrests


Nick Fairley has heard from both his coach and the guy who pays his check about how disappointed they are with the defensive tackle for his two arrests this offseason.

According to Fairley’s agent, the message is getting through to his client. Brian Overstreet told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press that Fairley has been humbled — he’ll likely have a suspension to provide a bit more humbling this season — by arrests for marijuana possession and DUI.

“He’s learned from this,” Overstreet said. “That won’t happen again, but that’s one of those things you just don’t say, you just kind of let your play and your behavior kind of speak for itself. I would say it, but I would tell him not to say it. Just show it. Just show who you are.”

Overstreet is right that it doesn’t matter whether or not Fairley says anything about this not happening again. He needs to prove to the Lions and the rest of the league that this offseason has been an aberration in order to take the tarnish off his reputation.

Birkett digs into Fairley’s past by speaking to neighbors and high school teammates to see if this is out of step for Fairley. It’s an interesting read, but ultimately doesn’t provide any substantive answer to the question. That will come from Fairley over the next few years.

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  1. Birket does an excellent job on showing us that Fairley is a good person that just got caught up in some bad situations. The friends and neighbors he talked with have nothing but good to say of Fairley, that these recent troubles with the law are not anything like him. They all seem to respect him as a well mannered and behaved kid who has, as a kid, kept his nose clean….all you haters should actually read it before you comment here.

  2. doing those stupid things shows how little he knows. some folks just don’t get it. they look at their bank balance and believe they must be right.

  3. I don’t get it. Hire someone to be a driver for you, if you’re that rich and want to go out partying. You gotta have a friend or sycophant who’d be willing to be your personal 24/7 chaffeur if you paid him $50-75K a year to do so. Might seem like a lot of money, but how expensive is a four-game suspension?

  4. I guess it must be true !

    If you can’t believe a client’s-agent … who can you believe ?

  5. I doubt hes learned. Its obvious he thinks he can do what he wants and nobody can catch him. Both his charges need a little bit of attention from Fairly first before a cop will bother you and arrest you on it.

    I also almost never believe what an agent says his client said. He might as well be a defense lawyer

  6. He needs to learn “crime doesn’t pay”.

    Especially if it is accompanied by a suspension. LOL

  7. I think the narrative of Fairley being a good kid with the occasional bad decision or two would have more merit if Fairley was the one saying it… not the agent.

  8. There’s not much to this. He’s a kid. A kid with a lot of money for the first time in his life. And he’s trying to find his way under radically different circumstances than he’s ever been exposed to before. After a couple of veterans tell him the way it is, he’ll straighten up. And after a two game suspension, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

  9. Yeahhh that’s the ticket – learned from them – that’s right – and if you don’t believe him just ask his wife…Morgan Fairchild.

    Have some players that don’t get it they will be sat down by the league when they return the coach should dress them and not play them with the camera shots and their friends talking about them and the press asking question will really be a lesson.
    (the coach 2 games)

  11. The best thing that came out of this, is that no innocent person was hurt, killed, and along with the destroying of families due to grief. He was lucky enough to not have caused that destruction. The question is, does he see it, or learn that he could have possibly contributed to something like it. Only time will tell if he has taken the responsibility to look out side himself and not put others at risk.

  12. This guy need to focus and earn that big paycheck. He has the ability, we will have to see if he has the desire to be great. Potential for the best D Line in the league.

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