Posey has plenty of catching up to do

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With chronic needs at receiver, the Texans attempted to address the situation in part by investing a third-round pick in former Ohio State wideout DeVier Posey.  But Posey played in only three games last year, thanks to a pair of five-game suspensions.

So now Posey has to get himself up to speed, after basically a year off.

“When his conditioning level gets better, his talents will take over,” coach Gary Kubiak recently said, via David Dalati of FOXSportsHouston.com. “He’s a hard worker. He’s one of the last guys leaving here every day and that’s important.”

It could take Posey a while to get to where he needs to be.  “They say it’s not hot yet,” Posey said.  “But it doesn’t feel like this in Ohio.”

Posey concedes that the suspensions — one from selling his 2008 Big Ten title ring and one from being overpaid on a summer job — may have knocked him down the draft board.  “Maybe, in a way.  You can’t really speak on hypothetical situations,” Posey said.  “That’s one thing my mother always taught me — God has a plan for you.  No matter what it is, you have to learn how to adjust and handle adversity.”

So far, there’s no adversity in Houston.

“I feel like I belong here. I feel like I’m wanted,” Posey said.  “They told me my expectations.  They want me to meet them every day.  They expect a lot out of me and I expect a lot out of myself.  I want to be great.  I feel like this is the right place with the right team and the right players.”

For the Texans, it’s also the right time for some young receivers to step up.  With only two wideouts on the roster who have ever played in a regular-season NFL game, Posey will be counted on to contribute right away.

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  1. This guys last name isn’t winning any intimidating awards anytime soon. That being said, I hope he blows up. If that run game can get any sort of passing attacking going… Well I won’t feel so bad about no one ever remembering the insanely talented Texans team that never was last year. Due to injury of course

  2. This first person to arrive/last person to leave cliché is getting a bit tired now. If we were to believe every time this is said about a player, most teams have large contingents of players arriving simultaneously at 5am every morning and leaving when the janitor kicks them out.

  3. GM Rick Smith better hope AND pray the Texans do at least as well this season as last. He has made some huge, risky, and questionable decisions this off-season. If the Texans stink, it’s on him.
    #1 Letting half our offensive line go. We use zone blocking, which takes time to learn. So it’s not like the Texans can just pick up a random free agent or rookie and plug him into the line up. We rewarded RB Arian Foster with a much-deserved contract extension, but he’ll basically be running behind a new offensive line
    #2 Using such a high draft pick on a kid who wouldn’t follow the rules in college and got suspended, TWICE in one season! And this is one of the receivers we’re hoping can step up when Andre Johnson continues to get injured and miss huge chunks of the season?
    #3 Smith did NOT look ahead and re-structure deals and as a result we watched alot of talented guys walk away because of salary cap issues.
    Yes, overall he’s drafted well. But a big part of the GM’s job description involves keeping talent on the team
    I enjoyed the Texans FINALLY making the play-off’s (and actually winning a play-off game) last year, but expect the Titans will win the AFC-South in 2012 (as much as it pains me to admit that)

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