Roddy White preparing to do less this season

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One of the things you can set your watch to in the offseason is a player saying that he’s going to do more in the year to come.

It’s strange, then, to see Roddy White talking about how he’s going to do less this season. While talking about life in new coordinator Dirk Koetter’s offense, White said that he understands that he has to carry a lighter load for the team to have the more diverse offense that they are looking for in Atlanta.

“I know that sounds crazy, but we’ve got other guys out there that can play,” White said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Julio [Jones] is going to be a big part of the offense this year. Harry [Douglas] is going to do wonders in the slot. We have to maximize our talent and get the ball in everyone’s hands.”

White said that you could expect to see a multitude of looks from Koetter’s offense. White said there will be “a lot of wide receivers, tight ends out there” as well as screens designed to get the ball into the hands of the running backs. All of that is designed to make the offense less focused on White and Michael Turner, something that was also talked about quite a bit before the start of last season.

It didn’t really happen come the regular season so the jury will remain out on this year’s attempt until the Falcons are doing more than working out among themselves.

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  1. Roddy White catching the ball less means he should have less drops this season. Addition by subtraction.

  2. I guess the changes would be desplayed to a degree during the pre-season games, but I dont see why players are so willing to talk about any changes in strategy for the upcoming season so much.
    The Falcons were a team where the opponent defense never had to worry about defending the screen. Why tell the first two opponents it’s coming?

  3. He’s like the anti-TO. In TO’s mind as long as he’s getting his 10 looks a game.. forget everything else.

  4. hedleykow says:
    Jun 3, 2012 8:45 PM
    More QB sneaks should fix everything.
    Anybody who has seen Matt Ryan attempt a QB sneak would never ask him to do it again unless they were blind. The guy is the definition of puss when it comes to QB sneaks.

  5. Look at the last four games of the season Julio Jones is the best receiver on that team and probably the third best receiver in the league behind Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzergald. Dude going to blow up this year, wish he was on my fantasy team.

  6. Roddy White is garbage just like the rest of the wanna-be Failcants team…what a joke of a franchise…no SB ring, doormat for the Saints…fact…

  7. It actually makes sense what Roddy is saying, considering he has a qb with the arm strength of a cheer leader. They just may score 3 points instead of 2 in the next playoff game.

  8. Roddy White was targeted a league-high 181 times for 100 catches.

    In 2010, White was also targeted the league-high amount at 179 but caught 115.

    In 2009, 165 targets earned him 2nd in the league, he caught 85 balls.

    -55% isn’t a great completion percentage to your top receiver, particularly when you (think you) have good alternate options in Julio Jones, Gonzalez as well as a working running game with Michael Turner

    -In 3 one-and-done playoff appearances for the Falcons since 2008, Roddy White’s numbers drop from 13.9 yards-per-catch to 8.77 YPC, but averages 7 catches/game versus his 6 CPG he averages over the past 4 seasons.

    The regular season Atlanta Falcons offense isn’t really the problem or the target of their coaching staff. When it comes time for the post-season, everybody’s letting Roddy White catch passes underneath and challenging him to get it done after the catch, and he’s just not as good at doing that as Fitzgerald, Megatron and other receivers you’d rate higher than White.

  9. Get rid of the drops and keep the catches would make a nice “lesser” this season.

  10. I cannot imagine what a crapstorm it would be if a player from many teams said this. But since its Atlanta and no one cares or even takes them seriously anyway its ” oh he’s just being a team player”

    If Dez Bryant said he plans on doing less it would be “Dez Bryant is a quitter and should be removed from the league!!!”

    Only in all caps and more punctuation.


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