Ryan Broyles gets a Marvin Harrison comparison

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University of Oklahoma receivers coach Jay Norvell knows a thing or two about Marvin Harrison. Norvell was Harrison’s position coach with the Indianapolis Colts from 1998 through 2001, a time period during which Harrison made three Pro Bowls.

Norvell also knows about Lions second-round pick Ryan Broyles. Broyles was a wide receiver at Oklahoma from 2007 through 2011, and Norvell coached the Sooners’ wideouts in Broyles’ final four seasons.

Norvell sees a similarity between the two players.

[Broyles] is very similar to Marvin in his intellect and the way that he sees the game,” Norvell told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “His mind is always racing at 100 mph, trying to evaluate the next step, the next play, the next opportunity. And that’s the way Marvin was. He was always surveying the field and making split-second decisions before they happened. That’s an ability.”

The Lions’ biggest initial concern for Broyles is his recovery from a torn ACL. While that kind of injury can cost a player explosiveness and playing time, Norvell hinted that toughness and the ability to overcome injuries are two of Broyles’ strengths.

“He broke his scapula two years ago against Miami and he came back in like two weeks and played against Texas and really played his tail off,” Norvell explained. “Had a huge play, about 60 yards, and he was really out there with one arm playing. But it just shows his competitiveness and toughness. He’s highly, highly competitive.”

14 responses to “Ryan Broyles gets a Marvin Harrison comparison

  1. So he shoots people and gets it swept under the rug because he’s a quiet guy? Nice.

  2. Lets wait a couple of season for any comparison. You writers are pathetic, grasping at NO indications except one guy’s opinion. What a bunch of losers

  3. The headline is sort of deceptive. The coach was comparing Broyles’s mental approach to the game to Harrison’s, but when you say he receives a “Marvin Harrison comparison”, it implied the coach was saying Broyles has a similar body build or skill set to Harrison which was not the case.

  4. All of you quit your whining. Take good news for a change. All his coach was doing was being positive. You all will be hangin on Broyles nuts if he makes the pro bowl.

  5. Like most Lions fans, I was pretty PO’d when we drafted this guy. A few days later, I felt dirty. I asked for a Broyles jersey for Father’s Day.


  6. this guy was the best route runner in this years draft his injury led him to second round but hes a first round talent

  7. broyles could be the steal of the draft. he may not be the biggest or even fastest receiver in the league but he knows how to run routes, is a smart receiver, gets open and catches pretty much everything. just look at his stats at OU before he tore his acl. guy was a total baller for them and I have seen him completely take over games. I will absolutely take a chance on him in my fantasy draft this year.

  8. can we wait till the games actually start before we start comparing people to hall of famers? i hate hearing these comparisons made in training camp when everyone is going half speed against their own teammates

  9. if 2 inches in height meant you had a similar build to someone. Kellen Moore would have been drafted.

  10. There is no reason stafford won’t hit 5k yards in back to back seasons. Pettigrew sheffler and broyals will tie up 4 defenders while CJ and Titus and burleson tie up the rest.
    The lions RBs will be open all day as well

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