Derrick Ward thinks the Texans don’t know what he can do


After playing the last two years in Houston, free agent running back Derrick Ward has been told the Texans don’t have any plan to re-sign him. And Ward seems to think that’s the result of the Texans not knowing what he can contribute.

Ward wrote on Twitter today that he was told the Texans didn’t bring him back because he doesn’t play special teams. And Ward would like to point out that during his first four seasons in the NFL, playing special teams was his primary responsibility with the Giants.

“Was just told I didnt get re-signed because I don’t play special teams? Humm check 2004-2007 stats special teams demon. Oh well,” Ward wrote. “Their loss though. Will take some time off now & see what I want to do!”

Ward doesn’t say who told him that special teams are the reason the Texans don’t want him anymore, but from the Texans’ perspective, it’s fair to point out that just because Ward was a good special teams player five years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be a good special teams player for the Texans this year. And Ward will turn 32 in August and is coming off a season in which he averaged a career-low 3.4 yards a carry, so it’s easy to see why the Texans don’t think he has much more to contribute to their offense.

After Ward takes time off and sees what he wants to do, there’s a good chance he will come to the conclusion that whether he wants to keep playing in the NFL or not, teams just aren’t interested in his services, no matter how much he still thinks he can contribute on special teams.

13 responses to “Derrick Ward thinks the Texans don’t know what he can do

  1. I liked Ward when he was on the Giants, but he should have realized his success was mostly due to incredible OLine play. Him and Jacobs had 1,000 yards the same season. He left to take more money with TB, did nothing, then went to HOU and did nothing. Too bad. I hope he saved his money.

  2. Don’t worry Derrick Tampa knows what you can do…play terrible football, fumble a lot, cry like a baby, get cut, and steal Millions of Dollars from the Buccaneers while pretending to be a NFL running back.

  3. I remember the stories when he showed up to Bucs training camp in his new Lambo one year.

    Then got cut a few weeks later.

  4. As a Texans fan, I can truly say that I do not care either way. Ward or Forsett, I personally think David Meggett would be fine as the 3rd RB on the roster. Trindon Holiday would be another Darren Sproles type if Gary Kubiak would stop trying to make him a wide receiver.

  5. Derrick Ward played at my college. Ottawa University in Ottawa Kansas!!!! he graduated a year before i got there though. I heard stories about how awesome he was. He still a legend ’round dem parts

  6. didnt even read the whole story but let’s see…didnt feel appreciated w/NYG and left (mistake #1), went 2 the BUCS (mistake #2) and landed in Houston but thought he was gonna start over Arian F. (ah #3)…

  7. Sure hes no Arian Foster but ive seen every carry this guys had for the past two seasons and in the right scheme he can still be a productive back . No hes not a feature back by any means but he can still be a spell guy who can give u quality carries. The texans were very pleased with how Ward played when given the opportunity but jumped on forsett because of his familiarity with the zone scheme and his ability to help out as a kick/punt returner (something ward does not do) if the rookie wr keshawn martin struggles in that role early on

  8. O and to the guy who thinks trindon holliday is a closet darren sproles- Ur smoking reffer homie. Gary Kubiak isnt tryin to make Hollinday anything but worth his cost to the texans being a 5th rd pick. Hes nothing like darren sproles. HE DOESNT HAVE THE VISION, THE INSTINCTS, THE ABILITY TO MAKE NFL DEFENDERS MISS TACKLES IN THE OPEN FIELD AND IN TIGHT SPACES LIKE DARREN SPROLES DOES. All Holliday can do is run and his nfl career is likely near its end.

  9. What sucks for him was that he really had no chance when he came to Houston. He came the year of Arians blow out season and thought he would at least sit behind him with Ben Tate out with the season ending injury, and last year Ben Tate looks like he could be the starter for another team when he played those games Arian was out. We really have a dynamic duo here in Houston, but if Arian keeps working he won’t need to share carries and as much as I hate to say it we could trade Ben Tate I think for a high pick or a reciever if he gets his chance to show what he can do.

  10. dalucks, now I know you’re truly insane. Holliday is another Darren Sproles? LOL!!!

    You even know why Holliday hasn’t caught on with the team? Because he got scared returning kicks. Obviously you didn’t watch him his rookie year.

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