Felton’s DUI bust came in drive-thru lane at McDonald’s

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On Saturday, Vikings fullback Jerome Felton became the latest (until Sunday) NFL player to be arrested for drunk driving.  But he became the first NFL figure since former Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen to be arrested in connection with the drive-thru lane at a fast-food restaurant.

In 2006 (my gosh has it been that long?), Cullen was busted for driving naked, after pulling up to the in-car window at a Wendy’s.  (At least he stayed in the vehicle.)  The incident came not long after Cullen had been arrested for driving drunk, while fully clothed.

For Felton, his arrest for second-degree DWI came early Saturday at the McDonald’s in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, according to Judd Zulgad of 1500ESPN.com, after police received a report of an intoxicated driver waiting in the drive-thru lane.  Felton refused to submit to breath testing.

Felton also was charged with third-degree DWI with the aggravating factor of one prior DWI conviction within 10 years.

A fifth-round pick in 2008, Felton appeared in 56 games for the Lions.  He signed a one-year deal with the Vikings in March.

67 responses to “Felton’s DUI bust came in drive-thru lane at McDonald’s

  1. Doesn’t Felton and Cullen know. Burger King is where you have it your way!

  2. Everyone in here would have thought it was funny if he didnt get caught, we all been there, maybe not behind the wheel, but under similiar circumstances.

  3. he’s at home, he’s had a few and he gets the munchies…. now what? can’t call the special NFL 800 number to “get me a few big macs.” So he risks it, not realizing how drunk he was… Not as stupid, but still not very smart.

  4. that’s hilarious. He must have been bombed for the McDonalds employees to call the cops on him. I used to work overnights at Tim Hortons, the only sober people who came through were cops.

  5. I guess Felton had a Brush with the law.

    Get it? Felton Brush???

    Like Ralph Malph, I still got it!

  6. NFL should suspend them without pay for 2 years. One for the act, and one for total stupidity.

  7. A 5th round fullback in today’s NFL? I have a feeling he’ll be working the other side of the take out window really soon.

  8. hmmm….got hit in a walmart parking lot, cops came, but couldn’t issue ticket because it was a private lot….just filed report for my insurance. I would imagine same traffic laws apply to drive thru at McD’s.
    My guess is charges don’t stick as he was on private property at the time he was pulled over. Just a guess tho….wasn’t like cops followed him in there….someone called it in at McDonalds.

  9. Tomorrow Chris Johnson will be arrested for riding a unicycle naked while singing the ABCs backwards.

    CJ2K’s comment to the police will be:
    “I’m STILL the most talented when drunk.”

  10. I have 3 DUI’s myself. I was in my mid 20’s once and made all sorts of bad decisions. A lot of us have…What makes these players any different from me or you? Not much – but a bunch of money and a faster/nicer ride than we had, package that up with a huge crack down on DUI’s in recent years and the whole thing being publicized on PFT & we all get to read about the soap oprea that is the NFL. One thing I will say though is I am damn lucky I never killed myself or someone else for that matter when I was being an idiot out on the road speeding and driving drunk. Donte’ Stallworth wasn’t as lucky, dude has to live with that for the rest of his life. That would suck. Ah…the joys of booze, might as well just puff a little tree instead. Don’t see too many players getting pulled over for driving too slow or ordering too many cheesburgers at McDonald’s.

  11. He could’ve gotten out of there before the po po arrived had the employees not taken 10 minutes to shake a gallon of salt on his fries.

  12. rickency says: Jun 4, 2012 8:25 PM

    Felton = ex Lion

    You gotta come better than that grandpa.

  13. cowboyscanada says:

    Getting used to all these NFL arrests and drama. Pretty sad for this league.

    let’s not get overly dramatic. the arrest rate in the nfl is under half of the general population. let’s remember that most of the guys that play the game are law abiding citizens and we can’t paint them with the same brush as these idiots…

  14. On the one hand, snitches are the worst. Not surprising, however, coming out the douche capitol of the world. On the other hand, this guy is an idiot.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  15. Employees knew he was drunk when he asked to speak with the manager, Ronald McDonald

  16. nyyjetsknicks says:Jun 4, 2012 8:39 PM

    Cops could get hundreds of DUI arrests if the camped outside of Taco Bell, Burger King, etc…

    A lot of them do.

  17. cooklynn17 says:Jun 4, 2012 8:21 PM

    This idiot is not even worth commenting on…

    And yet you just did.

  18. Whatever the suspension, he should have to serve it working the late night drive thru at that McD’s…in full uniform with the headset and all…

  19. Ok so ur a nfl player barely staying in the league with 1 yr prove ur self contract and u go to McDonalds tanked and cause a issue for the cops to actually be called. Umm….. Idiot, would b a understatment here. NFLPA this is on you. Your allowing these players to continuosly make news for arrest. NFLPA just following the same process and wait for suspension to come down and argue it.

  20. Man, I’ve been through that EP drive-thru pretty drunk in my day, with no reaction from the workers. He must have been way gone.

  21. Obviously, we know how much I love the media (NO, not really)!!!

    I am still disgusted by the lack of criticism that the media had on Matt Millen and Rod Marinelli!!!!

    Fans were the only ones who really had a problem with Millen because Millen was good for media members to have a beer with.

    But obviously the sleaziness behind the media and Marinelli was worse because he was characterized as a disciplinarian, but his employee Joe Cullen (who technically does super cede players) gets to drive through a fast food pick up drive thru naked and have a DUI???

    The stupid media talks about certain players being bad influences!!! Why is this guy getting no heat??? It seemed like the media laughed it off because it seemed outrageous!!!!

    Apparently it’s 800000% okay to attack wide receivers or anyone involved in a QB feud (except the QB), but not point out why this team went 0-16!!!! What a disgrace!!!

  22. orthomarine says:
    Jun 4, 2012 9:17 PM
    Drew Brees wants an explanation on if he got his toy with his happy meal
    This is just dumb, and uncreative.

    That being said, Ronald McDonald wants an explanation.

    Ronald McDonald also has the same number of Lombardi Trophies that the Vikings organization has.

  23. Well, fast food late at night seems to be a red-flag for cops. Just like 7-11’s, and being the only car on the road. It’s really the only time cops can arrest you.Besides public nightclub idiocy which is rampant in the sports world.These young fools are so arrogant that they constantly showboat, but think they are invisible.

  24. How did the cops know they were at the right place when they pulled up?

    Because they were in a patty wagon.

    Get it? McDonalds hamburger patties? Patty wagon?

  25. Where all the Viqueen fans now who were ragging on the Lions all last week?

    They are trolling thruogh the Packer blogs trying to think of something witty to write about Packers, their fans, how the NFL and the Saints robbed them, whaaa whaaa ect.ect.ect.

  26. Must have been a complete dick. In my younger days these trips were common and the worst thing that happened is we would get extra food. Be nice to your server, be it a restaurant, delivery, or drive thru. Their jobs are dealing with crappy people who think they are for some reason superior to them. I have no sympathy for this moron.

    The funny thing is reading the posts on PFT I’m fairly certain most of you commenting are just like this fool. Saints, Lions, and Packers fans most likely to fit the bill. Just remember people do rub balls in your food…

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