Gone fishin’ with Brett Keisel

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When Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel isn’t shaving off his beard for charity, he’s organizing a fishing trip.

For charity.

On Monday, Keisel took a group of contest winners fishing at a sporting club in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, a city roughly 15 miles from Pittsburgh.

“Why not do something charitable where people can bid on coming out spending the morning with us fishing you know we’re out here fishing anyways so we might as well do something to benefit others?” Keisel said, via KDKA-TV.  The auction that produced the winners supports the Challenge Program, Habitat for Humanity, and Variety:  The Children’s Charity of Pittsburgh.

“This is like the trifecta though we got Steelers’ Brett Keisel, fishing instead of work and we’re helping out the children’s Variety,” Tammy Frankhauser said.  “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

And they don’t get any better than Keisel.  He turns 34 later this year, so Steelers fans need to enjoy every additional game he suits up and plays with the team.

21 responses to “Gone fishin’ with Brett Keisel

  1. this cat is cool…..the epitome of defensive tackle in mind body and spirit. What a character


    This message brought to you by 6 rings

  3. Keisel will keep a few of the fish to feed the family of magpies living in his beard.

  4. I’m a Bronco fan, but I could actually see myself tossin back a couple cold ones wid this dude! Talk about fishing, ladies, and getting burned for an 80 yd td by Tebow… what fun we’d have!

  5. I bet ravenator was born in philly, booed santa and threw batterys. Here is a good thing about a player and the yum yum troll chirps in. See its all free in ravenators tiny brain.. Oops forgot his is lost in steeler envy.

  6. ravenator says:Jun 4, 2012 7:45 PM

    Won’t matter, another sweep coming up. Steelers go 0-16.


    Steelers live rent free in ravenators tiny little head

  7. Not one for fishing, but looking at Brett Keisel makes me imagine a Huck Finn kind of day, barefoot with an old cane pole, some string, and a hook. Did that as a kid and wouldn’t mind doing it again.

    Hope they had a blast and raised a bundle!

  8. @ravenator

    0-16? Are you talking about the number of successful dates you had last year? Because with comments like that on this story, I would have to agree there is another sweep coming for 2012.

  9. Seems like he’d be better suited to take them out into the woods for a charity tree-chop. I can just see Brett wearing flannel with a huge double-edged axe slung over one shoulder, and a giant blue ox walking with him.

  10. Jeez why the hate for the guy? He did a good thing in raising some money for charity and probably had a lot of fun doing it. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Not like he was out getting a DUI.

    Not really a Steelers fan, but I respect it when people do actually do something productive and give back to the community a bit of their own accord rather than only through court ordered community service.

  11. If Hollywood ever decides to make a live action film of the Lorax
    (like they did with the Grinch & the Cat in the Hat),
    this Keisel guy would be perfect for the role…

  12. I hate the player…but can’t hate the man who does good deeds for kids. Good job Mr Keisel! You are a credit to Steelers Nation.

  13. The thing many forget about Kiesel is that when he first came up, the dude is like 6’5″ , bout 300#, and he is playing on special teams coverage. I mean this monster is running down field killing people.

    Then you find out he throws down 360 dunks, hunts, fishes, whatever. Great beard. Love that dude.

  14. I would love to throw a couple back with he and Matt Light formerly of the Pats, both big with the outdoors and wry sense of humors.

    This is one Steeler I have always liked. He just looks like football for crying out load.

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