Jahvid Best declares himself symptom free

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Jahvid Best spoke to reporters during Organized Team Activities on Monday, and the concussion-prone Lions running back declared himself “symptom free.”

Though Best had two documented concussions at Cal, and two more last season, he insisted to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press that he’s only been diagnosed with three. Best claims he’s “not at all concerned” about his concussion history.

Doctors do seem to be, however, seeing as Best has yet to be cleared for contact.

Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew stated in May that the team hoped Best would be medically cleared in June.

Best now says he probably won’t get clearance until just before training camp.

The first of Best’s two 2011 concussions occurred during the preseason. He suffered another in October, and hasn’t played football since. He has been participating in individual drills during OTAs.

25 responses to “Jahvid Best declares himself symptom free

  1. I would hate to see his career get cut short because he has great God given abilities. Good luck to Best on this season, and I hope he can be concussion free!

  2. He’s not going to be ” concerned about his concussion history”…….until after he retires from the league.

  3. As much as I’d like to see this kid play to his potential, I’d rather he retired. He’s got a long life ahead of him, and it would appear he’s taking a serious chance by returning to football.

  4. I truly hope that he is symptom free.

    However, with all due respect, I would like to see him sign a waiver releasing the NFL and all 32 teams from any potential symptoms or damages later.

    Then let’s see how symptom free he is.

  5. Glad he’s doing better, he’s had some nasty ones. How he kept going after the one at Cal where he landed on the back of his head is beyond me…

  6. Can’t wait to see him on the field. Imagine what could have been if he was healthy all last season.

  7. The doctors should not clear Best. He already has a history with concussions; and furthermore, apparently his style of running leads to concussions. He his one hit away from being a vegetable and ruining his chances for having a healthy lifestyle after football. His family, doctors, and himself need to seriously contemplate the implications of him pursuing his NFL career.

  8. No way this kid retires.

    Let’s peak into Jahvid’s internal conversation:

    “Should I retire I go get a 9-5 that doesn’t use my unreal abilities … Or risk further injury, use the ability I have ti make a few million in coin?”

    No decision.

    As someone with more concussions than Jahvid: it’s an injury you can’t conceive of having dramatic affect on you until later in life.

    He’s young … and feels immortal. We all feel that way in our 20s.

    Good luck Jahvid. I hope weekly/monthly migraines are all you have to deal with in your future.

    And for Pete’s sake: learn from TO: save your $$$ … Your not looking at a long career.

  9. I think they should cut him, and the Bucs sign him, i have seen his film, he is awesome! Jelly head or not, i would take him on my team any day!

  10. The Lions had the 4th-best offense in the NFL last year behind only the Packers, Saints and Patriots.

    If they don’t get snakebit like they did last year, losing both of their top 2 RB’s, then there’s no team they can’t beat in a shootout.

  11. “dwntwnbadboy19 says:
    Jun 4, 2012 2:15 PM
    I think they should cut him, and the Bucs sign him, i have seen his film, he is awesome! Jelly head or not, i would take him on my team any day!”

    Congrats on the least intelligent post of the day.

    Jahvid has the 3 concussions to be deemed a jelly head by u “bad boy” … Meanwhile you have presumably none to excuse that waste of a response.

    I think Santonio Holmes would have some twitter advice for you.

  12. Not remembering how many times you had in fact been concussed, along with not being able to accurately assess your own condition, could possibly be construed as symptoms…

  13. I believe that this is a case where they’ll wait until the last possible minute to clear him in an effort to minimize any potential repurcussions. I hope the kid has a long and fruitful career with no lasting damage.

  14. how did the NFL make it this long? Seems like everyone is concussion prone these days..

  15. @anygivenwednesday, You are a tool or have no football sense if you would not want him on your team. Concussions are so over blown in sports, look at what the kid can do in the field. He looks like a better version of Forte. They Pay these guys more in 1 season than you or I will see in our lives. Its a high risk, high reward job. I would take 4 or 5 concussions then retire at age 25 if i could.

  16. @badboy.

    Reread my original comment jelly-brain.

    I’ve already stated how I would foresee Best continuing his career.

    My issue is your opinion & attitude.

    Maybe I am a tool … your surely no judge of that keyboard warrior: but I’ve played the game (first concussions came then) & defended this country (4th & 5th came out of jumping out of planes/helicopters).

    What’ve you done besides post about sucker punching.

    Ya I punched people too big guy. But they brought it on themselves and surely knew it was coming.

  17. Taking it slow and making sure all is ok with Best is definitely the right approach.

    Teams are all going to an offensive backfield by committee approach. If the Lions backfield can stay healthy, they will be a formidable group.

  18. Symptom free to mike Vick means he hasn’t had a herpes outbreak in a month.

  19. There is something that can be done now and your help is needed to spread the word about it. Thermopraxis has created a revolutionary in-helmet device that can be used to drastically reduce the devastating consequences of concussions using therapeutic hypothermia (cooling). The sooner this product reaches the market, the sooner these types of injuries can be reduced in helmet-wearing athletes. For more information, please see the Concussion Crisis Solution Campaign on YouTube and http://www.thermopraxis.com.

  20. As long as the Lion’s don’t run him like a featured back and use him like a third down back, all is well.

    If not expect another short season at best.

  21. Best is an amazing football player (when healthy). This young man has had multiple severe concussions over a relatively short period of time. These are not “got your bell rung, but you’re cleared to play 2 weeks later concussions.” Best’s concussions have kept him sidelined for MONTHS afterwards because he still has lingering symptoms.
    If someone suffers a concussion, it makes them more likely to be concussed again. With each concussion, it becomes even more likely Best will have another one.
    He should seriously consider retirement…there are just too many health risks associated with multiple concussions. Maybe he doesn’t want to retire because he needs the money. He’s probably too young to realize it’s possible to be so unhealthy…in so much pain that you’d gladly give up every penny just to have your health again. By this point, it’ll be too late.
    Maybe he just doesn’t want to walk away from the game he loves. Maybe he just can’t imagine doing anything else. I get it….I had to give up a career I loved because of health problems. It sucked and it broke my heart. But, I’m able to walk instead of being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.
    I hope this young man is surrounded by family/friends that have HIS best interests at heart. I hope his doctors are able to make him understand how serious this is, and the possible health consequences he could face in the future.
    It shouldn’t surprise me when there are jerks on this site who make jokes or only care about how Best can help their team win, but it still does. Guess I sometimes forget just how immature/ selfish/ mean-spirited some people can be.

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