Marcel Reece signs $540,000 tender

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Exclusive rights free agent fullback Marcel Reece wants a long-term contract from the Raiders, and it’s believed his absence from early-offseason activities was related to that.

On Monday, Reece caved and signed his one-year tender, the Raiders announced. He’ll earn $540,000 in 2012, and be eligible for restricted free agency in 2013.

One of the more underrated players in the game today, Reece runs in the low-4.4s at 6-foot-3, 240 and excels in the passing game. He could take on a larger offensive role this season with Michael Bush gone to Chicago.

33 responses to “Marcel Reece signs $540,000 tender

  1. Wow I hope he manages his money right.

    Oh and Marcel Reece’s financial advisor needs an explanation.

  2. Sucks he had to cave and settle for a little over a half a million. How will he feed his kids and pay bills?

  3. I saw the amount for the tender and was blown away. Hopefully Reggie signs this guy long term. He was one of the few bright spots last year.

  4. He will get a long term deal…he isn’t going anywhere. Guy is a beast in the passing game, hopefully Knapp will do a better job of utilizing his talents than Hubris did.

  5. Reece is by far the best guy you’ve never heard of. With Bush gone, look for Reece to fill the void. Runs like a RB, built like a FB and catches passes downfield like a WR. Miami had him as an UDFA in ’08, but Al ended up with him and the rest is soon to be sweet, sweet history.

    The RAIDERS are ready for an offensive explosion with a young core of WR, a dynamic backfield and a veteran QB looking to prove all the detractors wrong. If the defense plays above average football, the RAIDERS will make some noise in the playoffs.

    Love the offseason this year. Big Reg is handling it like a champ. Good things are on the horizon for the SILVER and BLACK.

  6. What do you expect from the Raiders. spend a lot of money on a track team for years, now they can’t even afford their best players. can’t say I care tho!!

  7. Holy underpaid!! The Raiders got the better end of the deal for sure. This guy is one of the best pass catching FB’s in the game IMO.

  8. needs to be signed LONG TERM asap,

    seahawk game he took a slant to the house on 4th & 1

  9. Reece had no leverage really – and this team doesn’t give long term contracts to players from the last regime unless it works. Sorry, boxxermm – you’ll have to stay unsatisfied. I’m sure Reggie will lose a lot of sleep over it.

  10. boxermm187 says:
    Jun 4, 2012 5:56 PM
    What do you expect from the Raiders. spend a lot of money on a track team for years, now they can’t even afford their best players. can’t say I care tho!!

    If you don’t care then why comment? They haven’t lost any players they “can’t afford” dummy.

    They’ve gotten rid of some players that had big contracts, yes, but made some decent off season moves to fill the gaps. McZ knows what he’s doing.

  11. Reece converted from a WR in college to FB in the NFL. Not sure this has ever been successfully done in the NFL. Dude has crazy talent though. Fantastic weapon. Hope he continues his production and the Raiders lock him at some point.

  12. yssupasigninnamnotyep says: Jun 4, 2012 5:49 PM

    He will get a long term deal…he isn’t going anywhere. Guy is a beast in the passing game, hopefully Knapp will do a better job of utilizing his talents than Hubris did.


  13. this guy is a match up nightmare! i hope reggie works out a long term deal with him. i would hate to see this guy in another jersey

  14. Have kept an eye on him since day one.
    Truly isn’t a FB but that’s okay as long as he blocks occasional well, he will be a mismatch when the ball comes his way.

    He should review film on ex Raider Steve Smith.

  15. he is the “x” factor for the raiders…he will give d-coord fits, and create nightmare for the safety

  16. No need to sign him long term this year. He’ll still be a restricted free agent next offseason. Let him play out his ERFA year, hit him with a 1st round tender next year, and start working on that extension. Extending him just isn’t a priority until then.

    Reggie will, as he should, take advantage of Reece’s ERFA status and focus on extending guys like Branch, and hopefully Lechler.

  17. Reese’s best asset is his pass catching ability. Oakland will give him a look the TE and H-back positions if no one else on the roster takes the job. The Raider offense is loaded for bear with Schmitt leading the way for McFadden behind one of the league’s best O lines and a playoff caliber QB distributing the ball to a young, dynamic receiving corps.

    If the defense plays just mediocre (and I think it does), then this team takes the West. A new defensive scheme and emphasis on that side of the ball with better players than the ones we have lost will do wonders.

    Pride and poise, baby.

  18. The people who say the Raiders are rebuilding are in for a big surprise. Reggie McKenzie will have this team in the playoffs by his second year at the latest.

    This offense is loaded. Carson Palmer is the best QB they’ve had since Rich Gannon (albeit not a lot of competition here). Give up a full offseason and you will have a QB that is at least in the 12-15 range. McFadden, Ford, Moore, Reece and yes Heyward-Bey are a lot of speed and talent. The offensive line is solid but not spectacular. Also potential a star at TE in Ausberry.

    The defense will be a question mark but I’m confident Dennis Allen and Jason Tarver can get them to be at least respectable. The Raiders will actually have a REAL defensive plan.

    Worst case Raiders are 8-8 again. Best case an AFC West title and about 11 wins.

  19. Dear AFC West: turns out, we’ll be playing the games anyway. I know the Chiefs, Broncos and Chargers will all win the Super Bowl, but yeah… We’re gonna go ahead and play these games, just ’cause. Please, go ahead and assume we’ll lay down. Same goes for everyone else.

  20. boxermm187 says: Jun 4, 2012 5:56 PM “What do you expect from the Raiders. spend a lot of money on a track team for years, now they can’t even afford their best players. can’t say I care tho!!”

    While you were sleeping and missed it……Reggie M. has cleaned house. The puppet coaches are gone. The do nothing give their stamp of approval to everything Al wanted life time personnel people, suck ups Al had have been vanquished. Even the Minister of DIS-information John Herrera “retired”. Most of “Coach” Davis under-achieving, lottery winning great playaaa’s have been sent packing. The Al Davis scholarship has also been ended. Actual football players have been drafted and signed. Not track star-work out warrior’s. Reggie can’t clean up the mess “Coach” Davis made in one year. Football’s version of the exxon valdez and Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The dysfunction is “ovah”. Even the famous overhead projector has been sent to the dumpster. There is even an actual war room now…….

    M. Reece will be signed long term. Its as much a given as Al’s stop watch…….

  21. Very important part of our offense. Its a business, and yes he’s underpaid, but if he doesn’t want to sign a cap friendly deal hell be underpaid again next year. Hell have his chance at FA in 2013. Great to have you back Marcel! Continue to improve and stay healthy and you’ll get your big payday.


  22. I, too, am happy to read that he has signed his tender.

    I will, however, be much happier to learn that he has signed a long-term deal. If he doesn’t – and manages to leave Oakland – I will consider it Reggie’s first real failure as the Raiders’ GM.

    As for everyone in the Nation that gives this guy undying love, I understand your enthusiasm. But don’t kid yourselves – as much as he is a factor OUT of the backfield, he isn’t really one IN it.

    Reece’s biggest weakness has been his blocking. And God knows with our patchwork O-line, and D-Mac only providing weak chips, Reece needs to learn how to lay some lumber.

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