Max Starks not expected back with Steelers

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In our Saturday post discussing the top-ten free agents remaining on the market, we suggested free agent tackle Max Starks as a fallback option in Pittsburgh should rookie Mike Adams not prove up to the task of protecting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s blind side.

Per FOX Sports’ Len Pasquarelli, Starks “isn’t likely to return to the Steelers again.”

Pasquarelli reports that “a few teams” have stayed in contact with Starks while he rehabs a torn ACL. Starks is expected to be medically cleared in two months.

Pasquarelli doesn’t have the names of teams interested in Starks, but the 30-year-old tackle has coaching staff ties in Indianapolis (Bruce Arians) and Arizona (Russ Grimm).

The Vikings also showed interest in Starks last September.

34 responses to “Max Starks not expected back with Steelers

  1. Although our O-line has been sub-par recently, Starks was one of our better players. I would like to see him stay a Steeler in some capacity.

  2. Their Oline is going to be awful, again. Love the fans who think two rookies with zero snaps in the NFL are guaranteed first year pro bowlers. Once again, Ben will be running for his life, cheers!

  3. Q: What do you call a Bus load of Stiller fans at the bottom of the ocean?

    A: A very good start.

    Bahahaha …..but seriously

  4. Send him down to our AAA team in Glendale for a while then bring him back in a year. Hope they don’t ruin him like they did McFadden.

  5. Send him down to our farm team in Glendale for a year and hope his game doesn’t regress like McFadden’s.

  6. steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing says: Jun 4, 2012 7:52 AM

    He clearly wasn’t worthy.


    If you took a poll of Steeler players : are you worthy as a fan? As a tackling dummy, yes. But as a fan, not so much.

  7. @ravenator…

    Meanwhile, the crows try to oil the wheels on the walker their center uses to get from the huddle to the line of scrimmage and attempt to fill an All-Pro gap at guard with a big tub of goo named Jah Reid.

    Shouldn’t you be trolling the crows board praying they find a way to get their offense into camp, sign the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL and plug the pacifier back into the mouth of your tackle whiffing safety?

    As the Nest Burns….


  8. Maybe the Ratbirds will pick him up, they have a penchant for taking our leftovers. Wishful thinking, I guess (although they did get a couple good years out of Rod Woodson so maybe they keep hoping lightning will strike twice).

  9. ravenator says:
    Jun 4, 2012 8:19 AM
    Their Oline is going to be awful, again. Love the fans who think two rookies with zero snaps in the NFL are guaranteed first year pro bowlers. Once again, Ben will be running for his life, cheers!


    Steelers live rent free in ravenators tiny little head.

  10. Have any of you ever seen a fan so afraid of the upcoming season as this ravenator dude? This person breathlessly awaits any post about the Steelers and then proceeds to try to convince himself the Ravens will be lucky enough to repeat what they did to the Steelers last year.

    No Suggs, older Lewis and Reed, a weak QB like Flaccid, and contract issues with Rice. Sounds like ravenator is trying to distract himself from all the internal problems the Ravens are dealing with. How special.


  11. ravenator says:
    Jun 4, 2012 8:19 AM
    Their Oline is going to be awful, again. Love the fans who think two rookies with zero snaps in the NFL are guaranteed first year pro bowlers. Once again, Ben will be running for his life, cheers!


    Does Maurkice Pouncey, Rookie Super Bowl team and Pro Bowl center ring a bell ?
    And Suggs’ replacement is a guarantee Pro Bowl correct ?

  12. Perhaps we should just refer the trolling turd to our two most recent first and second round offensive line draft picks. Pouncey and Gilbert have shown themselves to be fine offensive lineman. One was an All-Pro as a rookie and the other played quite well as a rookie and will now be trusted to protect the blindside, a task at which Oher has failed miserably.

    In the meantime, the only thing the crows are assured of is having the highest consumption rate of donuts per capita in the history of the league on their offensive line.

    As the Nest Burns….


  13. We’re not going to need Max as a primary player. Adams wasn’t drafted to fail. We have our new line going forward. Max would be a luxury–a good guy to have as a backup in case a starter is injured. Whether we could do that would depend on our budget and the availability of a roster spot. It would be nice to have that cushion given our recent history of late-season injuries on the o-line. But if we can’t swing it, that’s not going to have an impact on the performance of our starting line.

  14. In a older posts i pointed out to a ravens fan the ravens all time record against the steelers is 14-24. So ravenator says “sucks trying to use past history as any indicator of the future.” hypocrisy much? ironic coming from a guy that mentions games from LAST SEASON on every post. just like holeinone said…obviously this guy is terrified of this upcoming season and tries to hide it with his wannabe tough guy talk.

    It’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with that guy. You give the guy a valid assessment on his team and his only response is “yea well we swept you last season!” ravenator was obviously breast feed much to long and his mother still must tell him what a “special man” he is. Does she still cut up your steak in little pieces for you too ravenator?

  15. Poor cry babies in Pittsburgh can’t realize a sweep means your team is no longer relevant. Try winning a game this season vs my ravens before talking. You certainly couldn’t do it last season.

  16. Those will be sweet words to feed back to this troll after the 2012 season…..


  17. @ravenator …

    No … being swept means we lost two regular-season games to the Ravens in 2011. You guys owned us last year. Congrats on that. But in the end, your team didn’t get one step closer to the Lombardi than when we split the series. Now it’s a new day and we’re all back at the starting line. You didn’t improve your 2012 relevance … and you certainly didn’t damage ours.

  18. Sorry, steelers are still not relevant, try sweeping the division ala the Ravens. Keep on hating haters, it’s too funny

  19. Vegas thinks the steelers are relevant…have them going 11-5 (same as the ravens) I know you’re to dumb to understand this ravenator but Vegas is pretty damn good at this stuff and when they think a team is relevant they are.

  20. antibenapalooza says:

    I am waiting for the day when Rottenberger is not back with the team!

    ROFL … I’m sure you are lil Ravens fan. But what makes you think that will improve your fortunes?

  21. I can just picture ravenator sitting in his Mom’s basement all day just waiting for a Steelers post to appear on the board. The pencil necked little geek, who never set foot on the field of play, but sniffed each and every jockstrap before he loaded it into the washing machine in the trainers room.

    As the post comes up he cackles wildly dreaming up a new way to slam the enemy of his beloved crows. The only thing that can interupt his marvelous novels is Mom calling him upstairs for breakfast of one of his “little friends” knocking on the door and asking if “Uncle Timmie” can come out to play.

    Useless tool….

    As the Nest Burns….


  22. Yeah, right.

    As soon as they get a couple of OL injuries they’ll be calling this guy…

  23. And As the Nest Burns…..The Steelers are living in the Ravens little head rent free. Starks is welcome back in Steel country anytime. I still believe they will sign him back. He is a great Steeler.
    Dont worry Ravenator revenge will be sweet for the Steelers.

    Go Steelers!!

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