Niners unwilling to meet Goldson’s asking price

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Florio recently passed along news that 49ers unsigned franchise player Dashon Goldson is seeking “Eric Weddle money” in long-term contract talks with San Francisco.

Weddle signed a five-year, $40 million deal with San Diego just after last year’s lockout ended. Math majors know Weddle is making $8 million annually. Per CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco, the 49ers are “probably not” willing to go beyond $7 million a year on Goldson’s contract.

Goldson is guaranteed $6.212 million via his franchise tender. If the sides can’t close the gap before July 16, Goldson will have to play out the season on his one-year tag.

49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell isn’t worried about Goldson’s absence from OTAs.

“This happens all over football,” said Donatell. “Nobody has a complete group. We have as complete as anybody. Anytime a guy can’t play, we look for the advantage to train another guy to give you a Plan B and C and so forth.

“But [Goldson’s] history is, when he’s ready to go, he’s ready to go and he plays well.”

28 responses to “Niners unwilling to meet Goldson’s asking price

  1. Looks like plan B and C will be the starters come 2013, 49ers front office put a price on a player and dont budge, good luck on the 8 mil a year goldson.

  2. The Titans weren’t worried about Chris Johnson’s holdout last year. Ultimately, the only person who benefitted on that longterm contract was the player, not the team.

  3. Time to hold out through training camp, and sign your tender the Friday before the first game.

  4. not surprised, but Goldson has been nothing but solid for the 49ers….. seems like 40 million for 5 years is fair.

  5. He’s good but just not 8 million good and on a side note this is how smart teams operate.

    If it was me I would take the 7 million and run. Last year no teams were bending over backwards to give him a mega deal so he resigned the one year deal with the 9ers and while he helped his value with his play last season you still run the risk of teams not being overly interested in giving you a mega deal.

  6. 9ers would rather have a couple washed up players in Brandon Jacobs and Randy Moss.

  7. Good, He’s not worth 8 mil a year yet. Keep him hungry. Franchise him this year and next year if they have to…We shouldn’t need to convince a player to stay in SF he should be thinking about the “Team”, its the only way to keep moving us back to Greatness.

  8. Goldson couldn’t carry Weddle’s jock.

    He should take the $7 million and work to improve himself to get to Weddle’s level for his next contract

  9. Why should the 49ers have to pay for the overinflated bar set by Weddle’s contract? The hell with that.

  10. This is how the 49ers operate now. They assign a value to a player and stick to it doggedly. If he backs up 2011 with another great year they may increase the offer next spring, but I’d say there’s a good chance he reaches free agency in 2013.

  11. Tough call, but I have a feeling hes one of those system guys. Take him out of that defense, I dont think hes an $8 mill a year player.

  12. Ummm… I think he should take the $7 mil. He MIGHT be able to get that $8 mil after the season, but why doesn’t he just lock it up already. Look at how the team is built. The D is now like a well oiled machine. None of the elite teams will most likely not be able to pay him big money, and might just end up on a team that’s not Superbowl or bust. Also, what happens if he plays crappy this upcoming season. He might even screw himself out of more money.

  13. He spent all last year hot-dogging, and cost the 49ers at least one game, so he could pad his stats because the year before he couldn’t get a nibble in FA. I really think the 49ers blew it by not finding a decent safety in FA.

    Goldson just isn’t nearly as good as his INT #s would make you think he is.

  14. The Niners D makes him look a lot better than he is, he hits hard and is good against the run but he can be a liability in coverage. He’s solid but he deserves nowhere near Weddle money. There’s a reason he got no offers in free agency last year, and that was after a visit to a desperate Patriots team. They should use him as the franchise player this year and draft his replacement in the first round next year if he doesn’t want to play for what they’re offering.

  15. Until he shows more instinct and ability in pass coverage, there is no way he is worth anywhere near $8 big per year. He really doesn’t play the way FS is supposed to play. He is more of a SS in run coverage type player. His pass coverage is not good by any stretch of the imagination, and he is not in any position to demand anything like that. NO FS IS WORTH $8 MILLION A YEAR! Especially not one that struggles in coverage.

  16. Dashon is as good if not better I think they should negotiate a 7 million base contract and work in incentives that put him up to 8 and over so you don’t have to worry about a drop in production. It’s only another mil too though I think its worth it for the 9ers to pay. Keep the #1 defense together for as long as possible.

  17. I never knew Eric Weddle (?) was that good of a player… He sure as hell got shredded by the Lions passing O…

  18. 1) Weddle is overpaid.

    2) So far this administration has been pretty good at not overpaying for players. That’s a hugely factor important in building/maintaining contenders in today’s NFL

  19. Mattsffrd nailed it. Goldson is a liability in pass, but good in run support. He is basically a Linebacker at the Safety position. I like him. I love that intensity. I understand that he thinks he is better than Weddle, but Weddle is overpaid….. Gotta love these 1st world problems. Lol

  20. Goldson’s not a liability in coverage he just hasn’t shown himself elite enough to account for the ground he has to cover making up for Whitner ‘s shortcomings in pass coverage. (Not sure anyone is). I’d hate to lose him.

    That being said, Eric Weddle isn’t even good enough for Eric Weddle money.

  21. hell even weddle doesnt deserve weddle money…im a niner fan but live in san diego and have to watch this bum on tv…..i have faith in spillman and robinson….he had 1 good year and wants 8 mill a year…stick to ur guns harbaugh..dont budge and he will come crawling back like he did last year…go niners..

  22. Wait till he finds out the Niners never offered him the franchise tag, they only evaluated offering it to him. He’s going to be pissed.

    Let him leave after this year, Balke will get a replacement.

  23. This is just like the Cliff Avril situation in Detroit. Really good player, but not worth what they are asking.

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