Rodgers’ competitive nature shines through in softball game


On Sunday morning, an interview was published in which Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admits to being intensely competitive.  Later in the day, he made the most of that motivation.

Per the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Rodgers went four-for-four with two home runs during Donald Driver’s annual charity softball game, which was played before 8,745 fans at Fox Cities Stadium.

“You ask my friends, I’m not a lot of fun to be around when I’m not doing well at golf, or we played wiffle ball the other day and I was ticked we lost at that,” Rodgers had told the Press-Gazette.  “I don’t like losing at video games.  I don’t like losing at card games.  That’s a strong driver.”

A woman who attended the game apparently is even more driven than Rodgers.  Video showed her aggressively snatching a cleat that Driver had thrown to a young boy after the game.  According to the Press-Gazette, Driver learned the identity of the boy, who’ll get a new cleat and other stuff.