Aaron Maybin gains weight with help from Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps has said that he’s planning to retire from swimming after the Summer Olympics.

That means he’ll need to find another career path to fill his days. You might not expect it, but Phelps might have a future as a trainer for NFL players looking to add weight to their frames.

Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin lives near Phelps in Baltimore and spent some time with the swimmer this offseason to get a look at his famous 12,000 calorie a day eating regimen. Maybin wasn’t planning on consuming quite that much, but he was interested in adding some weight to his frame before the 2012 season. The idea is to get big enough to stay on the field for three downs after making an impact for the Jets as a situational pass rusher last season.

“Having a little bit of extra weight on you, it helps you deal with the ground and pound of the season and all that kind of stuff,” Maybin said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “It definitely gives you a better anchor when you’re playing against the run. That was a big goal of mine during the offseason, to become a better run defender as well as improve my pass rush.”

Maybin played at 229 pounds last season and hopes to be around 250 pounds this time around. With Bryan Thomas coming off an Achilles injury that cost him most of last season, the Jets could use an every-down outside linebacker but they also need Maybin’s ability to pressure quarterbacks to survive intact. Gaining weight could have an impact on that part of Maybin’s game, making the change in diet less of a sure thing for the linebacker than it is for Phelps.

We’ll find out this summer how well Maybin’s plan works out while Phelps concentrates on adding to his gold medal count in London.

21 responses to “Aaron Maybin gains weight with help from Michael Phelps

  1. Phelps a trainer? Lol, don’t delete… We all know why he excels in weight gain right? Hits from the bong will increase anyones appetite.!

  2. For folks who dont know, The Buffalo News ran 1 article per year every year he was with the Bills – about how Aaron Maybin is trying to gain weight.

    It never sticks. Hes a 230 player AT MOST. As training camp wears on he gets down to 220.

    Theres no shame in just being a good 3rd down pass rusher, but thats all he could ever be.

  3. Get some sour cream and onion chips… with some dip, man. Some beef jerky. Some peanut butter. Get some Haagen Dazs ice cream bars. A whole lot. Make sure chocolate. Gotta have chocolate, man. Some popcorn. Bread. Popcorn. Graham crackers. Graham crackers with the marshmallows, the little marshmallows. And little chocolate bars. We’ll make some smores, man.

    Also celery, grape jelly, Captain Crunch with the little crunch berries. Pizzas. We need two big pizzas, man. Everything on ’em. With water, whole lot of water.

    And… Funyuns.

  4. Shouldn’t the exercise or conditioning matter first???

    He can gain all the way he wants, but Aaron, don’t lose your athleticism!!!!!

  5. Just hang out with Albert Haynesworth for a couple months.

    Gee, it must be really rough to have trouble gaining weight. Maybin is the envy of 99% of PFT posters (me included).

  6. Hey Aaron…why dont you just do what you did before the combine? You know, when you fleeced the Bills for 15 mil selling them something you werent…You were over 250 then…oh…right…the NFL drug tests like crazy now…nevermind…carry on “eating”. Wink wink..

  7. It doesn’t matter how much weight the poser puts on, he will still be the same Aaron Maybin.
    When they say situational pass rusher they mean coverage sack king. What a waste of a first round pick. -Really Pissed Off Buffalo Fan

  8. Report: Nick Fairley & Mikel LeShoure were also members of Phelps’ offseason “weight gain” program. LeShoure even went so far to actually consume the pot.

  9. @EJ

    Again, totally agree. Maybin can’t play any heavier, or he loses his only advantage, speed. It was pretty funny when Jets fans were singing his praises and mocking the Bills for how ‘Rex” got the most out of him. He’ll “Bust” out again along with Coples, this defense will fall farther from grace this season. They will only be saved by the fact that Revis can literally bust out handcuffs on a guy and not get called with PI. Not that I care, I’m sure we’ll see him taped up real good against the Bills, so he can try and stop Stevie from undressing him.

  10. rabidbillsfan says: Jun 5, 2012 7:32 PM

    Not that I care, I’m sure we’ll see him taped up real good against the Bills, so he can try and stop Stevie from undressing him.


    Yeah, he really “undressed” Revis for 75 whole yards plus one TD on a 1-yard goal line slant.

    That tape would better served for Stevie’s hands.

  11. 3 down line backer?


    here is every sack maybin has had and will ever have:

    A. they forgot to block him


    1. ball is snapped, maybin goes for an outside speed rush (he has no countermoves, no other moves)

    2. the blocker, knowing exactly what maybin will do, rides him right around the pocket and out of the play entirely.

    3. downfield coverage is excellent, and qb has held the ball for 5 – 6 seconds

    4. with that much time maybin has now recovered from being driven back 5 yards behind the qb, comes form behind and gets a sack.

  12. hmm we are here to break down stats now – it matters how you get sacks? this is dopey just like saying a running back is only good because of his o-line nobody can get sacks with a weak secondary – keep that in mind for mario up in Toronto/Buffalo as thje bills corners get torched late again

  13. ok. will do. I’m just saying that those sacks alone don’t make him a good player. more importantly what i’m saying is that he will never be a 3 down linebacker because he is pittiful against the run. he’s not just small or too weak, he has no instincts playing the run.

    He’s a liability. And every lineman knows he has one move. the fact he got some coverage sacks is a testament to his speed and quickness, but that does not make a football player.

    and you watch maybin, you will see that i’m right. watch what happens if he’s ever on the field in a run situation.


    And as far as the jets go, they are in big trouble against buffalo this year.

    -rant and argue, go ahead. but numbers and tape don’t lie.

    oh and one last thing:

    the bills secondary will have more interceptions than the jets this year.

  14. LOL how Bills fans are so bitter. I would be too if roles were reversed, Maybin kinda lessen the blow a lil bit of V.Gholston bust. Couldn’t record a single sack in 26 games in Buffalo and then gets 6 and 4 FF in 13 games with the Jets. Maybe you should also be bitter with your team for not knowing how to use his speed or too stubborn to see that hes only a situational pass rusher because they drafted him way too high to be just that. Also love the fact that they all say those are only coverage sacks like that matters. Even if he can’t be a 3 down LB, he still got value as a pass rushing. With Dunbar as new DL coach, and him knowing the playbook better, he should improve even more this year. Why do Bills fans always bring up Stevie outplayed Revis, like that matters either, you still got swept by the Jets last year. Alot of good that did ya.

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