Giants’ Markus Kuhn can’t practice without work visa

Getty Images

Giants seventh-round draft pick Markus Kuhn is sidelined at Organized Team Activities while he works on getting a work visa.

Kuhn, a German citizen who as a teenager played well enough on the Weinheim Longhorns club team that it earned him a scholarship offer from North Carolina State, is allowed to attend Organized Team Activities but can’t actually participate in practice until he gets his work visa, which could take days or could take months.

This just takes a little bit with bureaucracy,” Kuhn told the Star-Ledger. “It just takes a second. But it’s nothing crazy. It should come in any day, but until then we have to wait because I can’t work.”

Kuhn called the situation “strange,” and it is unusual — but it’s not unheard of in the NFL. Last year Australian punter Sav Rocca was late to Redskins camp because of delays getting a work visa. Kuhn said he expects the situation to be rectified “any day now.”