Jags sign the other Brandon Marshall

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In April, the Jaguars acquired the rights to Brandon Marshall.  But he’s not the Brandon Marshall who used to catch passes for the Dolphins and the Broncos, and who now plays for the Bears.  He’s the Brandon Marshall who played linebacker at Nevada, and whom the Jags picked in round five of the 2012 draft.

On Tuesday, the Jags signed the other Brandon Marshall to a contract.  He’s the fourth of the team’s six picks to sign.

Unsigned are first-round receiver Justin Blackmon (who already is emulating the original Brandon Marshall, in the wrong way) and third-round punter Brian Anger.

8 responses to “Jags sign the other Brandon Marshall

  1. My god! Brandon Marshall has cloned himself! Forget the Zombie Apocalypse…this is the Marshall Apocalypse!! How depressing…..oh wait….zing!

  2. Unsigned and best left unspoken, for Blackmon and the third round punter. Gene Smith should be cleaning out his office at the moment. How could you stake so much of your team’s credibility and capital on a guy YOU DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO INTERVIEW IN PERSON? Really , it defies credibility.

    About 10 highly drafted players flop for personal/character reasons for every one who flops for physical reasons, but you can bet they spent lots of time studying Blackmon’s medical charts.

  3. Ha the Jags can have that one. We are content here in Chicago with the one on the Bears!

    Also, Alshon will have a better year than Blackmon. You heard it here first!!

    Bear Down Bear Nation!

  4. Its only a matter of time before The Real Brandon Marshall stands up, and slips on a bag at McD’s. Or sock some chick in the mouth. Duh Bears.

  5. Gabbert,

    It’s a conspiracy man. The Martians are out to get you. If you really think an hour interview gives you a better idea of things to come, you’ve never been in management. Go jags.

  6. This Brandon sounds solid for LB on Bears roster since Urlacher wants to test FA in 2013.

    Emery trade another 3rd for BM…I’d do it.

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