Jason Hatcher has found the leaders he was looking for

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Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher made headlines in February when he bemoaned the lack of leadership in Dallas.

There was a rebuttal from Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and plenty of others shared their opinions on the topic, but we never heard back from Hatcher about the search for vocal leaders in the locker room. Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News caught up with Hatcher and asked him about the lack of leadership. According to Hatcher, you can call off the search party because leaders have been found.

“That’s water under the bridge,” Hatcher said. “That happened months ago. It’s a new day. I’m tired of kind of speaking about that. We’re going in a good direction. I love my teammates. The leaders are the leaders and they’re doing a great job.”

Unless Brandon Carr or Nate Livings is the reincarnation of George Patton, not much has actually changed in the locker room from when Hatcher first spoke up on the issue. And not much will change unless the Cowboys get back to the playoffs this season.

There’s a bit of a chicken/egg situation at work when it comes to leadership because it can be hard to tell if a team makes strides because of great leadership or if players get deemed great leaders because they are on successful teams. The one thing we know for sure is that no losing team ever gets commended for having elite leadership, so the only way for the Cowboys to put this to rest is by advancing to the postseason.

4 responses to “Jason Hatcher has found the leaders he was looking for

  1. At a guess the vocal defensive leader is Sean ‘The General’ Lee. Entering his third season, Lee is asserting himself and holding the other players accountable.

  2. Typical trumped up story.

    When you ask stupid football players (pretty much 90 percent of the league) insightful questions, they start talking out of their backsides.

    They don’t even understand what they’re saying, and then the media goes running around with it.

    Move along.

  3. Most ppl don’t even know what makes a guy a leader on a football team….most guys think of ray Lewis with 10 guys around him screaming and yelling and hyping the team up….trust me… That’s not a leader and not what wins football gms…a leader is the guy that makes sure that that rookie starting at MLB knows what gap to hit..or what zone he has…a leader makes sure that guys are preparing correctly during the week…and a leader is also sumthin that cannot be determined by the media..if we listen to the media ray Lewis would have about 5 super bowls and quiet Eli manning wud have 0

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